Chapter 1

The Millennium Falcon and The Jade Shadow, a X-Wing and a Clawcraft, we're in Hyper Space on their way to Mon Cal, they we're only a 1 minute before reversion from hyper space back to real space, and ready for the next jump, where Jaina and Jag would leave Jaina's parents and her twin, and also her Aunt and Uncle and cousin Ben, and head to Csilla to meet Jags parents, for the first time, she wasn't looking forward to that.

The four ships were in a perfect formation that had been practiced and refined to the point they could do it in hyper space, The Falcon up and to the left, the Shadow down and to the right and Jaina's X-Wing left and a Clawcraft to the right. Then the ship began going left and right, until finally they dropped hard out hyper space. The problem was they we're not near the star that they should have dropped out by, instead they dropped out by Courasant only problem it looked nothing like their Courasant, then they saw the space battle going on.

"Alright what happened, if those are what I think they are we're in a lot of trouble." Han said

"Are those Vulture droids?" Jaina asked in shocked

"Yes, which means we just, what went back in time?" Leia asked confused

"I really had hoped you wouldn't say that." Luke said

"I really had hoped it wasn't true." Han said.

"Alright Jag, Jaina your in front will follow your lead keep those thing off each other, will pull up the rear." Luke said

"Alright, Jag you ready?" Jaina asked

"Of course Goddess your wish is my command. Let go blast something, we haven't done that in a few weeks." Jag said

"You know most people would be happy when a Galactic War is over, us we just get bored." She said laughing, as they went forward and began blasting through droid ships so fast that between the 4 ships they cutting a path through the ships, until the big one went toward the atmosphere, then they began to withdraw.

"Unidentified vessel please land in the Star Destroyer Ambushed, come out with your hands up."

Luke turned on the channel. "Roger."

He then turned on the encrypted comm, and sat back until he heard Han say 'Yeah.' And a click from both Jag and Jaina as they continue to destroy every droid ship that was close enough for them to fire at without leaving the other two ships.

"We are going into the Star Destroyer up on the right, just remember one thing, you've only heard of Anakin Skywalker, And Mara Ben and I are all Jade's okay? And no telling them who the Sith is until we have earned their trust. Put up your shields and keep them up, Jag, Han you both have a strong shield and you don't lower it often so you should be okay, just keep visualizing a shield in your mind and you'll be fine."

Just more clicks, as they swung toward the hanger bay Jaina and Jag went in first follow by the Falcon and the Shadow, once they had sat down and run through the post-flight check, they we're all looking more than a little weary at the Storm troopers coming their way.

Jaina was the first one out she just stepped off the end of her X-Wing and dropped to the floor with the grace of a well trained Jedi Knight, as she landed she reached out toward Jag and lowered him to the ground he stepped over next to her and put a hand on her back. Luke Mara and Ben, met them as well as Han, Leia, Jacen and his sister's Noghri bodyguards Meewahl and Cakhmaim, all of them save Mara had their hands in the air. All the Jedi had lightsabers clipped on their belts and a blaster each for Jag and Han. A tall Kel Dor male.

"I am Master Plo Koon, who are?"

The Jedi bowed as one except Mara who was holding Ben in her arms, she just nodded her head.

"I am Master Luke Jade and this is my wife Master Mara Jade, and our son Ben. Over there is my twin sister, Leia Solo and her husband Han, and their twins Jedi Knights Jaina and Jacen Solo, and Colonel Jagged Fel, and my sisters bodyguards Meewahl and Cakhmaim."

The master was looking at them all curiously.

"I've never heard of any of you. And you're all Jedi?"

"No, Jag and Han are not Force sensitive. And my sister hasn't finished her training."

"Oh, okay. Where are you from?"

He heard Han mutter something like 'More like when were from.'

"We should probably talk to the Council about that, before our existence becomes known to the Sith Lord."

