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Free smiled as shook her head and then ran her fingers through her long wet brunette hair. She grabbed the fluffy red towel that she had found in pantry and brought with her into the bathroom and wrapped it tightly around herself. It clung to her curves and ended half way down her thighs. Free smiled to herself, she had loved showers before the end of the world and that hadn't changed, they always put her in a good mood though she wished she had the foresight to bring her change of clothes into the bathroom with her so she wouldn't have to prance around the house barely clad, but as it was she had too.

Free slipped out of the bathroom slowly tip-toeing down the corridor with her back to the wall and she smiled to herself remembering when her and her nephew would ninja around the house together.
"End ah the world isn't an occasion for streaking."

Free's head snapped to face the deep voice behind her, her hand holding her towel together tightened. The brunette woman glared at the smug cowboy, who stood about a foot away from her, his hands dug deep in his pocket and his hat titled slightly back as he attempted to stop his eyes from wondering appreciatively over the woman's body.

"You lost cowboy?" Free cocked an eyebrow challengingly.
Tallahassee smirked, as his eyes wondered over the bottom of the towel, showing the creamy pale flesh of Free's thighs and barely containing her breasts with the fluffy material.
"Jus' heard some creeping up here," He smirked, one of his hands leaving his pocket to pat the gun strapped to the side of his thigh.

"Well now you can leave." Free told his waving her hand at him to leave.
"No." he smirked.
"No?" Free raised a questioning eyebrow.
"No." Tallahassee told her again smirking.

Free sighed, wishing her hand weren't busy saving her modesty so she could pinch her forehead, the stupid man just loved to give her headaches.
"And why, pray tell, not?" Free asked, pushing herself further back against the wall.
"Maybe I'm waiting for you to leave first."

Free rolled her eyes at the buff man, "You are so childish." She murmured as she leant away from the wall ready to turn away from him and walk down the hallway.
Free gasped in realisation as she pushed herself back up against the wall and glared at the cowboy, who chewed his gum and raised his eyebrows in amusement.

Free groaned and rested her head back against the wall, she realised now why the stupid redneck looked so smug, if she moved away the wall then he'd get a view of most of her backside and if she pulled it down to cover her backside before she removed herself from the wall then he'd get a full view of her breasts.

"Go away." Free ordered, her patience fading quickly. Tallahassee grinned and twitched his head upwards as be chewed on his gum.
"Why not?"
"What's the magic word?"
She gritted her teeth and spat through her teeth, "Please move?"
"Nope." he smirked.
Free glared at the smug man before her, "What? Why not?"

Tallahassee shrugged, "Don't wanna."
"But I said the magic word!" she protested, getting more annoyed as she began to feel cold prickle over her skin.

Tallahassee shrugged again, "Never said that would make me move."
Free stamped her barefoot and instantly regretted her decision when she lost some grip of her towel and had to scramble to keep her towel and dignity in front of the annoying man. Tallahassee took a confident step forward and Free glared at the cowboy who was now entering her personal space. Her eyes narrowed further when the tall smirking man took another measured step towards her so that there was barely a foot between them.

"What do you want?" Free snapped, though Tallahassee noted that it didn't have the same effect or venom when he had the upper hand. Tallahassee leaned down so that his nose was inches from hers as he chewed slowly on his gum.
"Wouldn't you like to know." He smirked down at her.
Free glared, her hand tightening around the knot of towel in her hand, "That's why I asked, idiot."
Tallahassee smirked leaning forward do that his nose pushed against hers, making Free crinkle her nose back at the surprising contact.

"Little girls in awkward situations should learn how to speak to their superiors," Tallahassee smirked, his warm breath tickling Free's cheeks.
"Superior?" Free asked, feeling more confident than she should have done with just a towel to shield her, "What makes you think that you are the superior one?"
"You're pushing yourself against the wall and trying to hide." Tallahassee told her, the tip of his nose still brushing against hers.
"I'm not afraid of you." Free spat, her hand tightening on her towel in anger as she stamped her foot, instantly regretting it but was not willing to show the cowboy the dull pain that flashed through her.

"Prove it," Tallahassee grinned down at her like a child with a new toy.
Without a second thought to the consequences, Free pushed herself up and smashed her lips against the cowboys, his unshaven features scratching her cheeks as she strove to prove her superiority. His strong large hands found her hips and pulled her barely clad figure against him, his large belt buckle digging into her stomach through her towel.

With a barely contained moan, Free titled her head to allow Tallahassee's tongue into her mouth as they fought still for the right to be named superior. Free's hands came up to Tallahassee's shoulders, accidentally releasing her towel, which Tallahassee's strong hands caught and held up, enjoying the fact that his hands massaged her breasts through the towel.
"Hmmm," Free moaned against his lips. With a squeal, Free pulled away when she felt his hands clasp at her backside.
"Where are you going?" he growled, pulling her back to him by her backside.
"Get off," Free snapped, pushing him away with all the force she could muster, and fleeing down the hallway to her room, clothes and sanity.
Tallahassee stared down the hallway after the tight form that has been in his grasp for just a moment and sighed as he titled his hat, women were always hard to interpret and he didn't need that kind of grief while he had to deal with the three fuck-wits teens that followed him about. He titled his head as he watched her backside, it was a shame, at least he got a good feel.

Slamming her door shut, Free pushed her back to it and slid down to sit on the floor. Aggravated, she threaded her fingers through her drying hair and held it in her fist as she growled through pursed lips, she had ruined all her personal rules for survival of focusing on the task at hand and not getting attached to other survivors because that would leave her with more weaknesses. Free sighed and released her hair, letting her hands fall limp to the floor, tomorrow was going to be interesting.

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