Quinn let out a frustrated sigh as she stood in line for some iced coffee, rapping her fingernails against the counter. She has finally gotten a day off from work and she wanted to have as much free time as possible. Quinn wondered what was taking the girl in front of her so long when she was called up the next register. She was opening her wallet when she hears an exasperated sigh from the child at the next register.

"I know it's in here somewhere," she said, rummaging through her bag. "Just give me a second." The man at the register nodded. Quinn guessed the girl was about fifteen, maybe younger. "Here it is!" The girl said with a grin, pulling out her ID and placing it on the counter with a few extra dollars. Who needs their ID to buy something at a coffee shop? Quinn wondered before paying for her iced coffee. The girl fixed her striped beanie, tossing some of her long blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Thanks." She picked up her drink when the teen at the next register struggled to put her bag over her shoulder, knocking into Quinn, causing her to spill her drink all over the both of them and all over the floor. She let out a sigh of anger.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry- hold on, I'll get it, hold this for a second?" The younger one said, handing Quinn her ID as she grabbed some napkins and started to wipe Quinn's arm and herself with the napkin.

"Um, I-… okay… I'll just…" Quinn froze, reading the ID that she was holding in her hand. Beth C. Corcoran. This had to be some kind of sick joke, it couldn't be her. Sex: F, DOB: 6/8/2010 Age:14. Oh God. It looked to be her school ID, with a picture of her in a uniform up in the corner. Quinn was so taken that she had forgotten all about the spill until the child, who she now knew, was wiping her face with napkins. Quinn spit some of the paper out of her mouth as she backed away.

"Sorry about all this, you're not gonna tell my mom are you?" Beth observed what the blonde woman was wearing, leaving an upset frown on her face. "Aw, you're a business lady!" The words sounded poison as they escaped from her mouth. She thought about all of the things that could go wrong. Her mother, Shelby, was only a few steps away from taking her camera. She didn't find that very fair. After all, it was her camera. She payed for it.

"I-I beg your pardon?" Quinn questioned, not with the slightest bit of anger in her voice. She was to shocked to even move.

"Forget it, can I have my ID back? I have to get back home, I didn't think I'd be gone this long." In a rush, Beth picked up her bag and grabbed her ID, tossing the soggy napkins in the trash. "Sorry again!" She yelled with a wave of her hand as she ran out of the shop.

"B-But…" And Quinn was alone again. This girl, her daughter, had just popped back into her life and out again. What was she supposed to do now? "Goodbye…" She stood there, unable to move. The usual crowd of the coffee shop was done watching the misfortune of the two and had turned their focuses elsewhere. Tears formed in Quinn's eyes as she ran out, not bothering for a taxi. She wanted to walk around. She didn't know where, she didn't know why, but she needed to take a walk.

She walked to a small park and sat on a bench, taking in what she had witnessed, it had all happened so fast. Quinn closed her eyes and shook her head. She tried to convince herself that it hadn't happened, that it wasn't her. She had so many questions to ask herself. She had so many questions to ask Beth. Did Shelby every tell her? What if she hated the thought of having a mother that would give her up? What if she hated Quinn? More than anything, Quinn just wanted to talk to her. She wanted to tell her that she wasn't just some teenage slut from Ohio that didn't want to keep her baby. She wanted to tell her about Puck, about how much of a difference she's made in her life just by those few minutes in the coffee shop. No matter what happened next, she knew that her day off was not going as planned.

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