"Alright, well lets lead you to our transport, you can leave your ships here for now." He looked at the Falcon and saw a golden droid. "Do you have droids besides that one?" he pointed toward C-3PO.

"I have a R2 unit and Jaina has one as well."

"Alright bring them along."

The Noghri slipped away for the two droids while Jaina lifted Rowdy with a hand lifting in the air and sat him down gentle, and knelt next to him so she could see the display.

"Are you alright little friend?"

Beep. Bop.

"Yes that was a lot more fun than being shot at by Vong; we could destroy them without even trying." Jaina laughed and set back next to Jag his arm going instinctively around her waist.

"Remind me to tinker with his voice; it'll make the humor protocol a lot more amusing." She turn toward her twin, what was said it their twin bond he didn't know, but whatever it was it amused her to no end. A moment later 3PO came over.

"Princess Leia, I thought you were going to leave me."

"Unfortunately were not." Han said irritated

"Princess?" Master Koon asked

"My adopted father was a prince."

"Oh, so that would make you a prince as well then?" Koon asked Luke

"No we were raised separately, to keep us safe from our father. My children are my heirs." Leia answer it sounded almost like she did it on auto pilot, because she looked at him suddenly realizing she had just given up a very important piece of information.

"Why would you need to be kept safe and how did you find each other?" Master Koon asked

"Will have to explain that when were at the Temple." Luke said shifting his eye behind the Master to the troopers and hopping he got the clue and it seemed he did because he did ask any more questions. Once they were on the transport making planet fall, he make a quick call on his comm and asked for the Jedi High Council to convene, he was returning with two Jedi Masters and three Jedi Knight that had asked to speak with them. Once they had landed, they were lead to the Council chambers, when they enter eleven seats were taken either by an individuals presence or by holo.

"Welcome to our home, you are. Not from this time, you're not? Hem." Yoda Said

"Master Yoda." Luke bowed. "I am Luke Jade this is my wife and fellow Master Mara Jade, our son Ben. My twin sister, Leia Solo, and her husband Han Solo, and their twins Jedi Knights Jaina and Jacen Solo, and Colonel Jagged Fel." He pointed to everyone in turn Mara, Leia, Jaina and Jacen all bowed.

"What time, are you from Jedi can't marry." Master windu said

"Give or take depending on the year, 48 years into the future. What year is it?"

"19 BBY, it is." Master Yoda said

"Oh boy, then we are very close, Leia." Luke looked to his right where his sister was standing wide eyed.

"You're telling me, the Force works in mysterious way." Leia said

"When will you be born?" Master Mace Windu

"We we're born in 19 BBY, and then taken into hiding separately so that if our father ever figured out that we had live when our mother had died he wouldn't get us both. We didn't met for the first time until, 0 ABY, when my R2 unit was bought and a Princess asking for the help of a Jedi Master that had gone into exile to watch over me, so he and I met Han and a Wookie named Chewbacca." A pang of sadness ran through the force. "And he was fly us to Alderaan when a great disturbance in the force, almost brought him to his knee, the Empire which will be create just days before were born, had destroyed Alderaan with weapon called a Death Star, he died facing Darth Vader on the Death Star so we could escape and about 5 years later I went to Dagobah in order to be train by another Master, I fought in combat against Darth Vader lost a hand." He flexed his hand to show them. "In 4 ABY the second Death Star was built, while Han, Leia and Myself lead a team planet side to destroy a shield generator, I felt Vader on the moon, I went to him in hopes of giving my sister and best friend a chance to finish our job I knew I was getting in over my head but it was either that or watch my friends die, so I distracted the Emperor and Vader, right when Vader turn on his master they were blowing up the Death Star, I took the redeemed Jedi and went to leave he didn't make it, but he made sure I got away alive, Darth Vader was our father." He pointed to himself and Leia. "We rebuild the Republic turning it into the New Republic, my sister was Chief of State for a while, our family has sacrificed too much of our own blood to not help change the future if we can, for the better."

