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Blaine tugged at Kurt's clothes, the designer material soon discarded on the floor next to them. If Kurt had been paying any attention to his attire, he would've complained about it getting creased, but at that moment, all he could think about was what Blaine's lips and hands were doing to him. Blaine gasped at the expanse of flesh that had been revealed. He gave an experimental lick and smiled when Kurt's breath hitched in his throat. He liked that sound. He liked it a lot. The more Blaine stared, drinking Kurt in, the stronger his urges became. Blaine just wanted to wrap his mouth around it, to kiss and lick and suck and-

"Blaine," Kurt gasped, "that feels really, really good and everything, but would you mind not devouring my shoulder? I kind of need it." Blaine removed his teeth from the pale skin and grinned sheepishly.

"I sorta…have a thing for shoulders," he confessed, slightly embarrassed to say the least.

Kurt just laughed and pulled his equally shirtless boyfriend in to meet his lips with a hungry kiss.