Author's Notes: How the hell did they expect me to survive that Red Nose Day special? I was still a little drunk thanks to a (mortifying) party on the Friday when I watched it Saturday morning. I was, genuinely, convinced that I was making the whole sketch up. Not even joking, at that point, it seemed more likely that my mind was making things up than I was actually, really seeing the amazing Karen Gillan flirting with herself. Mr Moffat, are you trying to kill me? I mean, don't think for a second that I'm complaining! If I died then, I would do so very, very happy... What? Oh, -wipes dribble from chin- sorry.

Anyway, yeah, my mind instantly started going into over drive on how I could bring miss other!Amy back. This is what happened. AmyxAmy goodness. More to come, and my god, it is gonna be M rated.

Amy Within an Amy

"Okay! We're back in normal flight. The TARDIS is no longer inside itself, the localised time-field is no longer about to implode and rip a hole in all causality, but just in case... Pond, put some trousers on."

"Why would we wanna go and do that?"

All three of the TARDIS crew about-turned, the same shocked looks daubing their faces as when the box-within-a-box had first materialised, at a loss for words.

Standing in front of the doors, just as she had when this madness had started, stood Amy Pond. Well... a Amy Pond, that is.

"Hello again," said the pre-existing Amy, the same confused but flirtatious smile in place and a little wave, which the newest Amy returned.

Rory's jaw was once again slack. He had always thought that he was far too lucky to have the love of a woman like Amy. That was why he never fought when she flirted with others, or went and did her "job". But two Amy's? His mind had just about exploded the first time his Amy's twin walked through the door, but now that she had come back, almost every higher function had collapsed. "Umm... Doctor? Am I... I'm not seeing things, am I?" he just about managed, pointing at the two redheads.

"Not unless I am too, Rory." The Doctor's mind, however, had gone into overdrive, eyes switching between the two, narrowing as he tried to work out the conundrum before him.

"But you said it was sorted. How can she be here? She's already here, she can't be here. Not when she's not gone anywhere to get here."

"Oi, I am here you know!" Said both Amy's at the same time in spine-tingling unison, then staring at each other.

"And that's enough of the "she", thank you," said the new Amy, breaking the gaze to look at her/her double's husband witheringly.

Rory took a defensive stance, "Hey, don't look at me like that. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining... unless the universe is about to implode, no-offence, I'd rather you weren't here than destroy everything in the-"

"Would everyone just shut up!" everyone's attention turned to the Doctor. He had that air he often got. A trembling energy of his mind working through everything that was presented to him, categorising it and trying to make some form of sense of it, "Amy. Other Amy. New Amy. Um, the one that just came through the door. Whatever. Tell me, what happened. What, from your point of view physically happened? What brought you here?"

"Um, well... Dropped cuplink, other Amy, went though and became other Amy, other Amy and Rory came thought, and we became other Rory and Amy. We went over and stood by the stairs-"

"Hang on, no..." Rory said, shaking his hand to stop her, turning to the Doctor, "that's not right, you kept us by the door. You stopped us from going anywhere."

Original Amy elbowed him, judging the Doctor's intrigued expression as him needing New Amy to carry on.

"Ri-ght, anyway, um, the Doctor started... babbling about a temporal implosion or something, re-setting the TARDIS, but you- he didn't know what to do. Another Doctor ran through and said "Wibbly lever!"" here she imitating the Doctor, lowering her voice and her brows, pointing enthusiastically and pouting her lips, "you really need to come up with better names for these things, you know?"

"I thought that too!" said the First Amy, pointing at her twin with a triumphant laugh that someone shared the joke.

"Surprise." Dead-panned the Doctor.

"Oh... right," she said, retracting her finger, "Same person, same thoughts. Gotcha."

The other Amy smiled encouragingly at her, "and the... other... the first... one of you ran into the box-in-a-box. By the way, am I the only one who's thinking Inception here? Shame Leonardo De Caprio i'n't here, he could so make that bowtie look 'cool'"

It was the Doctor's turn to say an outraged "Oi!"

She carried on quickly, "New Doc ran over, did whatever it was, and took off. But the one that ran into the box left the door slightly open, and you know what your flying's like- everything shuddered, I tripped. Rory tried to grab me, but I'm falling through the door, and it's like everything slows down. Just before the door closed, I could see them both, moving sl-ow m-o" she elongated the words, voice deep as she acted as if time was slowing down for her too, "Then there's this sound, like rushing air, and the door slams shut. I turn around, and then this door" she jerked a thumb at the door behind her, "Appeared, and I came through and you were already nagging for me to cover up."

"If only you had in the first place, then maybe we wouldn't be in this mess"

"Oi!" said the girls, once again in unison, one defending herself, the other supporting her.

"Oh, hush!" The Doctor said impatiently, both Amy's mouths slamming shut as he started pacing, as he often did.

Rory, yet to grow accustomed to the Doctor's "Don't interrupt" air, spoke up after a few moments of quiet. "But... none of that happened. Well, not none of it, but you know what I mean. It was different. How can it be different. You said yourself, we needed to keep to the chain of events," he rubbed his cheek to accentuate the point, "How could it change?"

The Doctor looked at Rory for a long moment, indecisive, "I don't know whether to commend you for remembering, or insult you for not keeping up." His smile then leaned towards the kinder of the two, patting the man on the shoulder, then turning, walking over and sitting on the stairs, the others following him and gathering around him; a leader, ready to tell them the secrets of life, the universe and everything.

