Okay Guys. My pen name is Animorph92 and for those of you who guessed it I used to write Animorphs fanfiction like nearly two years ago. I wrote two stories. One aged 16, One aged 17 and now I'm 18 and I thought I'd give it a shot after reading some really good fics and one really bad one of my favourite Nickolodeon Show. If you happen to be a fan of Animorphs go check out my stories. Starting with Animorphs 55: The End and then the sequel Megamorphs 5: Powerless. Please write and review and constructive critisim is welcome although I'll not to take it like our dear friend Cat Valentine..."What's that supposed to mean!" And with that I'll leave you and please enjoy!


Andre Harris

It was a Friday afternoon and I had just received the greatest news of my life. I, Andre Harris had just received the answer as to whether I'm making an album or not. The answer? Yes, of course! I called up each one of the Hollywood Arts gang and told them the news the replies were as follows.

"Oh My God! Andre, I can't believe it! You've worked so hard and you finally got what you dreamed of. I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to hear your songs."

"Wow! We should write a song together I'm thinking a tale of caution and a bunch of broken glass!"

"Congratulations. Just don't let those label douches change you. Keep true to yourself."

"Oh cool! That's awesome. One time my brother tried making an album and he spent a few weeks on it until he lost his piccolo. We never found that piccolo."

"Awww. I was kinda enjoying the whole storyline where your dreams don't come true. Anyway I got to go…have things to cut with the use of scissors."

I spent the night up awake thinking about the album and the offer I had been given. The label said I was to travel to New York to record the album and I could bring my friends out with me. I kept thinking and thinking about it until my eyelids got sluggish and I fell into a deep sleep.

Victoria Vega

I put down the phone and sat down on her purple comforter. I flipped off my shoes and hugged my knees still reeling from what Andre had told me. He was going to record an album in New York miles away from LA where the gang lived, where I lived. He was going to become a great musician, a big star and I would never be able to tell him how I feel. Ever since he believed in me. Ever since that talk outside by the lockers after Jade had spilt coffee all over my hair. I was just about ready to give up until he came around. If it wasn't for Andre then I wouldn't have been where I am. If it wasn't for that talk I wouldn't have fell for him. Yes. I was in love with Andre Harris and now he was about to leave forever.

Beck Oliver

I could hear Jade snore lightly and I felt kind of cold. I rubbed my eyes and realized the reason was that Jade had snatched away all the covers and I was lying in nothing but my black boxers. I sat up to stare at the interior of the RV as I was beginning to wake up. There was an orangey brown backdrop to the place and it sure was messy but it only added to the way the whole thing looked. I looked at the old fish tank by my right foot and then at wooden notice board above it. There was a picture of me as a kid. Another with my parents during a summer in Turkey, one with me and the Hollywood Arts gang taken by Sinjin Van Cleef and one of me and Jade where on a rare occasion she is smiling next to me.

The picture was taken before Tori Vega came to Hollywood Arts. Before everything that had happened between us. Before Jade broke up with me. Before I fell in love with someone else. Before Tori Vega.

So what did you guys think! I'll try to write more since I have more time now and I need to develop my skills a bit better if I want to live my life long passion of becoming a writer. I'll also try to do shoutouts if I get the chance but if I get like a million reviews you'll know why your not mentioned :)