Norrington sat in his quarters aboard the Flying Dutchman, his face in his hands. Something about Elizabeth's words struck something deep inside his heart.

"Elizabeth," he said, "I swear, I didn't know."

"Know what?" She asked sharply. "Which side you choose?" She backed away with her crew. "Well, now you do."

He lifted his head, staring up at the drab walls.

Why was he here?

Wasn't it better to be an outcast and ensure Elizabeth's happiness and safety than to betray her like this? Didn't he once tell himself that he was in love with her, and here he was betraying her?

His life was not worth anything compared to hers. Being an admirable did not mean anything anymore.

He got up, grabbing the keys to the brig, and headed towards the cells.

Elizabeth was standing, sadness in her eyes.

"Come with me," he said, opening the door. "Quickly," he added when she merely stared at him.

The other members of her crew scurried out when the door was opened. Elizabeth stepped slowly toward Norrington, watching him suspiciously.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Choosing a side," he said.

He led her outside to where a rope was connecting with another ship, a route to her escape.

She stared at the rope, unable to form words.

"Come with us," Elizabeth said, looking at her friend. He looked back, not believing her words. "James, come with me."

Before he could speak, there was a shout from above. Bootstrap Bill made his way out of the cell and was watching them both with angry eyes.

"Nobody leaves the ship!" He said.

"Go," Norrington told Elizabeth, brandishing his pistol. "I will follow." But, she could hear the doubt in his voice.

"You're lying."

He gulped, turning to face her, scanning her flawless face, the face he had loved for so long.

"Our fates have been entwined, Elizabeth, but never joined." Knowing this was to be his last moment with her, he pressed his lips against hers. "Go, now." He regretted his decision almost immediately, wishing he could stay with her. But, he was happy he was able to share one first and last kiss with her.

Elizabeth hesitantly obeyed his orders and climbed onto the rope. Bootstrap Bill made his way down the steps and toward Norrington.

"Stand down, sailor," Norrington told him, pointing the gun at him.

"Nobody leaves the ship," Bootstrap said again.

"Stand down. That's an order!"

"That's an order... Part of the crew, part of the ship," he chanted. "Part of the crew, part of the ship. Prison escape!"

"Belay that!" Norrington screamed.

"James!" Elizabeth shouted, hurrying to get back to his side.

He glanced at her with pain in his eyes, shooting the rope connecting the two ships, causing her to fall into the ocean.

Bootstrap Bill, filled with anger, stabbed through Norrington.

"James!" Elizabeth shouted again. "NO!" She began sobbing. "NO!"

Elizabeth… Please, do not cry for me. I'm happy to give up my life for you. I love you… I love you… Do not mourn for me.

Norrington fell to the ground, tears in his eyes. The crew of Davy Jones stepped toward the body.

"The admirable's dead," they muttered. "Admirable's dead."

Davy Jones came forward, his eyes on the fallen admirable.

"James Norrington," he asked, "do you fear death?"

Norrington took out his blade and stabbed through Davy Jones, who merely looked down at the blade with a smile. "I'll take that as a no," he said, taking the sword out of his stomach. "Nice sword." He walked away, observing his new weapon.

James Norrington gradually fell into death, succumbing to his wounds, but not before he thought one last thing: Goodbye, Elizabeth. Be safe and happy.