Author's Notes: Here's a little project I've been meaning to test out for quite a while now. It's been sitting here in my laptop for way too long, so I decided to break it out (after some polishing). Here it is, K-ON! 1944, I hope you enjoy!

K-ON! 1944


"Mr. President, they are here." An aide said as he walked into the office of the President in the Malacañang Palace. The bespectacled President jolted up from his seat behind his desk terrified by the mere opening of the door, grabbing a pistol from the drawer. When he saw that it was just an aide, he gathered his composure, adjusted his round glasses and asked the aide who 'they' were.

"They are the artists from Japan." The aide clarified, "Part of the Entertainment and Morale Package promised to us at the Conference."

"Right…" The President sighed, wiping the sweat from his brow, "The Greater East-Asia Conference in Tokyo."

"Shall I let them into your office, or shall I ask them to wait outside at the courtyard?" The aide asked

"Please ask them to wait outside." The President requested. He then let go of the pistol he had shakily been holding on to in his hand and dropped it into one of the desk's drawers, "I… need some time to prepare."

The aid left with a slight nod and the President leaned back into his seat to close his eyes.

"Artists, huh?" He whispered to himself, "Will they really be able to help?"

He cleared his throat and got up from his chair, trying his very best to enthuse himself to entertain the artists. These were the artists sent to the Philippine Islands as a promise by the Emperor of Japan.

The cultural ties of the Filipino people to their former American captors are still strong, the President had pointed out at the Conference, and was one of the many reasons why the majority of them refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Japanese-sponsored Second Philippine Republic. There was talk of General MacArthur's promise to return to liberate the archipelago coming to fruition, accompanied by the whispers of civil war that grew louder ever so slightly by the day. For that reason, the 'Entertainment and Morale Package' deal was struck, to erode the barriers of hatred that the Filipino people had and to ease the process of their assimilation into the Greater East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Simply put, it made the President curious as to what this 'package' would consist of. An American-type band, he thought as he made his way to the courtyard. His guess wouldn't be too far off.

Standing there at the courtyard of the Malacañang Palace were six figures who all bowed respectfully as the President came into view. One of the girls though, a brunette, slipped as she bowed, and she landed face first on the floor.

"Maayos ka lang!" The President bursted out in his native Filipino, "A… are you alright?"

"Ahehehe~, sorry about that. I'm fine." The girl apologized. When she realized it who it was standing before her though, she stiffened up and stood straight. "M… Mabuhay! Bayang magiliw, perlas ng silanganan!"

She was singing the Philippine National Anthem, making the President chuckle.

"Oy, Yui…" A girl with long black hair whispered, "That's the old anthem… "

"It's alright, miss." The President reassured, "I quite liked the old anthem myself."

The President's reassurance silenced the two, and the brunette re-did her bow instead.

"Mr. President." An older looking lady with long brown hair said, coming forward to shake the President's hand, "My name is Sawako Yamanaka and I am tasked with accompanying these girls in their stay in The Philippines."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Yamanaka." The President replied, shaking the lady's hand, "And I take it that these girls are the artists."

Sawako nodded and confirmed the President's guess with a smile.

"Nice to meet you Mr. President." A headband-sporting girl then said, coming forward to the President as well, "My name is Ritsu Tainaka, the President of this band. We are Hokago Tea Time, and we are ready to serve!"

To Be Continued