"Sad this future you speak, of is. How can you help us?" Yoda asked

"I know who the Sith Lord is, but I don't want it to come at the cost of someone else, if I must I will take, the Sword of the Jedi, Jaina and we will kill him, in hope that it will keep many safe, it takes someone who has fall and gotten back up, to truly defeat a Sith. Jaina and I have both fall but also got back up and said absolutely not, I will not travel this road, we both fell for different reasons but we are both stronger for it." Luke said

"The Sword of the Jedi?" Master Windu asked confused eyeing Jaina appreasingly.

"That is the title that the Force bestowed on her at her Knighting ceremony. It went like this. 'I name you the Sword of the Jedi. You are like tempered steel, purposeful and razor-keen. Always you shall be in the front rank, a burning brand to your enemies, a brilliant fire to your friends. Yours is a restless life, and never shall you know peace, though you shall be blessed for the peace that you bring to others. Take comfort in the fact that, though you stand tall and alone, others take shelter in the shadow that you cast.' She is the only one, from our time that has the raw power to destroy a Sith. In this time if we were to work with Anakin Skywalker, they would be a unbeatable force, The Sith Lord would stand no chance against them, and Jaina and I together are a strong team and work off of each other's strengths and weakness, but we have also fought many foes together in the past few years." Luke answered

"Are you ready to face this Sith now?" Master Obi-Wan asked

"It will not take long, for Jaina and I to get back to fighting form we we're both wounded badly in the last fight we had, but that was not against a Sith, it was against the Vong, but in a few weeks we will be." Luke said

Ben had lifted his toy into the air and was making it twist and turn, while he clapped his hand and squealed in excitement.

"Strong in the force, he is, to play with things with the Force like that so young." Master Yoda said

"Yes, very strong in the force." Luke agreed.

"Attachment is forbidden, yet it seems a number of the Jedi in your time are married, who changed the rules?" Obi-Wan asked

"I have found my marriage and relationship with my family have made me stronger, I have survived things I wouldn't have if it wasn't for them, you saw us today Master Koon, we work as a coordinated unit, even Han and Jag who are not Jedi but have worked with them for 30 years like Han or Jag who has only been doing so for the past 4 years we are the better because of them. And I changed the code, in 11 ABY I founded the New Jedi Order, in the last four years I have lost a great many of my Jedi, I also lost my other nephew, Han and Leia's youngest son. We have fought through yet another Galactic War, this time it was their turn to help fight, though unfortunate it maybe, it was their generations fight even though we had fought ours so they never would have to." Luke said the last bit sadly.

"What do you mean founded the New Jedi Order? What happened to this one?" Master Windu asked in a strained voice.

"When, the Emperor is ready to take full power unto himself, he'll activate a hidden order within your clone troopers order 66, they along with the new Sith Lord will slay ever Jedi they can get their hands on, thousands die inside these Temple walls, others out on the frontlines, very few escaped, I have met a few who changed their names and had children that are now member of the new Jedi Order, I have work a very long time to make sure the Jedi I train don't fall to the Dark side, like my father, but if they do, we are there when they're ready to come back, or if they go too far to put a stop to it. Jaina and I both touched the Dark side, but we never killed anyone with it, and came back the better for it, in the sense we know there is no light and dark as simply said, its more you follow an emotion to far to the point of no return, Jaina's was grief and wanting revenge for her brother's death after a few weeks one of my Master Kyp Durron who possessed by a Sith Lord's spirit, he realized he did wrong when the spirit was expelled and though he killed many he was seeking redemption, one way for that was to show Jaina what she was doing was wrong, they have been partners ever since. I was kidnapped by the clone of the Emperor and turned I tried to resist he was just was to strong my sister figured out where I was, she sneaked aboard the ship and dueled him until he was about to kill her, it snapped me back to my right mind, and I took over the duel and beat him, now I am the better for it, I know just how bad it is to let your anger control you. Now we live to serve the Galactic Alliance, which was the reorganization of the New Republic. " Luke said sometime shaky voice.

