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"Woah!" My bag dropped beside me with a thud. I could practically feel my eyes bugging out of my head as I tried to take in the, what would you call this structure? The brochure I had skimmed once before pushing my headphones into my ears and listening to blaring music the rest of the way had amped up this "academy" as a premiere institution for learning. But I don't usually believe stuff like that. I'm kind of anti-media that way. They push so much down our throats and then it turns out not to be great at all, and well you know how that goes, so I just cut the "believing it might be as great as they're saying thing" and go straight to the disappointed stage.

But this, I reached in my pocket for the brochure and held it up to compare the real deal to the photo, this is amazing! My eyes peered over the top of the picture and then shot back to examining the photo castle(It really was best classified as a castle) to compare the two. I would've said that it looked like it practically popped out of the picture, but the sprawling building in front of me was way more magnificent than the picture could begin to describe.

"Hey!" I shot to the person beside me. "Isn't this place amazing!" I looked over with stars in my eyes at my friend, who wasn't there. "What the-," I grunted searching for my missing friend irritably. "Where did you get to?" I turned back to the vehicle I had emerged from and ducked my head into the interior to find my friend still slumped against the door fast asleep. A vein popped out on my forehead as I tried to control the urge to attack my best friend viciously. "Hey, Rachel?" I said in a singsong tone as I leaned in closer.

Her eyes fluttered open sleepily as she started to wake up. "Hmm, Cat?" Rachel slurred in her half-asleep state.

"Yup," I replied shortly and smirked at my sleepy victim/best friend. "Guess what?"

"I uhh, I dunno, wha?" She mumbled, eyes closing again.

"WE'RE HERE!" I squealed shaking her by her shoulders. "And you, whose idea it was to come to this place five billion miles away from home, are sleeping in the car as if you DON'T CARE! RRARGGHH!"

I finished my rant with my now swirly-eyed best friend in a state of complete shock. "Ahhh, what the heck was that for!" Rachel shouted coming out of her daze and glaring angrily at me.

"I already told you why." I shot back, the satisfied grin on my face spreading wider.

"What? You were freaking shaking my brains out to kingdom come! How in the world do you expect me-," I cut her off pointing outside.

"We're here." I stated matter-of-factly as she gave me a quizzical look.

"Look I don't care if the sky was falling, don't-," Rachel paused, blue eyes registering something. "Where exactly?"

"Timbuktu." I bit out sarcastically and then rolled my eyes, "Cross Academy of course."

"Cross?" Rachel began slowly, "Eeep!" She pushed across me and out the door.

"Hey, hey!" I protested as her heels pressed into my leg. "Why couldn't you just take the door on your side, huh? Gah." I fingered the place on my wounded leg she had pushed against. That was going to leave a bruise. Not that I bruise that easily, just Rachel is really quite, in a word, built. All muscle no fat kind of thing, if she hadn't been half-asleep and off guard, trust me I wouldn't have even tried to pull off that little stunt I had just a couple of seconds ago.

I climbed out of the car and watched as my friend went through the same shock and awe routine I had whenever we had first arrived. She was turned away from me, all of her five foot eight inch self, I have a height thing, and no it's not just because I barely make it to five feet myself, it's just not fair. Some people get all the tallness, while shorties like me get none of it. Stupid genes.

"Can you believe this!" Rachel turned to me smiling broadly. "This place is amazing!" She gestured at the hulking beauty behind her.

"I know!" I said stepping up beside her and joining in her enthusiasm.

"So, who was right?" Rachel asked smiling down at me with her smug smile that obviously said me of course.

"Hey, we don't know what this place will even be like yet," I pointed out trying to wipe the smug look from her face.

"You're such a pessimist," she said elbowing me teasingly in the side.

"Hey, you brute, you already mauled my leg ya' know, so no more abuse today." I said with a fake hurt tone as I cradled my side. Rachel chuckled as she returned her gaze to our new school. I sighed and did the same, 'I hope this place turns out to be as good as it looks.'

"NEEEWWW STUDDEENTTTS!" Rachel and I tore our eyes away from the scenery of Cross Academy to the source of the noise currently flying our way.

"What the?" Rachel asked out of the corner of her mouth. I shrugged not knowing precisely who the strange guy in a green poncho skipping, yeah skipping, our way was either. He came to a stop in front of us and smiled brightly.

"Hello!" The man said obviously oblivious to the awkward air that had settled over both of us. "Eh?" He leaned forward with his hands placed on his hips, "no greeting for the Headmaster of the school? I feel so unloved!"

"Huh?" We both let out in shock, our heads tilting to the side. This guy was the headmaster? I'd seen a lot of odd teacher's in my day, some I weren't even sure were human on that note, but I'd never met anyone quite like this guy. He had long blond hair, from what I could tell since it was pulled back into a ponytail I couldn't tell how long though, a pair of glasses sat on top of his nose haphazardly, and he wore a previously mentioned green poncho over what seemed to be a tan-colored trench coat. But it wasn't really his appearance that gave me the definitely-not-the-headmaster-or-anything-else-remotely-authoritative vibe. This guy just exuded happiness. Teachers, and definitely Principles, were supposed to have the soul-sucked aura, not be a bouncing sunshine filled ball of happiness.

"Oh, greetings, Mr…" Rachel trailed, recovering first. That's Rachel for you, solid like a rock, I'm pretty sure I'm still gaping. I should probably stop that now.

"Cross. But you can call me headmaster," he replied extending his hand to Rachel who took it eagerly.

"I'm Rachel Crowe, and this here is my friend," Rachel said glancing over at me. My mouth popped close and I straightened up, realizing I was being addressed.

