Revelations of a Ctarl Ctarl and a Terran

Likely will be a multiple shot, little to no plot but will attempt to keep some good substance to this tale I am about to weave and even as my should NOT be boring nor disappointing. Tis a LEMON.

Legalities & Warnings

I don't own anything in this story. Outlaw Star isn't mine, but the plot for this one-shot is mine. Takes place a few years after the end of the anime series.



Summer was hot on Sentinel III, Ctarls are used to such extremes but a "small" exception that only applied to female Ctarls had been bugging her for weeks now. Female Ctarls are subject to bouts of going into heat, and when in those cycles they become more subjective to the effects of their immediate environment more easily. Not that it was a problem at all, she just was not used to feeling overheated and in more way's than one.

"Stupid heat...summer and in heat...blech!"

She mumbled to herself as she closed the bathroom door in the apartment section of the Starwind and Hawking complex, it wasn't the Ritz but it was clean and homey and the only place they had to stay when on Sentinel III. She let out a mewling sigh as the cool air in the stainless steel and ceramic tile bathroom wafted gently across her now nude body, a thin sheen of perspiration covered her from head to toe, small strands of her hair were plastered to her cheeks. She stepped over to the shower and turned the silver knobs adjusting the flowing water to just the right temp, pulling the lever above started the shower above with a few mechanical clangs before it spewed out in a torrential cascade onto the tile floor of the fairly big stall. Removing the binding she undone braid her long silver hair which in it's full length unbound fell to her heels, placing the ring and binding on the stone topped sink she shook out her long tresses. Their length hung heavily in flowing waves from being in a braid for long periods, she opened the glass door to the stall and stepped in. The hot water felt exquisite as it rained down onto her supple skin, the sweat and dirt of the day flowing off of her trim and athletically endowed body. Taking her time relaxing, her mind began to wander off on it's own.

Her mind kept coming to one thing, one person and the thoughts made her sigh...even blush a little at her own self for thinking in that way about him. Leaning her back against the semi cool tile wall, she closed her eyes. Her hands slowly trailed as her washing turned into caressing, dropping her wash cloth her hands trailed along her torso and up along her stomach. Which where her abs were now slightly pronounced as she had gotten back into keeping in nearly military shape for their journeys, as they tended to more than often turned into hair raising adventures where physical health was needed. Her dark creamy skin wet from the warm cleansing water only accentuated her lithe form, her hands came to rest on her now heaving breasts. Her eyes fluttered open suddenly realizing what she was doing, she dropped her hands.

"Oh...Jim..." She sighed.


Her hair wrapped in a large towel and her body wrapped in another Aisha made her way down the hall to her room, which she shared with Jim which to her at the moment was ironic in her mind. Tossing her laundry into her basket as she moved over to her bed, she stretched and mewled then sat on the edge of her bed then looked over at Jim's bed and yet more of those thoughts entered her mind. She shook her head almost violently, trying to get them out.

Why am I thinking of Jim like this? I know I'm in heat...but Jim? Grr he's only what? 14 or so?And HUMAN, were friends, like brother and sister...he is one of the only humans that I don't look down on but...

Then why did he keep popping up in her head, especially when her loins throbbed and moistened. Thoughts of him made it worse, damn near unbearable. At this point she almost broke down and almost did some thing she had only done a handful of times in her life, played with her self. Her pride was a big factor in staving that urge off, but everything had a limit. But instead she opted to dry her hair, re braid, bind and ring it and get a long night shirt on and even that Jim had given her. She felt that pang deep in her guts, she huffed in utter frustration and flopped herself in bed covered up with a light sheet and to her surprise fell into a deep sleep. She had hoped she would before Jim would come back from his work in the shop that evening, as to avoid making an awkward fool of herself with the way her hormones were flaring not to mention her thoughts...she might not be able to bring herself to look him square in the eye this evening. Some time later she felt her shoulder being tugged on slowly bringing her out of her deep dreamless sleep, she reluctantly opened her blue eye's and was looking into Jim's brown one's.

"Aisha, hey I hate to bother seemed to be sleeping hard. But could you come down to the shop and help with with some thing? It wont take long I promise."

