Chapter 3

This time, when Simba was put back in time, he was now a few days back into the past, In-fact it was the day when Scar was planning to kill him and his father but as soon as he was there, he was gone again and placed right to the spot minutes before hand where the lizard was annoying him and he tried not to roar at it but to his avail he did and the stampede came down once more.

This time, Simba moved as soon as he roared heading towards the rock face where his father had put him but he wasn't big enough to reach it.

"You are my son and the one true king" Mufasa's voice called in his head and the next second, he ran up-to one of the rocks before jumping to the other one and getting to the rock face before running up only to be met by the hyena's.

"Where do you think you're going?" One the leader, whose name he couldn't remember snapped, pushing him back so he fell into the stampede once more which was still a bit far away so he climbed the tree and hung there until his father came.

The moment he did, he opened his mouth.

"Dad, Scar's trying to kill us, he started the stampede, he wants us both dead."

Mufasa looked at him in wonder for a few seconds before he nodded getting what was happening and took his son off of the log he was on, with Simba in his mouth he began to run back the way he had come getting up to the rock face with him and letting him go, he killed all three hyena's with one flick of his massive paw before moving on with Simba right behind him to locate Scar.

Meanwhile, Scar was looking out at the stampede but he couldn't see Simba or Mufasa, infact the hyena's too were being very quiet.

With a scowl on his face, Scar turned to be met by Mufasa who looked so angry that Scar was starting to think about jumping into the stampede right then and there.

"You lied to me, brother, you tried to kill me and my son, here is what I do to people who try to kill me, Taka" And with that, Mufasa and Scar started to fight leaving Simba to watch until he saw what was going on.

"Dad, Dad the edge."

Quickly his dad moved a bit and Scar fell back clinging onto the edge of the cliff as he tried to help himself get back up but it wasn't working.

"Mufasa, Mufasa, spar me Scar pleaded up to his older brother but Mufasa wasn't listening to him. He hatted his brother for trying to kill both him and his son. It was now or never.

"Why should I after what you tried to do" His father snarled back his paws hovering above Scar's just waiting to leap forwards.

"Mufasa! Broth- Brother! Help me!" Scar shouted up to Mufasa who looked down disdainfully before leaping forward and latching his extended claws into his forepaws. It was he had been waiting to do all this time and now he was ready. It was time.

Scar roared out loud due to pain but also realizing what had happened, what was going to happen and Simba could see the scene play before him but Scar was in his father's footprint's and likewise's

Mufasa leaned downwards, leaning towards his Scar before whispering in his ear.

"You will never be the king."

And with that Mufasa threw Scar backwards into the the stampede below, his scream echoing around the gorge as he fell to his death but Simba didn't scream along this time as he knew it was over. He was dead. Everything was fine once more.

He had succed in what he had to do. Third time lucky in-fact.

"Well done, my son" Was Mufasa's answer before he was taking back to Pride Rock, happy to know that he didn't need to worry about anything anymore.

It was all over, once and for all.

The End.

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