Beeping noise sounded from master Yoda's chair he pushed a button.


"Master Yoda, I need to speak to the Council. I have done something, and I am afraid there is nothing I can do to fix it. May I come to you?" he looked at the rest of the Council and they all nodded.

"Yes Jedi Skywalker you may." The whole family sucked in a breath almost as one even Jag and Han did. It got some strange looks from everyone.

"Luke what are we going to do?" Leia asked quietly.

"Just smile and nodded don't reveal anything. Pass it on." She did and by the time it got to Jaina who was standing next to her brother and Jag, she was as white as the snow on Csilla. The next thing Luke knew his niece had burrowed her way through his shield.

'Uncle Luke I can't do this.'

'You must Jaina, I know you have always thought if he couldn't stay away from it then you couldn't either you've proven that wrong, just be calm, be the Jaina who look trouble in the face and laughs at it.'

He saw her nodded once, which unfortunately was seen by Obi-Wan, who gave Jaina a look and then Luke. Luke could have swore that Obi-Wan had figured out who their father was, but wasn't sure. He felt Jaina withdraw.

"It's been a long time since I've seen someone communicate completely telepathically especially when they are both shielding." Obi-Wan said and Luke felt a slight panic in the force coming from Jaina.

"Yes, it hard sometime when you train them, they learn your tricks and can bypass them, but I find it useful in a battle meld, we can actually speak to each other instead of just picturing things and getting them across the way you want."

"How long have you trained them?" Master Windu asked

"Since they were old enough to understand, they went to the Academy on Yavin 4, when they turned 13, by the time the war came Jaina, Jacen and Anakin had all been in combat. They are 21 now, the war is finally finished as of just a few short weeks ago. We collected our youngling from Shelter hidden in the Maw, and sent them with the Smuggler's Alliance on board the Errant Venture, we were all headed to Mon Cal which was the temporary capital until Courasant could be reconstructed, when we ended up here."

"So she can get through your shields?" Master Koon asked

"Not easily, it took me a minute to get in it would have been easier if I had done so with Aunt Mara, she was my Master after all." Jaina answered she once again was Jaina Solo she felt calm, cool and collected.

"Interesting." Yoda said rubbing his chin. A beep came. He pushed a button on his chair. "Send him in." let go of the button. "You will want to stay with us? Hem?" Leia and Luke exchanged pained looks. The door opened "Come, young Skywalker. What is it you need to tell us?" Anakin walked over and stood and gave a pointed look to them. "Masters Luke and Mara Jade, young Ben. Han and Leia Solo, Leia is Luke's twin. Jedi Knights Jaina and Jacen Solo they are the Solo's twins. And Colonel Jagged Fel. Somehow they were transported through time, they have decided to fix something since they're here, their father turns to the dark side of the Force and was a Sith named Darth Vader. You may speak freely; they probably already know what you're going to say." Leia and Luke exchanged a worried look. And Anakin looked uncertain.

"I have come to confess about something I did, though I don't regret it, I also not in good conscience can keep from you what I have done." He looked down and a single tear rolled down his face. Obi-Wan upon seeing his tears stood up and put hand on his shoulder.

"Anakin, you can tell us anything you want, know that even if we are disappointed, we will never be angry if you, yourself come forward and tell the truth. Alright?" Obi-Wan said and sat back down in his seat.

"Yes, my master. When I was assigned the protection detail for Senator Amidala, I was already in love with her, I have been since the very first time I met her, after the battle on Geonosis, when I took her back to Naboo, we got married." Everyone gasped. "When I got home today, she told me she is pregnant, now I know your probably furious with me and are deciding how you're going to deal with me, I only ask that you please, help me save her life, I was taking a nap and had a vision of her dying in child birth, I couldn't even tell if the baby lived, just help her and do whatever you please with me." Tears we're streaming down his face and Obi-Wan's. But Obi-Wan was staring at Luke and Leia and then Jaina, Luke merely nodded his head in answer, and Obi-Wan went pale.

