...To Die For, That's What He Said

Chapter 1

All Simba could do as he watched his father fall to his death was scream, his father's scream mingled with his own.


Once, Simba was sure that it was indeed all over, he proceeded to make his way down from where he had been on top of the gorge hoping to see his father get to the top and not fall to his death.

Simba looked around him as he made his way around shouting for his dad.

"Dad, Dad."

There was a sudden noise up ahead and Simba started to smile.

"Dad?" He said in a questioning tone just as what was making the noise came into view it was a stray wildebeest, it had obviously got lost from the rest and was now hurrying on to find them.

As it passed, Simba turned to look as it sped past him and then he saw it, the thing that he was most dreading.

A golden lion lay on the ground, on one side under a log not moving or breathing but rather looking like one that had just been thrown many feet to their death.

Slowly Simba moved over towards his dad hoping just hoping that maybe it hadn't happened at all and his dad was still alive.

He only wanted it to be true.

Moving closer, Simba saw that he was in-fact false, his father lay still as a board, one side of his face hidden by the ground where Simba was sure was much blood from the fall.

Not wanting to give up, Simba rubbed up against his father's cheek but his head fell back limp into place once more. Once more Simba tried a few things before he came to his senses, it was too late, his father was dead.

Simba crawled under one of his father's paws wanting a feel comforted enough but knowing it would do no good and he started to cry thinking it had all be his fault.

If only he hadn't roared and made the stampede start.

If only he had stayed still and not tried to chase the lizard.

If only, if only...

Simba looked behind him as he heard footfalls and saw it was Scar.

"Simba. ...What have you done?" Scar's voice was shocked as though he couldn't believe what had really happened.

He knows, Simba thought to himself as more tears fell down his eyes, he knows I killed my father.

Simba looked up at Scar just as there was a bright light and Mufasa appeared in the sky.

"Simba" The voice of his father said echoing around the gorge.


Simba looked up at the sight of his father in the grey-colored clouds and he smiled slightly as the figure became more real, more lifelike until it was like his father was watching over him and Scar whilst all Scar did was stare up at the cloud which was Mufasa wondering and waiting for what was to come.

"Simba, you can change time, you can save me. Scar killed me."

The cloud vanished in a puff of smoke as realization dawned on Simba's face.

His uncle, his own uncle had killed his dad.

However before Simba could do or say anything, time started to move back quickly and he saw his father move past him still alive and hanging onto the gorge then himself running from the stampede then it moved to him about to roar at the lizard and he was placed into his body.

"Wow" Simba said holding in his roar.

"I can change the past."


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