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Chapter Seven: Spring Break

"…Why is it so hot out?"

"Well we are in Cancun, Logan. I thought this was what you wanted."

I sighed heavily, ducking back under the large umbrella I purchased, sinking lower into my beach chair as I looked out to see the beautiful blue-green sea literally calling my name. My body, however, didn't want to move. It just wanted to sit there until Julian walked onto the beach, complaining about the sun rays and their effects on his pale skin.

"It is, I'm just – "

"Worried?" Derek raised a knowing eyebrow

"Yeah." I picked up my iPhone frantically, seeing if I had received anything from him.

Derek scoffed and shook his head, "He's fine you know. His flight left only an hour ago."

I knew this. Of course I knew this. I had been tracking his flight since it had landed at the terminal. Maybe I was being a bit… overprotective, but I couldn't help it.

To put it simple, I was terrified.

I just—something wasn't right; something was off. But this wasn't anything new; things were always off when it came to Julian and me. But this wasn't about Julian and me.

This was about Julian. And Adam Clavell.

And for some reason, my brain was literally telling me to go back home, to Dalton, and make sure Adam was still there. To make sure he hadn't left

Derek continued, his eyes closed as he soaked in some sun, "If you don't relax you are going to go into cardiac arrest."

I shook my head. My heart started to beat faster and my palms were sweating, despite the blazing heat the sun was giving off.

I just felt, no, knew, something was off.

And I didn't want to be too late to do something about it.

I felt Derek's eyes bear into me, and I rolled my own, glaring at him,

"Keep looking at me like that and you'll be the one who will need to go to the hospital—not me."

Derek scoffed and leaned back completely in his chair, "I know you're scared, but seriously, we are on vacation, I don't know how many times I have to tell you—"

"—Shut up, okay. Just be quiet. I am so sick of you trying to get me to calm down. Here's how this is going to go; you're going to sit there and get skin cancer, and I will stay here and deal with this the best way I know how, got it?"

My cheeks flushed as I felt frustration bleed through my veins. Derek would never understand—he hadn't ever felt the way I did about anyone. Casey may have been an exception, but he cheated on her, so what feelings did he really have?

His startled look did not go unnoticed and I sighed and looked back down at my phone, just ring, god damn it.



I looked down at the caller ID: Julian Larson

-ring! Ring! Ring!

Derek had shot up from his beach chair, looking urgently at me and my phone.

"Logan, answer it!"

I quickly tapped the Answer button on my phone and held it up to my ear, my voice shaking,


"Hi, yes, uhm, Logan?"

My brows furrowed at the voice, which was unfamiliar to me. It was a woman, I knew that much. At the point, my worst fears were passing through my mind. However, Derek snapped his fingers at me and pointed to my phone, which jolted me out of my slight trance.


The woman on the phone sighed, "Hello. My name is Wanda. I don't know whose phone this is, but I found it outside—"

Panic struck through me like wildfire, "—Outside?" I gave Derek an understandably worried look, "Where outside, exactly?"

"Outside the Cleveland—Hopkins Airport." She said quickly.

I felt like my heart dropped and plummeted to the bottom of my stomach. Dread consumed me as I asked the Wanda one final question,

"Did you see Juli—the person who dropped this phone?"

Wanda paused, and I all but wanted to scream into the phone to tell her how crazy my mind was going at that moment. To tell her how much of a wreck I had been these past few days while I was on vacation. And how her even taking a second to think or stutter or even breathe was another moment I had to live through without knowing what was happening to Julian. It was another moment I wasn't with him. And that alone was unbearable

"Yes, I did. He wasn't alone—he had another boy with him. But your number was pulled up when I picked up the phone, and no one was around so I figured I'd give you a call and let you know I found it."

It seemed I had forgotten how to breathe, and I exhaled loudly before saying, "T—thank you. You can leave it at the Lost and Found at the airport; I'll come and pick it up."

"Sure, and there is one more thing you should know…"

"What?" I asked quickly, my heart beat becoming fast paced as I waited for her to answer. I looked to Derek, who had now sat up completely. He faced me, his fingers laced and his elbows resting on his knees. His head was resting on his hands, and his attention was completely focused on me.