"Much to discuss we do, having failed to see this the Council has, we will speak on these matters though we are disappointed you are young and can make foolish mistakes, but I can see you don't think it's a mistake and that's good, but for now go home, and rest a healing trance will keep dreams and visions away, know how to do this you do?"

"I have never been good at them." He admitted reluctantly, a soft snort came from Jaina, she raised her hand.

"Yes, Jedi Solo?"

"I can teach him how to do it in five minute if he was at least taught how to do it, it is one of my specialties."

"I was taught. I've just never been good at them."

"Go with young Skywalker you will teach him your trick, you must." Jaina nodded leaned over kissed Jag's cheek and followed Anakin. When the door was closed, there was what felt to Luke an explosion in the Force of shock, and dismay.

"What are we going to do?" Master Windu asked

Luke raised my hand.

"Yes, Master Jade?"

"Might I make a suggestion?"

"Yes, you sit on your Council; I see no reason for you to not give advice on this one. Take seat everyone." He pointed toward a corner where a number of chairs could be brought over, Luke sat his next to Obi-Wan, and flicked a finger and his son floated to him, giggling and clapping his hands.

"Anyway as I was going to say why, don't you, work with him, as I said before my family gives me strength, I see no reason why Jedi Skywalker can't have the same. Yes he disobeyed the rules, so some form of discipline should be dispensed, but if you can make that boys life easier with just understanding and compassion, why not do it. I built the New Jedi Order with mostly adults to begin with, a lot of them already had families, you don't need to break up a family to make a Jedi a Jedi, trust me on this, help his wife in what he has foreseen in his vision perhaps it will only take her delivering here for it to change the outcome of the vision. Always in motion the future is. That is what you told me so very long ago on Dagobah, Master Yoda, by changing one thing you change the whole vision."

Ben was playing with his toy again clapping and giggling in glee. Luke looked up and saw Jag standing back straight and his hands clasped behind his back. Suddenly Mara jumped up had a hand over her mouth and looked at Master Yoda beseeching.

"Fresher?" She gasped

"Down the hall second door on the right." She was gone before he even knew what had happened. He reached out to Jaina.

"Yes Uncle Luke?" Jaina asked

"Your aunt just went to the fresher will you check on her?" he could hear mental giggling, and the connection broke. All the Master and Han and Jag were looking around. And Jacen snorted.

"Anything you'd like to share Jacen?" Leia asked amused

"Lets just say, my sister know very well what is wrong with Aunt Mara."

"Care to share?" Luke asked

"Let's just say, Ben isn't going to be your only child."

"Really and how would your sister know that?" Luke asked in an irriatated voice

"Aunt Mara told her."

"Really." Just then the door slid open and in came a smiling Jaina and a sick looking Mara. "Mara Jade, do you have something you'd care to tell me?" he asked smiling

"Jaina." She growled. Jaina gave her an I-Know-You-Still-Love-Me-smile. "You are going to be a parent again, Farm boy."

"Congratulation, Masters Skywalker." Master Yoda said smiling sweetly. Luke and Mara did even think about it before they answered, while everyone else was staring wide eyed at the little green Jedi Master.

"Thank you." They said together, and then looked at each other in shock, as everyone else snorted. "How. How did you figure it out?"

"Well, it wasn't all that hard after Anakin's little confession and beside you look like what I picture he will when he is your age." Master Windu said smiling.

"Well their goes our very good plan." Luke said with a snort

"Please Farm boy, we got dropped here it isn't like we wanted to come." Mara said

"Well than, Obi-Wan allow me to introduce you to your name sake or your alias' name sake, Ben, meet Master Obi-Wan 'Ben' Kenobi." Luke said showing him Ben.

