Welcome to Zombie land.

In the two months since patient zero took a bite of the infected burger, which eventually made everyone else think that humans were burgers, the young teachers life had changed from helping teenagers show their potential to blowing their fucking demonic heads off.

The chevy impala zipped down the motorway, the occasional burnt out school bus, van or body to break up the monotonous grey pavement and distract the car's two occupants.

"Car, car, bus, car, leg -" the man in the passenger seat spoke as he watched the still world outside the car window, knowing that his listing would annoy the young woman driving.

Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun, streaks of blood and gore made knots in her hair and splattered across her old worn black t-shirt and blue jeans.

"You look a mess." the man chimed and then flinched slightly when the womans bright blue eyes flashed angrily in his direction.

"You don't look a picture either." she snapped glancing over his messy brunette mop-head, rough stumble and worn leather jacket.

Silence rolled over the pair for miles, the man still making lists (this time in his head) and the young woman staring intently at the road.


"Git in the car!" Tallahassee's southern voice bellowed, a little too loudly in Columbus' opinion, at the girls.

An average, well the most average thing about Zombie land for the make shift family, twinkie raid had led to being chased by minture child zombies who had inhabited the store, surviving off the corspe of teenagers who had sadly died at work.
Wichita shot at the little hell spawn from her position in the drivers seat of Tallahassee's Caddie, while watching Columbus get pushed back from each shot and double tap from his shotgun between nervously trying to refill the barrels.

"Spit-fuck get your bitch moving, we'll have to jump in!" Tallahassee yelled, not pausing in his chainsaw dance with the little demonic flesh-hungry children.
Kicking the car off, the older of the sisters started the car making sure the doors are unlocked but not wide open as two of the more obese zombies clinged to the wing-mirrors of the car.
Columbus ripped the back door open and jumped into the back seat with Tallahessee doing the same into the passenger seat.

"Wheres Little Rock?" Columbus asked paniced.

The car screeched to a halt as Wichita slammed her foot on the brake, making Tallahessee curse as his head met the windscreen.

"Seat belts." Columbus mumbled before shutting up under his girlfriend's and the southener's angry gazes.

"Shes not with you?" Wichita all but shrieked.

"No, we told her to stay in car." the teen in backseat told her.

"Fuck." Tallahessee cursed.

The car spun around as Wichita head back to the candy shop, "We've got to find her, why would she wonder off? She wouldn't wonder off, she must have been taken!" Wichita screamed, eyes full of tears.

Columbus held onto the backseat, his ever phobic mind warning him that his girlfriends driving was going to kill them all before the rag-tag family could even find their 'Little sister.'


Little Rock clutched her shotgun to her chest as she resisted the urge to pop her sugarless gum that had got her into this mess. Tallahessee had told her not to leave the car but when looking out the window of the caddy and seeing a frightened child hiding behind a tree, the young girl felt the need to at least try and help. When she had been within arms reach, the child had turned to her, black bile running down its overwise cute features as its hissed and lunged at Little Rock. Reacting in one fluent motion the girl raised her shotgun and blasted the childs face in.

Little Rock gasped as she heard more shrieking and stumbled backwards as she was rushed by more children her gun firing repeatedly but the children didn't slow and the others were out of sight. Turning, Little Rock sprinted away when her gun ran out of shells. She stumbled across the burnt debris of some cars, her burning legs pumping faster as she heard the gargles of the zombies behind her. Little Rock squealed as she tripped, her hands coming out to stop her fall but only worked to slow the impact as she skidded and grazed her hands and face. Wincing, the girl squeezed her watery eyes shut waiting for the pack to desend on her.

Bang! Bang! Click!

Little Rock gasped when the bloodied body of one of the children crashed next to her. Looking up in the hopes of seeing her badass sister or Florida or even the nervous gittering Columbus, but all the young girl could see was the flash of a gun. The gun fell silent as the last zombie fell behind her and Little Rock crawled forward and onto her knees as she heard slow paced footsteps coming towards her.

"You okay there girly?" A young womans voice dnaced through the otherwise silent air. Little Rock looked up to see a slight blood-splattered young woman with a hand gun aimed at her.

"Have you been bitten?" A voice came from behind the woman and for the first time Little Rock noticed a tall man holding a shot gun, proberly the one who wasted the kids, and the car behind down of them.

Shaking her head Little Rock rose to stand held her arms up and showed her neck to the pair so they could see she wasn't lieing.

Both strangers lowered their weapons.