"The two boys-they were arguing. It didn't sound good. I felt as though they shouldn't have been together. It was…wrong. "

I rested the phone to my forehead, closing my eyes as I let all of my emotions run through me in one swoop. I allowed myself a few moments to consider everything,

Julian was at the airport, ready to go to LA, as planned.

He was with someone. They were arguing. And they should not have been together.

I looked to Derek and he lifted his head up and motioned with his hands, rolling his hands over each other, telling me to hurry up. I nodded and brought the phone back to my ear. I took a deep breath and tried to sound as calm and nonchalant as I could,

"Thank you Wanda. I'll get the phone tomorrow. Have a good day." I pressed the End Call button on my phone and stared at it, desperately hoping what I had just heard was a cruel joke. That Julian was going to call any minute to tell me he was just messing with me.

Derek and I stared at the phone for a few minutes in silence, but it felt like an eternity before Derek spoke,

"Do we have to go back to Dalton?" He was looking at me, his eyes pleading that this wasn't the case-that we didn't have to go back, and that everything was fine.

But I knew he could tell things were anything but fine.

I looked up at him, the fear in my eyes taking him off guard as his eyebrows rose in surprise. He nodded in understanding and stood up,

"I'll make the arrangements. I'm going to go and check out, go back to the room and pack up our stuff, yeah?"

I noticed Derek's normally strong demeanor completely shatter at the looks of distraught I gave him. I watched Derek walk away from the chairs they were laying on, and stalk towards the hotel, running his hands through his hair in frustration. He pulled at his hair, and yelled an offensive "Fuck!" before practically running into the hotel room. I stood up slowly, not really sure how my body was able to respond to such a revelation without completely falling apart.

Julian was with someone. Alone.

And I knew it was Adam. I had to get to Dalton, and fast.

Before it was all too late.

It was a dark, empty room. It was cool, and the cement floors echoed as I walked swiftly around the square space. The heating vents were large and brassy, and they also caused a loud noise to erupt through the room.

Which was perfect for me—no one would be able to hear my yells.

Or his cries for help.

My plan was working perfectly.

I heard a muffled sound come from the back of the room. I smirked as I knew exactly what it was from. I had Julian Larson trapped in a room. All to myself—without anyone to interrupt us. He was vulnerable, weak, and someone needed to take care of him.

I was going to be that person. I would strip him of everything he had, and then carefully piece him back together.

Once he was whole again—after all the work I put into making him happy; giving him everything he wanted, in a friend, a lover, and a partner. After all of that, he would thank me, and to be cliché, we would live happily ever after.

I heard the muffled groan again and I rolled my eyes. I stalked to the back of the room, where the one and only Julian Larson sat, perched up against one of the heating vents. The silver of the duct tape pressed against his mouth shining off of the single light that hung above him. He seemed to be glaring at me. I laughed, that glare would go away soon enough.

"What's the matter, J? Getting tired?" I smirked as he tried to writhe free of the rope that tied his ankles and wrists which were place cleverly behind his back. He only groaned in response, shaking his body against the heating vent forcefully. I laughed and bent down so I was eye level with him,

"You're not going anywhere, Julian. You're going to be with me, and you are going to like it."

His eyes widened and he shook his head, shaking his body once more. I raised my hand and slapped him hard across to get his attention. He immediately stopped shaking, and glared up at me again.

I lowered my voice—I didn't want to be mean, but if I had to be, I would be. He had to understand, "Look, Julian. You are going to thank me for this one day. I'm the one you need. You don't need Derek, or," I scoffed, "Logan. You have me. I'm so much better than them. I know you the best—I can take care of you." I sighed as thoughts of our future together swarmed into my mind. I smiled contently, disregarding Julian's groaning.

I looked back down at him and smiled vindictively. I ran my hand over his hair. He seemed to flinch away from me, but I knew that would change with time.

"You are mine now." I whispered softly, cupping his cheek with my hand. A single tear dropped from his eyes, and I brushed it away quickly,

"No more crying for you Jules. You don't need to be sad anymore," I grinned down at him, his fearful eyes becoming hard as he continued to shoot daggers at me. But his feelings would change eventually.

"This is our time."

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