Reluctantly she sat up in the bed and looked at the time, the digital clock on the desk read almost 1:55am. She batted her eye's trying to snap out of the stupor her sleep had set her in, she really must have been out of it. She stretched and yawned, unbeknownst to her Jim's eye's had shifted to her heaving breasts covered by the loose t shirt as she stretched. For a moment while his eye's locked onto her all Jim could think of was what she looked like bare under that shirt, those firm deep caramel orbs that seemed to beckon his young hormones under the thin cotton of the shirt he gave her as sleep ware long ago. He suddenly caught his wanderings and yanked his mind back to his initial situation, he was glad that it was dim with only his desk light he turned on when he came in so as to be able to see and yet not blind her when he awakened her not to mention luckily she did not pay attention to little things when she first wakes up like his red face or his blank stare for a moment. Then her blue eye's caught his, he could never look away from her gaze once locked into it it was beautiful and mesmerizing.

"In the shop? It's almost two in the morning Jim, what are you working on this late and where's Gene and the others? Can't they help?"


Jim shook his head a bit and rolled his eye's a little, giving a shrug he gave a sigh.

"Well Gene and Melfina went out hours ago on some date they decided to go on at the last minute, who know's when they will be back and Gene will likely be either drunk or too lazy to help me when they do come in and Suzuka I haven't seen since lunch so...I'm sorry I woke you up Aisha, I didn't know who else might help me and I remembered you were up here asleep. I guess I could figure out some thing else, you go back to sleep."

Her warm hand clasped his shoulder as he began to leave her bed side stopping him in his tracks, he turned and was trapped by those blue Ctarl eye's again which made his stomach feel like it was floating.

"It's ok Jim, was really tired earlier from everything so I went to bed early. I should get up for a while any way, besides...I'm hungry!"

She giggled and slid out of bed forgetting she had not put on anything under the night shirt, revealing her thighs up to her hips before standing which was not lost to Jim's roving eye's. She caught his eye's this time as they wandered over he body before looking away nonchalantly, she grinned on the inside at this and one of those thought's like earlier came to her but this time it seated well in her mind and she did not attempt to cast it aside., little Jimmy seems to not be so little as I thought or innocent. Humans must mature around his age, he just looked at me like a man...or rather my body. I had better put some thing on under this shirt or he wont be thinking of whatever it is down in the shop any more, though...I actually like him looking at me like that.

Jim seemed to figure out that she might want to get some thing more suitable on before following him downstairs, he said he'd wait outside and stepped out of the room closing the door behind him. As the door clicked shut Aisha smirked to herself and slipped only a pair of panties on and some old socks, checking herself over she opened the door and Jim was right there with a slightly odd air about him. It was then the thought of possibilities crossed her mind, a Ctarl and a human...she had heard of these sort of couplings before but they were rare at best as Ctarls lived quite a bit longer than humans so there were obvious hitches in such a union. Pushing that aside she put on a grin and hooked her arm around Jim's neck and pulled him in close as if to give him a noogie, Jim's eye's lit up a bit at this because his face was pressed into the side of her right breast almost deliberately. The heat of her body was very warm and welcoming, the softness of her right breast against his face was soft yet firm yielding to the curves of his facial features he blushed heavily and protested a little physically but not enough to make it a real effort to loose himself of her she just giggled again.

"Hehe! Ok Jimmy! What's on the agenda that you need Aisha's help with?"


She released him after playfully mussing hit unruly blond hair a bit, her hands went to her slender hips her lip's played in a playful musing grin the t shirt moved upwards slightly with her movement the hem stopping some where between mid thigh and her crotch like a very mini mini skirt. He did his best to not goggle her vast expanse of bare leg, her legs were long and athletically toned and smoothly muscled with curvy pronounced calves leading upward to full firm thighs and her dark complexion accentuated her muscle tone and curves dramatically. He had to clear his throat.

"Well come and see, I think you will like it. But it is pretty much just an improvement on some thing we already have, I just need help installing the last component."

She nodded and smiled.

"Well just lead the way Jimmy boy, then we can go get some thing to eat in the kitchen...I think there is even some left overs of that Thai food Melfina cooked up earlier, ohhh that was yummy!"

