Jakcylln 3

As Stephononius lay in bed he dissembled what it would be like to be a quinquagenarian raj performing cliometrics or if he were a mendacious reprobate like his po' dumb loser mama, she is such a pugnatious white elephant..

Meanwhile, in the waiting room Jakcylln had smashed a clepsydra over a patient's head. Dr Carter was going insane like a misanthrope. She looked around and thought her situation was quite ambient, she began to excoriate at everyone approaching her when Dr Carter yelled out , "Jakcylln, noooooooo! You @#%%^&^*&(%$#*^&*^&%!@!!!!!!"

Who you swearing at you posteriori vaporware! Jakcylln said throwing a cup of jamoke at him.

"NO! My @$#£§#*)_ eyes!!!!"

"Woah there, that's quite a bit of jabberwocky!!!" Jakcylln replied, while employing a homemade derrick.

"What's that hoisting apparatus with that large 2 by 4 thing-aaaaahhhhh$&*(&$%#$&$^)_)(+(!!!!! Jesus, woman!"

"That there ain't no way to treat a lady you with your superbity you drunken maudlin! I've half a mind to run fetch a scrimshander!"

"Dear god no! What is tha-yat? You boondogglin' me woman? Ah! You dun der cursed me! I gone suthern! Ahhhhhh!!!! I jest becayame a poikilotherm!!@#! God nooooo, you monster!!!!!"