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It was a fairly typical day at Warbler practice at Dalton Academy. The weather outside was still fairly cold, so the boys were in their practice room, having yet another Warbler Council meeting. Blaine was barely listening to Wes, David, and Thad talk about Regionals coming up. The dark haired male's gaze was focused purely on Kurt, who was a few feet away from him, sitting on one of the couches hunched over. The soprano was pale, and his tie was loosened, which was an odd look for the male. Kurt was usually so put together, so, seeing him like that was a red flag in Blaine's head. Blaine studied Kurt for a few moments to watch his actions, noticing the way he tried to loosen the tie even more and how his shoulders heaved with each inhale and exhale. He stood up from where he was sitting and made his way over to where Kurt was now noticeably struggling for breath, though no one else had noticed it just yet.

"Kurt? Is everything okay? You're really pale,"Blaine spoke softly as he placed a hand on the soprano's shoulder. Listening to him suck in the shallow, wheezy breaths, it all clicked inside the males head, especially when Kurt shook his head and gripped the front of his shirt to try and relieve the tightness in his chest. But why Kurt hadn't mentioned the asthma to begin with, Blaine had no idea, his first and only concern at that moment was helping Kurt breathe. Keeping his hand on Kurts shoulder, he eased the soprano into a sitting up position and moved to crouch down in front of him.

"Where's your inhaler? Do I need to send someone to get the nurse?"he asked softly, worry creasing his face as Wes spoke up and asked if everything was alright. Looking up, the male shook his head and grabbed Kurts satchel when the soprano pointed to it, silently hoping that the soprano had an inhaler in his bag. Rummaging through it, he grabbed the small blue l-shaped object with a sigh of relief and read the instructions on the canister, shaking it up before he pressed the object to Kurts pale lips.

"Wes, send someone to go get the nurse. Hey Kurt? On the count of three, I need you to take as deep of a breath as you can manage. Can you do that? Good. Just keep breathing. In, and out,"Blaine said softly, knowing he had to keep calm as David ran from the room. Thad and Wes were keeping the other Warblers back as Blaine gave Kurt a dosage of the medication, letting it sink into the sopranos lungs before he re-shook the inhaler and rubbed Kurts back, waiting for him to take another breath from the inhaler. Kurt used the medicine before he dropped his head to rest on Blaine's shoulder, thoroughly wiped out from the attack as he shook from the effects of the Ventolin.

"Blaine, I got the nurse,"David said and watched Blaine help Kurt sit up before the nurse came over to check on the soprano.

"He should be fine. I suggest having him lay down for a while, but if he's still having trouble in an hour or so, I suggest he go to a doctor,"the nurse said kindly after listening to Kurts lungs and exited the room. Kurt curled up to Blaine and looked him in the eyes nervously.

"I should be fine. Let's finish the meeting,"he wheezed, his breaths still sounding tight as he settled his head on Blaine's shoulder, his chest still heaving as he left the tie undone, knowing it wouldn't help to have it tight against his throat.

"No Kurt. You need to go back to your room and rest. You just had an asthma attack and we need your voice for Regionals. Blaine, will you make sure he gets to his room alright?"Thad said sternly and watched as Kurt leaned heavily against Blaine as the male helped him to his room.

~Kurts Room~

"Are you sure you're alright? You really scared me down there. I would've noticed it earlier if you'd have just mentioned it once or twice Kurt. We all care,"Blaine said softly as he helped Kurt to his room and watched the soprano grab some pajama pants and changed into them and no shirt. Raising an eyebrow when he noticed the lack of shirt, he nodded when Kurt explained it was easier to breathe without a shirt constricting his chest.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys. I just didn't want you to worry if I had an attack,"the soprano said softly and looked down at his sheets. He settled his head against the pillows and Blaine sat down next to him, gently pushing the hair off of Kurts forehead softly.

"By not telling us, you made us worry even worse. Just promise me that next time you feel an attack coming on, you tell us. Okay?"Blaine murmured and kissed Kurts forehead softly, chuckling when Kurts eyes opened and blinked up wearily at him.

"I promise. Don't worry,"he wheezed softly, and smiled a little bit when Blaine lifted his chin and pressed a soft kiss to his lips before pulling away so he could breathe. Kurt wanted to lean in for another before Blaine shook his head and pointed at the doorway, where Wes and David stood with grins on their lips, flanked by a bunch of worried Warblers.

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