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"Happy Birthday!"

I jumped about five feet into the air at the sudden yell that erupted when I stepped foot in our dining room. All around me stood my close friends and family, grinning widely at me as I looked around the room wide eyed. A surprise party, for me... how could I have forgotten my own birthday?

"You looked a little confused there, baby girl," Sirius commented as he, James, Remus and Pete stepped closer to hug me.

"You could say that," I replied quietly as I let him wrap his arms around my waist, "Had a lot on my mind lately."

"Well forget all about it," James cut in, "Have fun." He pulled me into his chest and I blushed slightly before fighting it off and smiling up at him, "Happy Birthday Izzy."

"Thanks, Jay," I smiled slightly as he pressed a kiss to my forehead.

"TEENAGER!" I jumped slightly at the sudden yell and a lot of the people at the party started to laugh at the over exuberance of the Prewitt twins who shoved James out the way and collected me in a twin sandwich.

"Hey guys," I gasped as I squeezed out from between them, my eyes widening slightly at the difference two months had made. "Summer's obviously been good to you guys so far." They struck macho poses in response making me let out a small giggle.

"Looking good yourself Bella," Sirius commented from behind me making me glance at him over my shoulder, noticing that he too had filled out these past few months. I just smirked and bit at my lip making Remus groan slightly

"Great, more flirting," he grumbled making me chuckle before I skipped away, locking my arms around mum and dad as a thanks. Not completely missing the scowl James sent to both the Prewitt twins and Sirius too.

"Bella," Dad greeted, "Looking lovely as always in your birthday dress."

"Thank you daddy," I smiled at him innocently as he hugged me again before handing me to mum who hugged me too. I glanced over her shoulder at the people they'd been talking to, but someone was missing, "Where's Ms Flatley?"

I watched as the two swapped a look before dad shrugged slightly, "She's not well at the minute," he replied tensely making me nod disbelievingly before I turned to my friends who were waving me over. "Go ahead, back to your friends."

When I reached them I was swamped into a hug by Lily, Cassie and Alice who had arrived, "Happy Birthday!" Cassie squealed happily as she glomped me making me giggle loudly and hug her back, "I have your present here somewhere..." she started rooting through her bag making me giggle slightly before turning to Frank who was stood there quietly.

"Get over here and gimme a hug," I ordered making him grin before collecting me in his arms and spinning me around, causing a giggle to slip from my lips as I clung to him. "You got tall Franky."

"Nah, you shrunk," he replied with a shrug as if that explained it making me pout up at him before giggling again, once again noticing a scowl in place on James' face.

My birthday was fun, but it ended all too soon, and the same went for the rest of the summer holidays. It was too soon that I found myself dashing down the Hogwarts Express laughing loudly as I escaped from James and Sirius after pranking them. I could hear them chasing me, shouting profanities and I giggled happily before slipping quickly into a compartment before they caught me, dropping into an empty seat and turning to whomever I'd interrupted.

I found myself facing a compartment full of Hufflepuff boys, older than me, I could only recognise and name one of them, and that happened to be Amos Diggory, seeker and captain of the Quidditch Team. "Hi Amos," I smiled in greeting as I kept an eye out of the window for any sign of the dynamic duo.

"Isabella," he greeted curiously, "To what do we owe this pleasure?"

"Oh, right, sorry," I turned to him and smiled, "You don't mind me hiding out in here for a while do you? I just pranked James and Sirius."

"You pranked the Marauders?" one of his friends asked in shock making me arch an eyebrow at him.

"Ludo, she is a Marauder," Amos informed him making me smirk at his suddenly sheepish look.

"Isabella Lupin, at your service," I greeted with a mischievous grin, "And you might be?"

"Ludovic Bagman," he replied making me smile, "This is Louis Jordan and Stephen Cornfoot."

"Nice to meet you boys," I greeted, letting my eye drift over Louis who smirked in as he noticed, letting his own eyes rake over my form. The other three boys seemed to fall into an awkward silence as Louis and I checked each other out but Amos seemed to recover quickly.

"So what did you do to the guys?" he asked curiously making me turn to him, unaffected.

"I dyed them blue," I replied smoothly, and as I said it the compartment door burst open to reveal two blue Gryffindor boys. "Hi Smurfs."

"We're gonna get you back for this," Sirius grumbled making me widen my eyes and fake an innocent expression. "Don't give me that look." Pouting slightly, I huffed indignantly before I turned to the Hufflepuffs.

"Nice meeting you all," I smiled at them before getting up and starting to leave the compartment.

"Hey Lupin," Louis called as I exited making me stop and turn to him, "First Hogsmead weekend..." I arched an eyebrow in question, "You want to go with me?"

