I dug my heels into the ground, it was pavement so the only thing it really did for me was slow down the inevitable. Dracula looked stopped, heaving a sigh. He turned around.

"Believe me, Alice, when I do this, I want the best for you." He tried being nice again. I hardened my heart, glaring at him.

"People are going to start noticing." He continued.

"Good!" I barked.

"Alice will you listen to me? You come with us, Mary and Simon will take care of you, you'll get everything you need. Why would you fight against that?" He asked I glared up at him.

"What you think I'm the only one my father abused?" I hissed.

"Yes as a matter of fact, you are. You are in denial, Alice." He told me. I started to tug away from him, his guard let down, but he tightened his grip. He shook his head, looking into my eyes.

"Dracula come on, our flight leaves soon." The vampire looked at Simon, then turned his attention back to me. He looked into my eyes.

"Just trust me." His voice softened and his eyes were warm and inviting. I could only nod, Dracula let my hand go and I followed him to the SUV. Dracula opened the back car door and I got in. I felt like I was in a haze, like I was suddenly in a dream. The door slammed shut behind me and Dracula got in the car in front of me. Simon started the car and we left. I watched everything go by through the window I read a sign, Seattle. I sighed.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Britain." Dracula's voice sounded beside me, I gave a cry and jumped, hitting my head on the top of the car. I looked to the side, gripping my head. Dracula sat there with a smartass look on his face, laughing.

"I'd hit you, but something is telling me it would hurt me more than you." I growled at him. He smiled again and giving me a taunting smirk. I gave him my death glare. He looked out the window on his side. I looked away, watching the eerily green trees and my mind drifted into oblivion; no thoughts, no emotions, and most important that dull ache I always had, it was gone for only a few moments time. As long as I could disconnect myself from the world of true reality, I was at peace. I was brought back to reality by a cool hand on my arm. I opened my eyes, which I had unconsciously closed and looked to my left. Dracula looked at me with a sort of curiosity.

"What?" I asked him. He looked at me, silent for a few moments and then he opened his mouth to speak.

"How do you do that?" He asked. I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Do what?" I asked, Dracula looked somewhat embarrassed. He looked away at the floor beneath his feet.

"Your mind, it was utterly blank, you had no emotions, no thought. It was blank, I've never seen that before." He muttered. I smirked, finding that I had baffled the King of Vampires himself.

"My mother taught me how to do it when I was young. It took me up until now to stay like that unless someone interrupts me." I told him.

"Well when you put it that way." He sounded a bit hurt. I looked down, feeling bad, I didn't mean it to come out that way. But the thought that he could've just said that to make me feel bad in the first place crossed my mind. Unbeknownst to me, he was hurt even more by that thought. I'd learn later on.

"What's it like to live forever?" I asked, looking at him. He looked at me from the ground, those green eyes just ageless.

"In one word? Painful." He told me. I regretted asking.

"Sorry." I muttered. I heard Dracula laugh somewhat. I looked up to him and he was looking at me a handsome smile, wait, did I just say handsome? Well.

"We're even now, Alice." He told me I gave him a glare and looked away, mad that I had felt sorry for the deceiver. I watched the trees go by again, becoming lost in my own head all over again and honestly hoping that I wouldn't get interrupted again. The pain slipping away again, along with me irritation and that small amount of fear. I sighed and just drifted off to sleep.


Those extra years on her face seemed to disappear once she was asleep. Why couldn't I have found her sooner? I felt terrible, like even though I had saved her, I still failed, she was still damaged. The damage done to the little angel was the type that couldn't be healed. I pet her soft, thick hair gently, so she wouldn't wake.

"You feel bad?" Simon asked, I looked from the sleeping human to the one in front of me. I heaved a sigh before I replied.

"Yes." I told him, letting my arm fall.

"Why? We saved her from that 'utter destruction' you told Mary about." Simon replied. I shook my head.

"She's still broken." I muttered. Simon didn't reply, either from not having heard me or just not having a reply, I didn't really care. I just wanted to get Alice out of America and to her new life in Britain as soon as possible.

We were at the airport before I knew it. I sighed, looking to the still sleeping teen. She looked so peaceful in her sleep, I didn't want to wake her, but I couldn't carry her around the airport. So I reluctantly woke her.

"Huh…what?" She muttered, jolting awake. She looked at me, her tired eyes half open, she looked outside the window.

"I guess we're here?" She said sleepily. I gave a small smile.

"Yes we're here, now come on." I said, getting out of the car. Alice was standing on the other side of the car.

"If I lean on you while we're walking, would you take it the wrong way?" She asked me, I laughed on the inside.

"No." I replied, she didn't say anything but grabbed my lower arm and rest her head on my shoulder.

"I can't really walk well after I've just woken up." She told me. I looked down on her. This feeling coming over me, a warm feeling, it was gentle and nurturing. We started to walk into the airport and instantly women turned there gaze to me. Only to look away when they saw that Alice was on my arm. I looked at the young teen, thankfully she looked just old enough for me to be with her legally. We went through the metal detectors and boarded the plane. Alice took the inner seat and basically instantaneously fell asleep. I smiled at her. The child held a perfect image of innocence that just drove me wild.

"Why is it the best ones who get preyed on?" I asked. Simon looked at me.

"You can't be falling in love with her, Dracula!" I had to give it to him, Simon caught on quick.

"I'm in my 2000's, Simon, by now, I know what I want. Alice has everything I've been searching for. But I think I don't have much of a chance with the child…" I said, giving a heavy regretful sigh. Simon looked at me with a doubtful look.

"Just be careful, I won't fight you this time, but don't get yourself killed over her the way you did with everyone else." Simon told me, putting back the seat and playing music from his Ipod. I sighed looking outside, the stars were out. Someone had to stay up to make sure we didn't get mugged, considering every other passenger on the plane was falling asleep.

I was lost in my own world when I realized that Alice had started to whimper in his sleep, I opened my eyes and looked at her, there was a pained look on her face. I couldn't help myself, I pulled up the armrest and took the teen in my arms. Holding her close to me, her whimpers stopped and she fell back into peace. I didn't let her go. Leaning back into the seat, I kept one arm around her and propped my head on my free hand. Watching her sleep. A flight attendant came by, asking me if I needed anything, I just shook my head, keeping my gaze on Alice. Why was it so easy for me to fall for someone, especially this one, Alice, I had intended to be her hero, but she acted like she despised me, she'd probably attempt to hurt me once she woke, finding herself in my embrace. I wouldn't care. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Two hours later, she stirred, lifting her head up away from my chest. She looked at me, with a look of deep curiosity.

"Why?" She asked simply. I looked away, should I hide my emotions? Of course I should, she would be terrified by the whole idea of a vampire loving her. So I put on my snooty act and replied.

"You looked pathetic." She glared at me, those endless blue abysses gazing into the depth of my soul. She slammed into her seat, crossing her arms over her chest in an angry manner. I covered my self anger with an entertained air.

And here I was thinking he had some sort of heart… they're all the same. She thought bitterly. I winced internally at that. I wasn't the same, at least I hoped.

"Alice." I called her.

"What could you possibly insult me about now, I'm just sitting here, oh let me guess, I'm being a super bitch, is that it?" She hissed, it stung. I actually winced that time.

"No, you have a right, I've been acting terrible this entire trip, I'm sorry" I told her. The child's expression changed, it softened to guilt.

"Well now I am a super bitch." She muttered. I looked at her with pain in my eyes. The poor child. I promised myself I would make everything up to her. Everything her father had done to her, I would undo. If it was the last thing I did.