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The next few weeks went quick, James and Sirius stayed as irritable as they had been when I said I'd go out with Louis... and it seemed to only get worse as the Hogsmead trip got closer. The Prewitt twins surprisingly had the same reaction, only they didn't officially find out about my date until the day of. I had been rushing around the common room, grabbing my jacket and pulling on my left shoe when they walked down the boys' staircase all together and all chuckling and chatting. They all fell silent however when I let out a yelp and lost my balance as I hopped on one leg.

"You okay there Angel?" Fabian asked with a broad grin as he walked over and helped me to my feet again.

"Yup," I smiled sheepishly, brushing hair from my face, "I'm gonna be late though... I'll see you guys when I get back."

"Wait!" Gideon frowned making me turn back, "You're not coming with us?"

"I'm going with Louis," I replied quickly before I left quickly, shouting a 'See ya' behind me as I went. According to Lily, a silence had fallen over the boys, dark frowns on four of their faces before they grumbled and followed me out of the common room.

Louis was waiting in the Entrance Hall for me when I finally got there a few minutes late, making me smile sheepishly at him and blush. "Hi, sorry, I couldn't find my shoe," I bit my lip innocently making him smile smoothly and shrug it off.

"You look great," he told me as he took my hand and pressed a kiss to my cheek making my blush flare up even more. "You ready now?"

"Yeah," I nodded with a smile making him grin back before leading me out of the building and towards the carriages that would take us into the village.

The day went great, we headed to Honeydukes and the Three Broomsticks... it was around three in the afternoon however when everything started going wrong. We were down by the Shrieking Shack, him telling me about the supposed haunting that went on there (i.e Remus' screams of pain when transforming) when the familiar voices of Amycus Carrow and Evan Rosier floated down to us.

"Great," Louis muttered irritably as we turned our heads to see the two Slytherins coming down the hill, laughing about something I didn't really want to know about.

"Look what we have here," Rosier smirked at the sight of us, "First date Lupin?"

"None of your business Rosier," I replied as Louis draped his arm around my shoulders. "But yeah, it is."

"You're seriously going out with this Mudblood?" Amycus scowled making me frown at him in confusion before I realised what he'd called Louis.

"You really are a son of a bitch aren't you Carrow," I snapped at him as I pulled from Louis' hold, Amycus looked shocked at me calling him by his second name for the first time in a while. "Why don't you go back to your other pure blood fanatic friends?"

He frowned down at me, before opening his mouth to say something, "I don't even know why you bother trying to talk to me civilly," I carried on, "It doesn't really count if you keep insulting my friends, or my date."

"Just trying to look out for you, Angel," he told me simply, and by the look in his eyes, honestly. "I told you already, you're hanging out with the wrong sorts of people."

"Who I hang out with has nothing to do with you," I pointed out, "You have absolutely no..." I was cut off as his lips crashed hard on to mine making me squeak in shock before shoving him away from me. "What the fuck?"

I didn't get a reply, he just looked over my shoulder to where Louis was, only when I turned around he was gone and I caught sight of him making his way back up to the village angrily. "Obviously doesn't like you enough to fight for you," Amycus smirked at me making me scow at him before shoving past and running after Louis.

"Louis, wait!" I called after him, but I didn't catch up until we were back into the main village. "Louis, why did you run off?"

"Well I'm sorry if I didn't want to hang around and watch my date kissing someone else," he snapped at me, causing a few people around us to stop and listen... including the Marauders and the Prewitts.

"Were you not just there," I snapped back, "he kissed me and I pushed him away."

"That's not what I saw," he sneered, "This was a mistake, why should I have thought that a Marauder was actually interested in me? My best guess is that this is a prank... like Barty warned me."

"Barty?" I asked in surprise, "Barty Crouch... as in the Ravenclaw?" He nodded with a frown. "What exactly did he say?"

"That you're hopelessly in love with someone else, and that the Marauders dared you to go out with me for a prank," he snapped, "and he was right."

"Louis..." I started.

"Leave me alone Lupin," he snapped before walking off making me frown at his retreating back. The people who had stopped to watch us started muttering and whispering to each other as I watched him leave. But as I heard them, some of the conversations painting me in a really bad light, I could feel the confusion turning into irritation and then turning into anger...

