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Waking up the next morning, I had a moment of severe lapse of memory that ended in extreme discomfort, a fair amount of pain, and mild embarrassment on my part. You see, my morning routine consists of this:

1. Wake up to alarm

2. Hit snooze.

3. Repeat 1 and 2 until annoyed enough to get up

4. Make way to bathroom

5. Find nearest pot of coffee

Unfortunately after completing steps 1 and 2, my body began the automatic completion of step 4. Only, I usually do this with my eyes closed with instinct and memory based on repetition as my guide to lead me to my bathroom which happens to be just out the door and straight across from my room. Nifty placement if you ask me.

At Cross Academy, there is one bathroom on each floor shared by all the girls, and it is not conveniently placed right across from my room. No, it's down the hall, around the corner, and at the end of that hall. What does happen to take the wonderfully convenient space across from Rachel and my humble abode is a nice, thankfully padded, set of stairs.

I'll let you take a guess as to what happened next. One moment I was going about my morning business and the next I was sprawled out at the bottom of the second story stairs feeling bruised, battered, and completely disoriented in nothing but my short sleeping shorts and lacy, polka-dot camisole. This was also how I first became acquainted with most of my female classmates as they all roused at the noise of me bouncing down the stairs and came out to see what had happened. After many assurances that I was fine, I made my escape back up to my room blushing like mad with my morning trip to the bathroom completely forgotten in wake of my embarrassment and more than my pride bruised.

Rachel was, of course, already awake and sitting on the edge of her bed weaving her auburn hair in a tight French braid. The girl was like clockwork. She got up every morning at five thirty, which in my mind is an ungodly hour made only for nighttime critters, practiced martial arts, took a shower, and then got dressed. Apparently, even a move to another time zone was not enough to knock her off this schedule. She turned to look at me as I shut the door behind me and raised one of her eyebrows questioningly. I coughed and looked away.

"I sort of, kind of…"I paused and rubbed the sore spot on my side wondering if it would be a bruise. Rachel looked at me expectantly the corner of her mouth twitching as she controlled her urge to smile.

"Yes?" She said finally tying the end of her hair off.

"Fell." I deadpanned. "Down the stairs."

Her laughter followed me down the hall as I stomped to the bathroom and completed the process of getting ready for our first day of school. It didn't stop as we were heading to class, and I grumbled the whole way about unsupportive best friends which just earned me another raucous chorus of laughter.

The good thing about my little detour this morning was that it had completely erased all the nervousness that I had been fretting over on the plane ride here. Had, was the key word here. Once Rachel and I turned the hall that would lead us to our classroom, it then decided to make its grand return in full force. I gulped and adjusted the straps on my backpack with a nervous twitch. Truthfully, I'd never moved schools before. Ever. I'd been born, grown up, and gone to school in the same little out of the way town for all sixteen years of my life with absolutely no intentions of switching schools until Rachel had convinced me to come on this harebrained venture. I'm still not sure how she had convinced me, or my mom for that matter, to agree to this crazy scheme. It's my personal belief that Rachel has some form of mind control and that one day she will take over the world with it and make everyone eat spinach and get up at five thirty every morning. I shuddered at the thought and glanced over at Rachel who plodded innocently beside me having at this point stopped laughing and returned to her normal semi-stoic self. Yep, she's probably plotting world domination right now.

We stopped at the door to the classroom, and I took a deep breath. All right, Cat, you can do this, I thought mentally amping* myself up, just go over the list and don't sit anywhere remotely near any attractive guys and you'll be fine.

The "list" was advice given to me by Sarah, one of my friends from back home, who had moved schools a total of twelve times and whom I regarded as the resident moving guru. She'd kindly offered me this list after coming across me almost going through a nervous breakdown from worrying one day last week (I'm a worrier, what can I say, I probably got it from my mom who worries two times as much as I do.), and it had become my mantra to ward off all possible social blunders/suicides that might happen. One, don't attract too much attention. I groaned and I could feel the blush rising to my cheeks. That one was already out the window from this morning's escapade. I'd just have to hope no one brought it up or that all the witnesses had suffered short-term memory loss. Two, blend in and go with the flow, just because something seems odd to you doesn't mean it's not perfectly normal there. Okay, I could do that one. Finally, don't piss anyone off. Short and simple, I was hoping that my shyness would do this one for me. My main concern now was looking like an even bigger fool than this morning by being placed next to a hot guy and turning into an incoherent glob.

Rachel stepped through the threshold of the classroom first, and I followed along behind her dwarfed by her lumbering height. The room was filled with curious looking students dressed in the same black and white uniforms we had been given upon our admittance to the academy. I reserved judgment on how I liked the uniform myself, but I was definitely glad it wasn't white. I have a bad tendency to spill things on anything I wear that's white. I also have a problem with skirts, but I hopefully had taken care of that with the pair of shorts I'd slipped on underneath my skirt this morning. There's no guarantee anything would happen, but I've found it best not to tempt Murphy.

The teacher introduced Rachel and myself and went off on a rant about something, which I didn't pay a bit of attention to, seeing as I was too busy scanning the students in front of me for any potential dangers. Potential danger in my vocabulary is equivalent to gorgeous guy. My shoulders relaxed as I found most of the males in the classroom to be average in appearance and tuned in to what the teacher was saying.

