Author's Notes: WARNING! This is very much M Rated. Smuttiness like none I've had the nerve to write before O.O Unfortunately is still playing silly beggars, and I can't change the rating . If you made it this far, I'm assuming you're here for the smut, but if not, please turn around. I really don't want to get flamed for something that's out of my control. I will change the rating as soon as I am physically able.

That aside, I'm really nervous about posting this. When I was writing it... I must admit, I felt a little sleazy. I know there's some good femslash/Yuri out there, but it's outweighed by a lot of badly written stuff. If anyone wants to tell me how they think I can improve this at all, or point out anything that doesn't ring true, please give me a heads up.

I think there's one more chapter to be eked out of this before my muse puts her foot down and prudishly refuses to take it any further. We'll see.

Anyway, enjoy~

They stumbled through the door at last, laughing as they tripped over each other. They hushed at each other, as if they were sneaking in after a late night. Closing the door behind them, they twirled each other around in a drunken dance, excitement taking over, making them dizzy. Original Amy span New Amy around and around, waltzing her closer and closer to the bed before pushing her by the shoulders, watching her as she bounced for a moment, before pushing herself higher on the duvet from where she landed. Original Amy stalked upon hands and knees when New Amy was comfortable, that same predatory glint in her eyes as she moved up the bed, coming to lie beside her, propping her head on her hand.

"Should we have different names?"

New Amy blinked, the mood abating for a moment as she looked at her twin with confusion. "Names?"

"Well, you know," she lay a hand at the bottom of the other's shirt, slowly undoing one button at a time, bringing the mood back. Her eyes lidded as she watched her fingers working the material free, "it would be weird to call each other the same name all the time. Even if we only use it ourselves, I thought it might... I dunno-"

"Have anything in mind?"

She twisted her lips thoughtfully, "I'd say Amelia, but it's still too close to Amy. Less easy to say in an emergency or... other situations," she moved closer, insinuating her own leg between New Amy's, moving to lay over her side as she took her chance to taste the flesh of her neck. After a moment, she murmured against her soft skin, "Maybe... Jessica?"

"Our middle name? How original," her sarcastic laugh was cut short, a mewl racking her throat as teeth tugged her skin.

"Save that wicked tongue for better things," she scolded, feeling a shock go through both their bodies at the promise of things to come later, "So do you not want it?"

"What? Why can't I keep Amy?"

"Because I was here first," she nipped at the place that they both knew rendered her unable to argue as she undid the last button, "So... what do you think Jess?"

Thinking ceased, the only response a soft keening as a hand slipped under the flannel of her shirt and under the cup of her bra. She pulled the material away, following the curve of her neck to kiss at the swell of her breasts; pulling the cup away with one hand, flicking her tongue the revealed nipple while her other hand squeezed at the opposite breast. A hand tangled in her hair, holding her in place. She was careful, aware that this was easy to get wrong. She had been the recipient of over-eager lovers who had gotten carried away, inciting nothing but a disgruntled yelp.

Instead she ran her teeth over the excited flesh, grazing it in a way she knew would send shivers through her twin. With her hand, she replicated it with the tip of her nail. Just the right amount of sharpness to draw a steady moan from the girl beneath her. Breaking away leaving her wanting more, Amy looked down at her, putting the cup back into place.


"Cheater," panted the acquiescing 'Jessica', nodding her accepting of the title.

Amy watched the rise and fall of her chest hungrily, bringing her leg up to rub between her legs as she said, "Good girl. But you can't say I don't reward generously."

Jess bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. She pulled Amy closer, wanting her to continue her ministrations. Amy, however, had other ideas. Slipping a hand under Jess's back, she pulled her up, taking the shirt off of her and reaching to undo the bra. All confidence sapped from her after a long moment of struggling with the clasp. Jess chuckled as Amy growled irritably.

"Oi, it's not so easy on this side of things, you know?" growled Amy.

"My turn, then," snickered her reflection.

She decided against taking it slow, pulling the loose shirt over her head and flinging it away. Leaning forwards, she took her chance to press kisses to the freckled skin, loving the flushed colour that spread delicately over her chest. Amy let her head roll back, Jess steadying her with a hand at the bottom of her spine, putting her own hands on her shoulders. A few seconds later, the garment came loose, and Amy looked down, annoyed. "That's not fair."

