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Theodore clunched Simons hand tightly,as if to say,"Can we do this later? I'm really nervous."

Simon thought him himself was nervous too. What if Alvin would try to ruin the song or...kill him?

Simon's mind wavered until Alvin's irritated voice snapped him back into reality.

"SIMON! Did you here me? What is it?"Alvin yelled,annoyed greatly.

Simon started sweating. "Ummm... nothing. Just checking on you."

Alvin scrunched up his face in confusion,but then just shrugged to say,"Im not the phsyco here."

Simon and Theodore waited by the kitchen for Alvin to go somewhere else so they could talk.

When Alvin finally left to his room,Theodore and Simon went into the den onto the couch.

"Alright. Lets plan out what to do,since we can't tell Alvin."Simon said.

"Can we do it later?"Theodore said eagerly.

"Why?"Simon asked,confused.

"Meerakat Manor is on."Theodore explained,picking up the remote and turning the T.V on.

"Oh brother..."Simon sighed,face plaming.

"Why did you call me brother? And why did you say oh?"Theodore asked,oblivious to what Simon meant.

Simon continued his face palm. "Nevermind!"

"Fine! Jeez! What is the plan?"Theodore sighed,putting the remote down.

"Well,I think...I have nothing."Simon groaned,and face palmed agian for the 3rd time.

"How can you think you have nothing?"Theodore asked,agian confused.

Simon continued faceplaming.

"I love Theodore,but jeez,sometimes I think a two year old is smarter!"Simon thought to himself.

Simon groaned and got off the rugged couch,and walked into the hallway.

He heard someone singing,"Baby" by JB.

"Oh,its just Alvin singing along with the TV."Simon shrugged,before realizing something.

"Alvin doesn't even LIKE JB!"Simon whispered to himself,confused.

"Or...does he?"Simon thought,confused.