"Great first date that turned out to be," A voice commented behind me making me turn to see James and Sirius walking up to me, followed by Remus, Peter, Frank and the twins.

"You could say that," I replied before glaring at the Hufflepuff who had stopped to talk to his friends down the street. "Fuck it. I'm going to Zonko's." And with that I shoved my way through the crowd and headed to the joke shop."

"What happened?" Sirius asked as they all jogged up after me, James and him settling either side of me like usual.

"Stupid Carrow happened," I replied as I scowled at the guy in question, he and Rosier were making their way back to the village, both grinning as they saw I was no longer with Louis. "Fucking Pureblood idiot."

"Hey," all the guys shot at me accusingly.

"You guys don't count," I grumbled as I walked into the shop and went to collect my usual supplies, the guys broke off to do the same thing.

"So let me get this straight," James was stood behind me as I looked at some trick sweets making me turn around to face him. "You were on your date with Jordan," I nodded, "Carrow and Rosier come along and... what?"

"Carrow decided to kiss me," I replied simply and his face darkened into a glare, "So I shoved him off of me and Louis was already walking away."

"Wait so he saw Carrow kiss you and decided that you we rust on a date with him to prank him?" James asked in shock making me nod, "Can I go kick his ass?"

"Which one?" I sighed before grabbing the back of sweets and walking to the counter with the rest of my stuff too.

"Both of them," he replied as he grabbed a bag and followed, "No wait... three, I'd love to kick the crap out of Rosier just for the sake of it."

"Jay," I turned to him, "Leave it." He frowned in confusion, "I'm already in the middle of planning something out in my head... that will get not only Louis, Carrow and Rosier, but the rest of their Quidditch teams too."

His frown dropped into a smile and his eyes glittered with excitement making me smirk, "What is it?" He asked curiously as I handed the cashier my money.

"A surprise," I replied simply before grabbing my bag and pressing a kiss to his cheek, "You're going to have to wait and see." With that I walked out of the shop, all the guys watching me in curiosity and shock.

The rest of the day was filled with me sorting my prank out, by myself, with absolutely no help from any of the guys. I was aiming it at the other three Quidditch teams seeing as Louis was in the Hufflepuff one, Carrow and Rosier were Slytherin and Barty Crouch happened to be on the Ravenclaw one. I had it all planned, all three of the teams had practice the next day, and by dinner time the result of my prank would be seen by everyone.

"So what's this surprise?" Sirius asked as we all walked into the Great Hall that night for dinner.

"Just wait," I replied as I took my seat, in the perfect vantage point to see them all. The guys swapped curious looks before settling themselves into their seats around me... taking notice of me keeping an eye on the time.

Once I was sure everyone was there I grinned slightly glanced at my watch one more time... 19:30 exactly. With a loud pitched squeal and a poof of their house colour the Quidditch teams were engulfed in smoke. Once cleared they were all dressed in Gryffindor coloured cheerleading outfits, Go Gryffindor! Written across their chests with the Lion's head underneath and on the backs of those it was mainly aimed at were the words; 'Don't mess with a Marauder! Xoxo Angel!'

The hall filled with laughter, some even coming from the Teachers' table as Dumbledore chuckled along with Castiel and McGonagall... hell even the other heads of houses were chuckling a little. "Miss Lupin," Dumbledore called to me through the laughter making me wink at the guys before getting up and going over. "However ingenious your prank was and however impressive the magic used, I will have to take ten points from Gryffindor."

"Of course sir," I nodded with a small smile.

"Well done on getting your own back without the use of violence," McGonagall nodded to me making me smile at her before heading back to the table, smirking at the glares I was receiving from the other Quidditch teams. With even more perfect timing, in unison all their hairs turned a vibrant pink and their shouts and sneers towards me turned into animal noises making me giggle even more as I took a seat... immediately being engulfed in a hug from James and Sirius who were either side of me.

"We're so proud of you," Sirius wiped away a fake tear as I looked at him.

"So, so proud," James added as he copied, though not letting me go as I hugged me tighter.

"Why didn't you let us in on it?" The Twins asked in shock as I looked up at them.

"I've been planning it for a while," I shrugged, "It was going to be my April Fool joke on you guys but I figured this was more important." They all looked shocked at my evilness towards them, "So I made some changes and used it early."