Or, failing that, how the two Amys were there.

Rory had a feeling it wasn't going to be as straight forward as just the number "42".

"Right, to answer your question first, Rory, it's both complicated and simple at once. Think of it like this; imagine facing two mirrors towards one another, what do you get?"

"They reflect each other, on and on forever. Looks like a corridor."

"Exactly. Now, that's pretty much what happened here, just now. Each time one of us came through those doors, we created a mirror corridor. Circle logic – one Amy telling the other what to do, that Amy going through, telling an Amy what to do, so on and so forth. Now imagine you're looking in one of these mirror corridors, standing between them so you're included in it. Face, then the back of your head, then face, etc., going on forever. Now imagine if one of those versions of you starts pulling a silly face at you."

"Oi, who are you calling a silly face?" argued New Amy, irritated.

"I wouldn't mind pulling that..." said Original Amy absent-mindedly, then realising what she said and, acting as if it was intended, she winked at her duplicate.

"Behave," chastised the Doctor, "anyway, it's something like that, though on a smaller scale, for the most part. With most of these reflections, there's a tiny little difference, something unnoticeable, just a little thing. One word said slightly different, difference of timing by a second. No two occasions exactly matching. But then there's one that's slightly too far out. Amy walking too far and being in front of the TARDIS in one reality, doesn't matter, and in one where the ship moves doesn't matter if she stood by the door, or where Rory caught her, but then these differences all come together into one."

"So... wait," Rory piped up after a long moment of quiet, each digesting this, "there's a version of me and you out there where Amy's gone?"

"Nah, shouldn't think so." said the Doctor, then paused and scratched at his chin, "Well, I doubt it. Probably not. This is the original time line, or else we wouldn't be here. When you fell through, Amy, you were just in time. What you described about when you were falling away was the realities snapping on top of each other, little differences equalling out into the one time stream. We can't send you back, because where you came from doesn't exist anymore. Likewise, the two of you are from, essentially, parallel time-lines. Just like when you met the younger you when you came out of the Pandorica, there's nothing stopping you from interacting."

Both the girls' eyes lit up. They looked at each other, once again sizing the other up. Neither tearing their eyes from the other, Original Amy said to the Doctor, "What, you mean we can touch? Nothings gonna explode or anything?"

The Doctor's eyes widened slightly, suddenly aware of just what he was, now, inevitable. He knew how determined one Amy was, let alone two with the same intentions. Shoulders dropping slightly, he bit the bullet, saying "Yes. You can touch. No exploding." Except maybe Rory's mind, he didn't say.

Slow grins passed over both their faces. As one, as if thinking the same thing at exactly the same moment. They both lifted a hand to about shoulder height, hand stretched out, perfectly vertical. It looked, for all the world, as if they were looking in a mirror; their stance, their facial expressions, the excitement that seemed to shimmer around them. It wasn't just them who were transfixed, but the Doctor and Rory watched too. Unable to look away from the oddness of it all.

Their fingers touched, one by one, going from the tips, down until their palms were pressed together. For a long moment, Rory was certain that ripples were sure to expand from where they touched, as if it was Narcissus, falling in love with his reflection in a lake's surface.

There were no explosions, no horsemen of the apocalypse. Neither were there any bat-like, scythe-tailed lizard monsters, though neither Amy quite knew why they thought there would be, or eve where they ad got the creature's image from. Their grins grew wide, their fingers interlocking, snapping the image of them being only the reflection on a glass' surface. They were running then, ruffling their free hand through either of the boys' hair as they went past and up towards the Original Amy's room.

"Oi!" said the Doctor, leaping up and turning to face them before they got away, "What do you think you're doing?"

The girls looked at one another, then smiling innocently at the Doctor, Original Amy said "Just indulging-"

"-In a little curiosity," finished the other sweetly.

"Haven't you ever heard what happened to the cat?" said the Timelord, as if this would stop them in any way.

Once again, they shared a look, as if confirming that they were thinking the same thing. Looking back at the men behind them, they both said "Meow!" and ran away up stairs.

Rory, who had been watched the whole scenario with a slack jaw and a boggled mind, seemed to wake up from a daze, blinking and closing his mouth. It was as if, as soon as the girls were out of the room, he was once again able to think properly. He jumped into action, going to run after them. However, they didn't get far before the Doctor collared him, Rory's feet almost slipping from under him on the glass floor.

"Where do you think you're going?" said the Timelord, raising a brow at the human.

"I was... umm..." Words seemed to fail him, looking between the alien and the doorway that the redheads had gone through. Unable to manage anything else, he said simply "...Meow."

"Nuh-uh-uh, you're going no-where. You offered to help, and you're staying here till it's sorted. Your Mrs. Ponds aren't going to be... going anywhere any time soon, and I'm sure they'll be happy to let you... join." He cleared his throat, "Just do me a favour," standing beside the other man, he wrapped an arm around his shoulder, "whatever you do, however well you might think it works out for you... don't drop any more cup-links."

AN: Curious; what do you think I should call the other Amy? I need a way of separating the two. Her middle name is Jessica, so I'm wondering if I should call her Jess, but then it gets a bit weird since I've got a friend called Jess, and it could be seen as slightly creepy. What do people think? Jess? Or Amelia? Seriously, and help would really be appreciated here!