"We need to get out of here," The man said getting in the drivers steat, "The gun shots will just bring more to the promise of food."

The woman nodded and motioned for Little Rock to get in the car. Little Rock shook her head and the woman sighed.
"I've killed too many children today to watch another one die, so get in the car and we can take you wherever you want to go." she told the girl.

The pre-teen was about to shake her head once more until the gurgle of the undead close by made her run to the Impala and jump in the back seat with the woman.

"Let me see your cuts." The woman gave Little Rock a small smile as the child held out her hand for the woman to spray anit-septic on the wound and covered them with adhesive bandages before packign away the first aid kit.

"So kid, whats ya' name?" The man in the front asked.

"You two have funny accents." Little Rock said abesntmindedly.

"I don't talk funny!" The man pouted in the front seat.
"We moved to the USA five years ago," The woman explained, "we were both born and raised in England."

"So your related?" the girl asked.

"Unfortunatley," the woman next to Little Rock mummbled which made the man scowl at her through the wing mirror, "we're brother and sister."

"So Kiddo, name?" the man asked.

"No names, no attachments." Little Rock replied.

"Oh, says who?" the man asked, eyebrow raised.

"Tallahessee," The girl replied staring at the palms of her bandaged hands, "We're either named by where we are going or were we came from."

"Sweet!" The man smiled, "I want to be Disney Land."

The woman next to Little Rock slapped her forehead she sighed, "Well I guess you can call me Free, I have nowhere to go."

The girl held her hand out to Free, "Little Rock."


"Why isn't she here?" Wichita screeched as she ran through the candy shop, Columbus trailed after her slowly trying to think of something constructive to say to help the situation while Tallahessee winced at the screeching and stood watch at the door shot gun in hand.

"Hey spit-fucks! We've got company!" Tallahessee shouted tipping his hat down slightly and tightening his hold on his shot gun as he watched the Chevy Impala skid into the body-littered parking lot, crunching over a few heads and splashin more blood across the already crimson parking lot.

Raising his shot gun at the male driver, from promtly raised his hands when he noticed the gun pointed at him, Tallahessee called the couple out of the shop. The back door of the car opened slowly and the cowboys gun flickered to a new target as a little brunette jumped out the car and slowly stepped towards them.

"Little Rock!" Wichita squealed as he bolted towards her sister until she was caught by the arm by the Cowboy.

"Tallahessee?" Columbus asked, almost squealed, at the rough handling of his girlfriend while the girl herself gave him a look that could have stopped at zombie at thirty paces.

The cowboy simply motioned his shotgun to the unknown car.

Little Rock ran over to her sister and was immediantly pulled into a tight embrace and showered with kisses.

"Git out the car slowly." Tallahessee commanded loudly after letting go of Wichita and aiming his gun at the car. The driver's door opened and a tall, rugged man with shaggy brown hair slipped out and a slightly smaller young woman slid out of the back seat of the car that Little Rock had left earlier.

"Don't shoot Tallahessee," Little Rock pleaded from her position wrapped in her sisters arms, "They saved me from the zombies and fixed my hands up."

"What the fuck were ya' doin' out side the car anyway brat?" the cowboy barked angrily.

"We're being held at gun point by Yosemite Sam," Disney whispered out the corner of his mouth to his sister.

"Don't insult a red neck with a gun boy!" Tallahessee shouted over at them.

"Fuck-wit." She snapped at her older brother.

"D-don't you think we've got enough on with the zombies? Fuck sake." Columbus snapped, his ever-raging hormones came to the fore.

Nodding his head, so his hat covered most of his face, the cowboy knew college boy was right and he lowered his gun slowly.

"That's Tallahassee," Little Rock said pointing to the gun-weilder, then at the couple next to her, "This is my sister Wichita and her, er, partner, Columbus."

Tallahassee tipped his hat, Wichita smiled still holding her sister and Columbus waved awkardly.

"We got told about you're whole no name thing, I'm Disney and this is my sister Free." The man smiled at the group.

"Disney?" Tallahassee barked with laughter.

"I think the zombies have stole his brain." Free mummbled, one of her hands resting on the pistol strapped to her hip.

"You guys got a place to stay?" Disney asked and Free glared at her brother for being so trusting of the strangers. Tallahessee raised an eyebrow at her scowl, but seeming to be the only one that noticed he let it go.

Columbus shook his head.

"Well we've got a zombie free house we've been staying at for a few days, if you wanna stay for a couple of nights you can." Disney smiled.

"Sure!" Columbus and Little Rock smiled.