"I'm Catrianna Rainer, Mr. Cross," I managed to get out, gaining a bit of my composure and stepping up to take his hand. Woah, he's tall too, I thought looking up at the guy towering above me. He chuckled and took my hand as well.

"I assure you headmaster will do," Cross said looking down at me expectantly.

Nice eyes, my mind thought sluggishly, as I peered up at the new 'ruler of my life' as I had designated him. It wasn't until a few moments had passed, and we were still in the same position with nothing said that it clicked in my hormone riddled mind that I was supposed to be saying something here. "Right, uhhh," I tilted my head to the side, annoying habit I have when I'm embarrassed, and tried to think of what went in the blank while feeling the searing blush across my face, "headmaster…"

"Aww, how kawaii!" Headmaster Cross squealed and hug/twirled me around like a two year old, "just like my Yuuki!" My eyes were about as wide as they could get without popping out of their sockets as I spun through the air at hyper speed.

"Headmaster!" I heard what sounded like a female voice scream from somewhere. My body came to an immediate halt. Oh, look at all the little birdies, I thought as my head continued to spin.

"Yuuki? I thought I told you to call me daddy!" Cross croaked out despairingly as I finally regained a hold on the world and saw that his whole face had fallen. Mood swings much, I thought trying to pry myself off of the lunatic to no avail.

"Fine, dad, but could you please let go of her now?" The girl from before replied drawing Cross's attention to me once again.

"Oh!" He finally released me, and I staggered away, finally getting a view of my savior. A small girl, probably around the same height as myself, popped into my sight, breathing shortly as if she had been running the whole way. I shot her a small smile, and she smiled back finally catching her breath.

"Sorry, about that," She said stepping in front of Cross, who was looking euphoric at Yuuki calling him dad, and towards Rachel and me, "my father can get kind of hyper at times. I'm Yuuki Cross." Yuuki ended with a small smile and the offering of her hand to Rachel in greeting. Hmm, I'd almost forgot Rachel was even there, traitor, she could've helped or something, I thought watching as she took Yuuki's hand with amusement still written all over her features. See if I come to a school in another country with her next time.

"It was nothing really," I chimed in also shaking the brunette's hand, "just a bit of a surprise."

"I'm sorry," Cross replied putting a hand on his daughter's head affectionately, "you reminded me of my Yuuki there for a second, and I just couldn't help myself!" Rachel and I laughed together at the look of embarrassment on the girl's face as she swatted her father's hand away.

"Dad!" Yuuki squeaked, ducking Cross's hand again, "I've got to go, it's about that time." Yuuki escaped and made a mad dash away from Cross. "Oh," She said stopping short and waving at us, "It was really nice to meet you both! I'll see you guys later. I can even give you a tour if you want?" We both gave a nod, and she was off again to who knows where.

Cross sighed. "Well back to business I guess," he said motioning us to follow him. I picked up the luggage I had previously dropped on the floor and shot Rachel a look. She shrugged and pulled the backpack on her shoulder back to its original position as we both began to follow the odd headmaster inside what appeared to be the main building. Cross Academy was going to be interesting for sure.

We arrived in Cross's office a couple of minutes later to find it already occupied. Cross swung the door wide open and right into something hard. A groan sounded on the other side of the door as Cross quizzically poked his head around to see what obstructed his way.

"Zero!" He yelped pulling the door towards him and allowing the silver haired boy to move out of the way. "I didn't expect you there. How's my boy?"

Zero rubbed his forehead in pain and from the looks of it, a little irritation, "how many times do we have to go over this, Cross, I'm not your son!" His violet eyes flashed from the headmaster to Rachel and I, and I'm pretty sure my legs turned to jelly. I don't do well with hot guys. I go squishy, and then I can't form coherent thoughts or sentences for that matter, so the moment those purple eyes caught mine, my mind automatically registered "hot", and I turned into a human blob. I really hate it, but it just can't be helped. I think it might be rooted in self-esteem issues or something, but then again it could just be a weird physical/mental tweak I have. Either way, I'm messed up somehow.

Cross and Zero talked for a bit and then I was brought back from Catrianna lala land by an elbow to the gut. "What?" I snapped at the person wielding the offending elbow. Rachel's eyes motioned to the space in front of me, and I looked up to see a pair of angry lavender eyes looking back down at me.

"I asked you to move," Zero stated as he glared down at me. I blushed and realized I was planted squarely in the middle of the doorframe.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I mumbled stumbling back a few paces out of his way. He grunted and walked out glancing down at me again as if analyzing me. I pretended I didn't notice and tried to keep my eyes anywhere but on him as he stalked down the hall. No use going to jelly again, I thought looking up at Rachel, only to find her watching Zero intently. 'Crush maybe?' I thought a smile tugging at the corners of my mouth.

A cough brought us back to reality, and we turned to find Cross smirking at us. "Normally, I'd have you sit down and we'd talk for a while, but it's getting late, and I'm sure you're both tired so," he held out some papers to us, "this is your class schedule and room assignment. I hope you both like Cross Academy! We'll talk more later, once you've gotten adjusted. Oh, Yori-chan, I see you got my message." I turned to see a shorthaired girl I hadn't noticed walking towards us.

"Yes headmaster." Yori replied smiling at both of us. "You must be the new students."

"Good, good, you know what to do then," Cross said smiling one of his way-too-enthusiastic smiles. Yori nodded and gestured for us to follow her, I was hoping to our dorms, I was beat. "Oh, and Mrs. Crowe?" Rachel paused and looked back at the headmaster, "I need to speak to you tomorrow, after your classes if that's alright."

"Of course, headmaster." Rachel responded and we all continued on our way, to yes, the dorms thank goodness. Yori and Rachel chatted, and I put in a few comments here and there, but was mostly content with listening as we made our way to our new "home".