"You named your son after me?" Obi-Wan asked

"Yes and why not? You were there when I needed you even after you died, you and Master Yoda would appear as Force Ghosts. The last time I spoke to you my sister was very close to have those two brats over there." Luke said

"We're not Brats." They said as one.

"Do they do that a lot?" Obi-wan asked

"Not as much as they did when they were younger. Now if you want to be creped out have them work on something together and see their perfect timing its creepy there silent conversation." Leia said

"Agreed." Han, Luke, Mara, and Jag said

Jaina who was standing by Jag jumped, he put his arm around her.

"What's wrong?" he asked

"Oh nothing, Ben just wants me to hold him, it's been a very long time since he reached for me in the force." Ben was looking at her expectantly had his toy firmly in his hands waiting, when Jaina crooked her finger and he floated out of his lap and across the room, he was laughing and squealing.

"Do you always use the Force?" Master Kit Fisto asked

"No, but because he is so strong in the Force he felt people dying so he closed himself off from it, this is how we are getting him back in to using it, as you can see he touched Jaina because he wanted to play, when he's hungry he may touch me, it all depends on how everyone is feeling, such as right now, he is incased in a one way emotional bubble in the force so he doesn't feel it when someone dies, Jaina has him locked in tight, who ever holds him or is right next to them, are in charge of erecting said bubble, it would be really bad to have the next Skywalker closed off from the Force." Mara explained.

"Interesting maybe you can show us how you shield him later it would be a very interesting thing to learn. Now how about we do some sparing to see how far advanced you all are and see if there is any help, we could be." Master Yoda said

"I'm against Uncle Luke." Jaina said from the floor where she and Jag were playing with Ben, she floated his toy up and dropped it on Jag's head, Luke felt sadness and loss coming off of Han. "Dad, will you please stop that, you'll not lose me, okay." She said not even looking up.

"But you're my baby; you're not suppose to grow up."

"Technically I'm your oldest, Anakin was your baby. But I'll always be your little girl even when I'm going grey and have great grandchildren running around alright?"

Jag leaned toward her, and Luke wanting to know what he said used the force to her what he said.

"How many children do you want exactly?" she was bright red, but her force aura only mildly change, make Mara snort in amusement.

"Jaina Solo, I taught you that little trick do you think I don't know what you're feeling right now?"

Jaina turn and stuck out her tongue and when Jacen start to snicker, whack, and he stopped and rubbed the back of his head.

"Kriff Jaina, you need to be a little more gentle, that really hurt."

"What was that?" Obi-Wan asked

"Oh, I just Force slapped him up the back of the head, nothing he doesn't deserve trust me." Jaina answer with mock-sweetness

"Are they always like that?" he asked

"Most of the time. Master Yoda sparring?" Luke asked

"Yes, we will watch as they spar with you and then we will watch the next up from you or down depending on how well they did." Master Windu answered for Yoda as he got up

"Well then might as well bring out an apprentice for me." Leia said smiling.

"Why is that?" Yoda asked

"Because I haven't finished my training, and wouldn't be alive if it hadn't have been for the little training I have had, mind you I want to, there was just never time."

"Let's head to the work out and sparing room." Master windu said

They all got up and follow Yoda, when they finally got there; it was similar to the Temple Luke had built on Courasant all those years ago.

"Jaina and Luke go first."

And then a blue shimmer appeared and then her brother.