"Aww," said Jess, smirking wickedly as she slipped the straps off. Reaching back, she undid her own, casting them both aside, "There we go, now we're even," She said, trying to appease her irritated counterpart. They both revelled in showing off being able to do something that someone else couldn't, but even when it's playful competition she hated to lose. This could be a problem if they were were going to co-exist...

Amy still wore a disappointed glare. Looking up at her through her eyelashes, Jess gave her most winning smile, "God, we're sore losers aren't we?" she teased, "Here, let me kiss it better." She stayed sitting up, keeping a hand to hold the other steady, she mirrored what Amy had done to her before. She tugged at her nipple, sucking and grazing her teeth against it as her hand squeezed at the other roughly, kneading the flesh. Moving across, she kissed down the valley of her breasts, down the middle of her stomach. Above her, Amy peeked at her, watching her kisses fall lower and lower, anticipation growing. Jess looked at her, grinning against her skin, when something caught her attention. Pulling away, she became transfixed.

"There's a freckle under our boob," she said bluntly, her eyebrows raising in surprise as she touched a fingertip to the little freckle.

"Where?" Amy asked, as intrigued as the other despite the killing of mood once again. Pushing Jess back, she looked for herself. There it was. The freckles that dappled the top of her breasts stopped just above where the cups of her bra usually settled. This was the only errant one.

It was strange seeing her body from the outside like this. She had, of course, seen herself in the mirror, in photos and looking down at it from her own perspective. But she had never really looked at it. And never like this. She took the time to actually look at everything; her breasts were more defined than she thought they were, her stomach flatter, her waist thinner. She was never paranoid about her shape, knowing that she could have almost anyone she wanted, but seeing it like this made her realise why.

Amy nipped at the blemish playfully, the sensitive skin moving underneath her as they both laughed at the discovery. Such a little thing made them both think how little they knew about their own bodies. How much they were going to learn from this. It was a bizarre experience, but... good. They had never know anything like what they were feeling right now. It was exhilarating, being in the hands of the one person that knows what they want, who knows everything about her. They had lived through things that no-one else could quite understand. Not just the things she had seen with the Doctor, but the experiences of a lonely childhood – the bullying, the feeling when her own family couldn't care about her enough to look after her properly. The feeling of abandonment when the Doctor went back on his word. The fear of the crack in her bedroom wall. The delight when she made her first friend in that new town; a bumbling little boy, gawky even then, but kind. Someone who would pretend to believe her stories. Things she would never let people know she thought about. They found in their other selves someone who knew all this, and had been through it all with them. It was a connection that nothing could compare to.

Like the Doctor said. 'True love at last.'

Sorry Rory, they thought simultaneously.

Though that was strange too. They didn't feel the guilt that plagued them after kissing the Doctor, nor the feeling that she had whenever she got paid to go to parties. Yes, what she was doing was sordid; the very height of narcissism, falling in love with her own self, but was it really any worse than what she did on lonely nights? It was curiosity. It was pleasure. There was no secret in it, and she wasn't leaving Rory for this strange relationship. Judging from his reaction earlier, he was keen to join in.

Time to take this up a notch, thought Amy, snapping herself out it it. This little discovery had stopped things before she had gotten her release, but she was just as happy to give as she was to take.

She kissed back up, over the curve of Jess' breasts, pausing to tug slightly at its peak once more before she stole her lips. As her lips went higher, her hand went lower, undoing the fastenings of Jess' skirt. Abandoning her lips, she sat back, running her hand down a leg to unzip a boot, then the other, placing them at the side of the bed. Jess watched, feeling the same anticipation as Amy had before. She lifted her hips, helping Amy to divest her of her skirt and tights, before Amy stood and removed her own. As Amy was about to lay back over her, Jess put a hand to her chest, wanting to change things.

The bed was big enough to manoeuvre on, intended as it was for two people. Amy had put a hand down to balance with, which Jess pulled out from under her, shoving the hand pressed to her chest until she was on the mattress and straddling the surprised Amy.

"My turn, big sister," She beamed.

"All this swapping, we're gonna get dizzy at this rate," joked Amy.


"Not if you kiss me again."

Jess twisted her lips in a wicked smirk, "My wish is my command," she teased, lowering her body over Amy's, pressing every possible inch of skin together, sighing at the thrill that went through them both at the contact. Their body heat was identical, creating the strange feeling that every point of contact could just as easily be themselves, if not for the feeling the touches left in their wake. It was something that, alone, they could never replicate.

