The hunt for Slaanesh's Blade


A burst of autocannon fire ripped through Sergeant Magnus Rad, puncturing both armour and flesh. The insipid face of the Sergeant went even paler as blood spilled from his lower torso.

Just a week before, he was cruising on an interstellar jumbo jet, and now, he found himself being torn apart on the field of battle.

The remaining members of the squad fled to find cover. They watched as the creature that had so easily defeated their Sergeant began to approach them. Several of the team had taken cover behind a large, secure piece of shrapnel. The monstrously huge armoured figure fired what appeared to be a burst of lascannon fire which immediately slammed into the piece of shrapnel. At first, nothing appeared to happen, until the piece of shrapnel began to, slowly, fall towards the guardsmen. The guardsmen were so busy filling their pants that they did not notice this until the piece of shrapnel had loosened itself from the hard earth and began to fall at an incredibly rapid rate. As the shrapnel fell upon them, the men looked up with no time to react as it came down and fell upon them with blood spilling from all sides of the shrapnel, bits of body went flying through the air and came back down to earth with a thud.

Merely three guardsmen remained, lost in a cloud of thought as they stared at the crushed bodies of the other group of guardsmen. Suddenly, a shot of molten plasma thumped into the side of one of the guardsmen. In a massive explosion of heat and energy the guardsman was sent flying to the side and onto the ground. The lightly armoured infantry unit would never have survived such a blast. The two remaining guardsmen watched as the sizzling corpse of their fellow soldier twitched and gargled, suddenly, they broke into a run, forgetting that the magisterial Emperor would guide them to victory.

The bulky figure chased after them, firing rounds of autocannon fire as it stomped its way forward, creating footprints in the hard, solid dirt. Several rounds immediately punched through the armour, skin and flesh of the guardsman on the right hand side of the creature. The body fell to the ground, blood spilling in all directions, this drove the other guardsman into frenzy of speed! The armoured behemoth fired a single round of autocannon fire into the guardsman's leg. The soldier fell to the ground screaming and crying in agony. The beast approached and grasped the guardsman in its massive steel claw of a hand.

'Where is General Felix Broadman?' shouted the beast. The screaming guardsman did not answer but carried on screaming. The creature repeated its question 'Where is General Felix Broadman?' The guardsman repeated his screams before being thrown on the floor and being bathed in melta-fire. The obliterator known as Eveil looked down at the blend between the guardsman's flesh and his armour as they ran together like syrup runs together. Realising that it was not long before an imperial fleet arrived, the mutated warrior moved on to continue his search for the one named; Felix Broadman.