"Anakin?" Leia gasped

"Hi Mom, I see you've made it safely, I was sent by Master Yoda and Master Obi-Wan to watch out for you, the Sith Lord will be on the move after Darth Vader in three weeks, either Jaina and Anakin need to team up or Uncle Luke, Jaina and Jacen, it will be like Courasant all over again only this time there will be no slayers only a very powerful Sith. A prophecies has been uncovered here in the netherworld of the Force, 'When the Chosen one and the Sword of the Jedi are join in battle will the ultimate victory be, always in the now look, for the future in motion will it be, the battle will be epic but win the light side will, be wise in your choices, and in the end children will be free.' When you win, you'll have to make arrangements for you to meet your special someone even if you have to lock them up together Mom, Dad, Uncle Luke, Aunt Mara, Jaina, Jag, Jacen and Tenal Ka, and if you will myself and Tahiri, remember you won't have a rebellion to fight, so you must win her worshipfulness, dad. Aunt Mara you won't have the excuse of trying to kill him, to get him. Jaina well your just Jaina and Jag is Jag and your both Ace Pilots go kick some Simms butt. Jacen sweet Jacen if things work out Teneniel Djo will still be the Queen Mother and Tenal Ka won't have to take the crown. Remember Jacen Centerpoint can only be fired if I set it, don't let me, or just kill Sal-Solo, okay maybe not kill but he was a Peace Brigider, I must go, he is returning. May the Force be with always." Leia had tears rolling down her face. He reached out and touched her face. "I'm always here." He touched over her heart, and her head. "Remember if you do this right, I won't die, and I'll be with my Tahiri again. I'll be with you, always." And he disappeared

"Who was that?" came a question from behind them. Leia knew who it was without turning.

"That was my son. He died a few years ago, when he lead a strike team of Jedi Knights to Myrkr, he was killed but he saved a lot of live, perhaps the whole Jedi Order when he became one with the Force as he died, we felt him blazing strong and true, as bright as a supernova, until his fire burned out we all felt him go, every Jedi in the Galaxy felt Jedi Solo, move on to the netherworld of the Force." Leia told Anakin.

"I'm sorry, forgive me, I didn't mean to bring up something so personal." Anakin said

"Its alright, it has just been a rough couple of years. So why are you back? Need Jaina to help you get into a trance?" she laughed

"No ma'am I just felt a sort of call saying that I will be needed or something along those lines, so I came back." He answered

"Good Jedi Skywalker, need you we will, you will fight Jedi Solo after she has dueled Master Jade." Master Yoda said

"Yes Master." Anakin said

"Here Jag." Jaina handed Ben to Jag. "Alright Uncle, let's see if the Master of the Order can still take his niece, The Sword of the Jedi."

"Do you think you're being funny young lady?" Luke asked in mock annoyance.

"Yes very. And as I'm a great deal younger and a little faster, I just wish we could do this in a fur ball instead." Jaina said

"Yes well, as an ace fighter pilot I can see why you would want that." Luke said

"Well it's not like you've not an ace pilot yourself." Jaina countered

"True you come by your skills honestly from both side." He smiled and reached for his lightsaber with a snap-hiss, his green blade ignited. Jaina smiled as well as she reached for her saber it slapped it to her hand, and it too ignited with a snap-hiss and a purple blade was in a guard position.

"Coming Uncle?" the answer came when his saber and her's clashed over and over again, she jumped and using the Force and flew down at her uncle again they hit, but this time Luke stagger back from the sheer force of the blow, and she spun and flipped and again and again the sabers clashed until almost by instinct she felt him, and he felt her have the force come to them in a rush, as there blade were still locked they used their hand, and they each went flying backward, they landed with a grunt, but were back up and fight again, he spun and twisted and they clashed until, they managed to disarm each other at the exact same time.

"What…" Jaina couldn't even think straight as she looked down at her Uncles lightsaber in her hand and hers in his.

"Well I must say considering you spent most of the last war in a cock pit and not on the ground you did an excellent job, Jaina. Good work." They saluted each other a deactivate the lightsaber and hand the other's theirs back.

"Good very good. Strong in the force you both are raw power you have strong is your family in the force. Jedi Jacen Solo and Master Mara Jade you're up next." Yoda said

With a snap-hiss, two blades one green one blue began to whirl and hit again and again….