"Let's make sure to make them feel welcome." It seemed the teacher had finished his little speech and now motioned for Rachel and I to take our seats. I hesitated waiting for Rachel to take the lead. I'm more of a follower than a leader when it comes to most things. Luckily, Rachel is more on the assertive side so she usually does the leading for me. We're a pretty good team that way.

Rachel plopped down in the first available seat she found, which happened to have no seat beside it, and looked up at me innocently. I glared at her, knowing this was her ploy to help me make new friends, and then gulped nervously. My plan in getting through this day was to latch onto Rachel for dear life and hope her courage would rub off on me somehow, but obviously my support system had other ideas and was deciding to be uncooperative. I shot her a final 'I will get you' glare, and then began going up each row looking for a vacant seat. I finally found one at the top of the classroom. I slid into it hurriedly and silently congratulated myself on my small victory. I smiled; maybe I could get through this on my own! High off my surge of confidence, I turned to say hello to my new seatmate only to find myself face to face with a pair of purple eyes.

"What?" The silver-haired guy from last night snapped irritably at my despairing look. My forehead hit the desk with a bang, and I could feel my confidence deflate into nothingness. Maybe…I couldn't do this on my own.

By lunch, I felt like I had spent a whole week in that class. Did you know in Japan they don't switch classrooms? No, the teachers come to them which means you don't get the chance to change seats. I sighed, not like there are any other available seats in that class. When Rachel and I transferred in, the class had been nearly full, and now with us there the only other available seat happens to be on the other side of Zero (Yes, I am proud to say I got the courage to at least form the sentence "What's your name?", I just didn't look at him while I said it. I'd say that's progress.) which doesn't exactly help me with my little problem. Not that he's a bad guy or anything from what I can tell, he slept through most of the class anyways, he just happens to be very good looking which causes my brain to malfunction. I should probably see somebody about it like a psychiatrist or something. Maybe they could fix it with hypnosis or some other kind of mumbo-jumbo.

I set my tray down next to Rachel's and closed my eyes sighing for what felt like the twentieth time today.

"He's so scary, isn't he?" I opened my eyes to find one of the girls from our morning classes sitting down in front of me.

"Uh, yeah," I said smiling nervously and picking at my food," something like that…"

"I know!" I jumped scooting into Rachel as a voice came from my elbow and a tray slammed next to me. A girl with messy blonde hair pulled into pigtails huffed and sat next to me stabbing at her food vigorously. "That Zero!" She stuffed a bite into her mouth and chewed angrily. " He thinks he can do whatever he wants cause he's a prefect," she managed to say in between bites while I hung in between shock at her sudden arrival and the revulsion I felt at watching her semi-chewed food every time she spoke.

"What's a prefect?" Rachel asked from my other side.

"What's a prefect!" The girl said her voice raising and turning to face Rachel, "I'll tell you what a prefect is! They're the most horrible, evil, monstrous people on this campus!"

"Oh, uh, why's that?" I asked timidly.

"Because they keep me from my wonderful, gorgeous Aidou!" The girl finished with stars in her eyes clamping her hands together with a far off look. I glanced up at Rachel, who had her eyebrow raised, silently giving her a 'what is up with this psycho?' look. She shrugged and began to eat again. Lucky, she's not the one sitting by miss spazz over here.

"Oh!" The girl exclaimed coming out of her trance and leaning her face closer towards mine, while I bent backwards trying to put some space in between us. "You just moved here, so you don't know about the Night Class right?" I shook my head tentatively wondering if I made to much movement if she would jump me kind of like the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. I definitely didn't want to be mauled by pigtails here on my first day.

"Well!" She began pointing her finger in my face, "the classes here are divided into Day Class students, like us," I nodded when she looked at me and hoped her finger didn't get any closer to my eye, "and the Night Class students."

"I see." I gulped flinching away from the finger of doom, "so what's so special about them?"

"Special? They're all gorgeous!" She smiled dreamily pulling away from me and entering her own fantasy world again, "Especially Idol-sempai! He's got the face of an angel."

"No way!" Another girl joined us across the table flicking her black hair away from her face and donning the same dreamy look, "Kain is so much better."

"I-I kinda like Ichijou the best," the girl who had first spoke interjected blushing slightly.

Before I knew it, our table had become swamped with girls all trying to convince Rachel and I that their favorite was the best out of the Night Class. I rubbed my temple and wondered if they were like this every day, or if they were especially energetic for some reason today. I hoped it was the latter. Then it hit me.

"Wait, wait! Are you guys saying that the Night Class is basically a group of supermodel-like boys?" I choked out my voice cracking at the end.

"Well, yeah!" Pigtails agreed enthusiastically not noticing my groan. I had the urge to face-plant into my tray and thought about how screwed I was. Really, could this day possibly get any worse?

"Hey," Pigtails began and I glanced at up at her from beneath my cloud of gloom, "aren't you that girl that fell down the stairs this morning?"

Darn you Murphy.

Ok, so that's the end of the second chapter. As I said, I promise the Night Class will be in the next one, and hopefully I'll have that chapter out within in the next two weeks. Thank you guys so much for reading!

*Word said this wasn't a word, but I like it, so I'm making it one. xP