The softness was something new too. They had never ventured into the company of another woman (still hadn't, if they were to really think about it...) The smoothness of the legs tangling with hers, the press of breast against breast, the prominent hips, the delicacy of the weight on top of her were all alien to them.

Though that errant hand that was brushing against the material of her knickers -the only scrap of clothing that still remained - was not unfamiliar. She could feel her breathing become uneven as fingers traced where the material was taut between the peaks of her hipbones. She pinged the elastic with a teasing smile, tongue peaking out between her teeth devilishly. At last she traced down the middle of the garment, finding the sensitive crease between her legs with the very tip of her finger; not enough to bring any real relief, but enough to make Amy bite her lip. She knew that she was being teased, refusing to give Jess the satisfaction, no matter how difficult it was to stop herself from directing those fingers she knew so well. She both liked and hated to be tormented like this, and Jessica was exploiting this.

Lowering her mouth to a breast, she touched in earnest, exciting both places at once. She worried the tip of her breast between teeth and lips, grinning against the flesh as a hand tangled once more in her hair, Amy needing an anchor, the other holding her shoulder as a finger traced from the top of the crease to her entrance, and back again, using the tip of her nail, gently, to heighten the excitement. Wicked fingers found wicked places, worked at her in a familiar way, cultivating sensations so exquisite, her breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps as they rubbed at her through the increasingly damp cotton, legs tangling with Jess'.

Her breath was ragged as well, she realised. Seeing herself in the throes of ecstasy, hearing her own groans and breathed pleas sent shivers though her. It was unlike the other times she had done something like this with someone else; she could almost feel what Amy was feeling. She knew her body's responses from the inside, but being on the outside was driving her mad. She subtly tried to press herself against Amy's legs, to gain some form of relief as she worked her other self towards hers. She could tell her twin was getting tired of the torment. Sitting up, losing all contact for a moment as her counterpart lost her grip of her hair, Jess slipped her fingers under the waistband of her underwear, sliding them down her legs and throwing them in the general direction of the washing basket.

Those few seconds' loss of contact made Amy all the more desperate.

She all but yanked Jess on top of her, grabbing her once more by the hair and took her lips with ferocity bordering on violence. A shock ran through Jess at the fervour, groaning as legs moved between hers. She returned her touch to the now naked flesh, soft and bare beneath her hand. She found her clit by practice, her fingers knowing the place and Amy's nipping teeth telling her she had it right as she bit Jessica's lip instead of her own. Breaking the kiss, Jess looked down their bodies, watching her hand as it stroked the heated flesh, palming the bare mound, Amy's eyes drifting down to look as well. As she was watching, Jess eased a finger inside of her, moving her palm to rub at her clitoris, their breaths matching the rhythm that she was building up, gasping as she felt herself coiling, closer and closer to release.

Jess watched her expression, the rise and fall of her breasts as her breath became more and more laboured. She could feel her other self drawing closer and closer. She waited, gauging how close she was, waiting. Just as she was about to crescent; to go tumbling over the edge, she brought another finger to join the first, her thumb twirling around her clit, sending her soaring with a quiet but heartfelt scream, Jess capturing the sound with her own lips as she drove her as far as she could go, feeling her tightening around her fingers again and again.

Eventually, bit by bit, the lips ravaging hers slowed, their ferocity dwindling until they became almost still, lapping gently at the now bruised skin. Her whole body relaxed, releasing her fingers. She shuddered slightly as Jess retracted her fingers, her heart slowing and her breathing normalising. Her hands fell from her hair, falling beside her as she lay, contented.

Watching her smile like a sunbathing cat, Jess sat up, tucking her mussed hair behind her ear. After a long moment, heavy green eyes opened to see her bring her fingers to her lips. Amy watched, blearily, as she licked at them, a smugness shimmering in Jess' eyes at her success.

"So," said Jess with an alluringly wicked expression, a teasing in her voice, "how was it for you?"

Amy gave a laugh at the sarcastic use of the common phrase, but her eyes didn't leave her mouth and those fingers.

Jess noticed, of course. Holding her hand out, she gave her a challenging look, "Do you want a taste?"

Amy looked at the hand, then back at the other redhead's face, then back again. She sat up, taking the wrist in hand, but took Jess by surprise as she pushed her down on the mattress, shifting her hold from hand to hips as she pushed her twin higher on the bed, up until her head was amongst the pillows.

"If it's all the same with you," she growled, a Cheshire-cat grin in place with her bright eyes shining, "I'd rather have a taste for myself."