A/N: This is a futurefic centered around Kurt and Blaine's marriage and family life, raising their children. Expect mature themes, but no smut. Longer note at end. Cheers

"Are you sure we're ready for this?"

Blaine's eyes went wide in disbelief over what he'd just heard come tumbling out of his young husband's mouth. "You're kidding me, right," he silently prayed between words. "You're about eight months and 29 days too late for hesitation now, love."

"I know, I know... We're ready..." Kurt sighed, though unconvincingly, to his partner. His fingers gripped Blaine's tighter on the armrest between them. He let the pulse of his lover's circulatory system beneath his hand and the low hum of the electric-cab's motor lull him into a false calm.

He hazarded a look in Blaine's direction and found those gorgeous hazel eyes carefully observing his expression. "This is what we want. This is going to be perfect, and everything will be amazing." Blaine smiled that warm, infectious, sincere smile and Kurt's heart fluttered and reset.

Yes, everything was going to be perfect.

Everything wasn't quite perfect, but it was as close as anyone could ever claim to be.

The delivery room was wild with emotion and noise, and the back and forth exchange between mother, doctor, fathers, and nurses was enough to turn Kurt's stomach into a baron desert of knots. But he kept it together. His heart pounded in his chest, leaping every time Eva squeezed their hands tighter and Blaine's eyes would meet his over the gesture.

The evening burnt into night, and the passion and pain and love burned continually with it like Moses's magic bush. Kurt wasn't religious, or really even that spiritual, but Blaine's library held volumes and texts from many religions, and the images before him now seemed like the closest thing to god or divine love he'd ever felt.

Tears were burning in the corners of Blaine's eyes, and as the brow of his daughter appeared between her mother's legs the floodgates opened, salty hot streams cascading into the heat of the room. Laramie Eva was born into the hot night of Indian summer at 11:57pm, October 31, 2023. All Hallows Eve.

Her brother followed her quickly and – thankfully – easily soon after. Zane Albert was born into the simmering morning of a late-season heatwave at 12:05am, November 1, 2023. All Saints' Day.

Kurt had loved Blaine for twelve years, had suffered and celebrated with him through tremendous upheaval and the most blissful of triumphs. Never had he imagined his heart could swell so much as it did now. Eva lay back in the hospital bed, dark circles and an unmistakable inner glow playing on her face as she held a newly cleaned Laramie to her breast. A similar glow flickered across Blaine's countenance as he held Zane, their son, in his arms. Kurt's eyes shimmered a sea-like blue-green, the trepidation he had once imagined disappearing as tears slid from his porcelain cheek.

As their children had grown it quickly became clear who belonged to whom. Zane grew taller and lanky so quickly that it hardly seemed worth the time it took to wrangle him into his clothes, as he would surely have outgrown them by the end of the day anyway. Laramie seemed always a head smaller than her brother, but made up in abundant chocolate-brown curls what she lacked in stature. They were both graceful, energetic children, yet Zane maintained a will o' the wisp-nature of constant motion, while Laramie often seemed more solid and aware of her environment at any given moment.

And although it was clear biologically which father each child took after, their temperaments were all their own. Zane was precocious, as both of his fathers had been at a young age, but confident in ways that neither of his parents had been until well into their college careers. He knew what he wanted, found ways to get it, and never hesitated to fess up if caught utilizing methods that weren't entirely respectable. He was unabashed, and wasn't afraid to use his charm and cunning, and that occasionally worried his fathers. He was sure to be a heart breaker soon enough.

Laramie, too, was capable of voicing her wants and needs, but her confidence was quieter than that of her brother. She was always aware and informed of what was happening, yet seemed somehow not to understand how she fit into things. Kurt sometimes wondered if perhaps she felt out of place as the only female in their immediate family, even though traditional gender roles were next to non-existent. But she had many "aunts" and godmothers in the form of her fathers' long-time friends, and Blaine reassured him that their daughter was far from lacking in feminine influences.

Their children were growing up talented, intelligent, and strong, and Kurt and Blaine were as proud of them as any parents could be.

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Some notes for clarification: Eva (aka Evangeline Kennedy in future chapters) is the biological and birth mother of Kurt and Blaine's twins, Laramie and Zane [I do not support Mpreg at all. Ever!]. The story takes place in the future (2023 CE and later), except for possible flashbacks, which will be made clear through the context of the story.
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