Heads snapped around to me, the Hufflepuffs looking curious and James and Sirius looking well... anxious maybe? "Sure, why not," I smiled at Louis, ignoring the looks we were receiving. "I'll see you around."

"Yeah," he smirked, pleased with himself making me bite at my lower lip before backing off and heading down the train with a final smile over my shoulder.

"Louis Jordan? Really?" James asked once again as we sat at the Gryffindor table during the Start of Year Feast.

"What about him?" I countered as I looked across the table at him, I'd seated myself between Sirius and Remus and he and Peter were opposite us.

"You just met the guy for the first time today, and now you're organising dates with him?" he accused making me arch a challenging eyebrow, frown in place on my face.

"Why are you so bothered?" I asked him simply, my gaze snapping to where I could see his jaw clenching. "Well?"

"I don't care," he replied tensely making me roll my eyes and look away from him.

"Good, then you don't need to question me on why I'm going out with him," I told him as I started eating my food again. I could feel his glare on me, but I just ignored him stubbornly... he'd been acting like this a lot lately.

"What happened with that thing you were doing this summer?" Remus asked curiously, making me roll my eyes slightly.

"Nothing," I replied firmly, my gaze locked on my food instead of him.

I watched passersby apathetically as I sat on a swing set in the park, mum and dad were shopping and Remus was resting after the full moon. I could feel something watching me, but I knew if it was a human Muggle I was allowed to use magic to defend myself... even if I didn't actually need it.

"Are you okay?" my heart jumped slightly at the sound of a strangely familiar voice suddenly in front of me, my head snapped up and my gaze locked on the tall man wearing a suit and a beige trench coat. He looked so familiar and I tilted my head to the side in thought.

"Do I know you?" I asked curiously making him tilt his head to the side in the same fashion as I had.

"My name is Castiel," he informed me making my eyes widen in shock, "I am an Angel of the Lord."

"You're..." I started quietly before looking down.

"Your father," he nodded in confirmation making me pale slightly, I'd always thought meeting my dad would be exciting but not so much.

"Where's my mother?" I asked curiously but quietly.

"Guinevere," he smiled lightly, he was obviously fond of her, "She..." he sighed and his smile faded, "She passed." My breath caught in my throat and I let my gaze drop to my hands.

"That means I'm the last Gryffindor," I muttered quietly...

"Fang?" Peter asked curiously making me look up, drawn back into reality, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good," I smiled fakely making them all swap a worried look before accepting it anyway, they knew if I wanted to talk I'd let them know.

"Bella you're never going to believe this!" my head snapped around to see Cassie, Lily and Alice all running towards us, all three of them grinning widely making me frown in confusion.

"What's up?" I asked curiously.

"Divination this year, is going to be taken by an ANGEL!" Alice squealed making my jaw drop slightly, "He's over there now!" My head snapped around quickly and my gaze landed on that familiar beige trench coat and chocolate hair as the man sat next to and talked to Dumbledore.

"No way," I muttered before I got up and walked over quickly, my friends and some other people, watching very closely. "What the hell?"

"Not the term most would use around me," he smirked slightly making me glare, "Hello Isabella."

"Why didn't you tell me you were going to be a professor here?" I asked him tensely as I tossed a look over my shoulder.

"Headmaster Dumbledore couldn't find a Divination professor, he asked me this morning," he replied making me clench my jaw slightly, "Should I have informed you earlier."

"That would have been nice," I nodded simply, ignoring the amused look I was receiving from said Headmaster. "I haven't told anyone yet."

"And why would that be?" he asked curiously.

"Well I couldn't exactly walk up to the people who've looked after me these past seven years and say 'oh by the way, I have my memory back, and I met my Angel dad' now can I?" I replied sarcastically.

"Well, not in those exact words," he shrugged, as his bright blue eyes looked up at me from his seat, a small smirk in place on his face.

"You're unbelievable," I hissed before turning and stalking away from him, slumping back into my seat at the Gryffindor table and pouting slightly. After a few moments I finally let my gaze look up at the expectant faces of my friends, the Prewitts and newly names Quidditch Captain Frank also having joined us.

"Well?" Remus asked curiously before glancing at the man, "Who is he?"

"My dad," I replied stubbornly quiet making them swap shocked looks before they all turned to face the Angel again. "Stupid angel with his cool trench coat and obvious blue eyes."

"He's cute," Alice and Cassie announced making my head snap around, a glare in place on my face making them both giggle at my reaction.

"That's her dad," Lily hissed for me as I frowned darkly at them, "Bella, you'll get used to it. It might be nice having him around, he could help with your memory."

My eyes dropped to the table guiltily, "You have that back already, don't you?" Gideon asked simply making me grimace and nod mutely.