They both smiled and joked as they made their way down stairs to the shop, at the bottom of the stairs the shops bright over head lights were off but the smaller over head work halogens were on lighting up only what was needed to be lit during what ever Jim was doing. Jim lead the way over to a lift that held his car, he named it Efrau. It looked essentially the same as it always did, but Aisha suspected that he had done some unseen work to it. Jim walked the the other side of the lift presenting an odd looking part, it appeared light and made of some shiny alloy that looked some thing like an odd turbine component, she thought this must be the thing Jim needed help with. Well the part was much heavier than it looked at first and Aisha found herself wishing she had worn a pair of steel toe boots for fear of dropping it, but that didn't happen, as she lifted and jostled the part into the slot under the hood where it was designed to seat she could feel Jim's eye's on her the whole while and even went a little out of her way to move in way's that made her shirt slip up along her body even at one point nearly her entire panty clad ass had to have come in and out of his view a few times and she took some twisted pleasure in this. It made her hot and a bit damp truth be told, and by the time she had finished helping her heat was back and in full swing and Jim was once again firmly in her mind in a more than friendly way not to mention in her sights. She placed her arm around Jim's shoulders and grinned, Jim raised an eyebrow at this he'd been picking up on some weird vibes Aisha was putting out yet not able to place his finger on what it was.

Soon they moved to the kitchenette, Jim fixed himself a simple sandwich while Aisha ended up digging out a huge plate of her new favorite snack...namely all of the Thai food Melfina had prepared for their dinner earlier that night. Jim watched on as she simply devoured the huge heaping pile of steaming curry and chicken with Jasmine rice, he never could get over exactly how much she could eat.

"Ahhh...that is MUCH better!"

Jim could only grin, she never ceased to amaze him.



Jim giggled a bit at her reaction, Aisha leaned in and locked eye's with him. Suddenly there was some strange unseen energy between them, Aisha was not sure if Jim could feel it or not but she could. She knew what it was and she was at the same time afraid and reckless, her heat was suddenly upon her and she did not know what to do it was so intense twisting her guts in such a fevered and erotic manner that she became uncontrollably wet and around. Her breathing became uneven and deeper, her eye's seemed to hyper focus on Jim's. Jim noticed almost immediately the sudden change in Aisha's demeanor and her nearly blank gaze startled him, he had never see her act this way before in all the time he knew her.

"Umm...Aisha, ok? Is some thing wrong?"

He sat back a little unnerved by this turn of events that seemed to have happened in an instant from no where, his voice trembled a little even though he knew Aisha would never harm him it still made him antsy. Aisha took a very deep breath, trying to calm herself and trying to hold back her now pure unbridled carnal lust for the young man relaxing only slightly.

"Jimmy...I don't know how to go about this, but..."

She trailed off not breaking their mutual gaze though, saying to hell with it her right leg moved under the table her bare foot coming up and her toes began trailing along Jim's inner thigh sliding along the rough material of his pants as she let out a sigh and blinked slowly.

"What do you think of me Jimmy? I mean..."

Oh my gods...I hope Aisha isn't making a mistake with Jim...I...I can't help myself.

Upon her tough and then her question Jim seemed to turn at first pale and the a great shade of red, he stammered for his voice as her wandering toes reached his groin and already growing erection.


She leaned forward quickly pursing his lips with a finger for a moment, before he could react and before she could stop herself she planted her caramel lips to his thin pale ones kissing him at first tentatively then more aggressively. Jim went stiff not knowing how to react to Aisha's suddenly crazy and unpredictable actions, then the thought had occurred to him that she had been acting some what odd the passed few weeks. He remembered some where the mention about Ctarl Ctarl's, specifically about the females and their tendency to go into heat once a year where they would have great trouble controlling their actions in an appropriate manner.


That kiss seemed to last forever, Jim's mind was reeling with that he should try and stop her or at least make sure she knew what she was doing...his hormones however were not so thoughtful as his manhood strained against the fabric of his grease and oil smeared pants painfully. A moment later the kiss was broken, both of them breathed deeply gasping air and feeling as though the room had risen 20 degrees.

"Aisha, you DO know what your doing right? It's me Jim, I...I think I know what's wrong with you...I heard some thing about how Ctarl Females can go into heat and do things they normally wouldn't...I just..."

Again she placed a finger to his lips hushing him effectively, her body as if on it's own slowly and gracefully climbed and perched her on the table in front of him. Her long legs splaying wide as she came to straddle him easing herself from the table into his lap with ease, a toothy grin came across her sensual lips as she gazed into him, her emerald green cat like eyes locking with his steel blue ones. She leaned in very close strands of her silvan hair tickled his cheeks, she was so close he could smell her scent and heat radiating off of her dark exotic skin like an oven. His mind began to whirl and create scenarios a mile a minute, then she whispered her voice was slightly raspy and thickly laced with an animalistic lust that practically oozed from her every pore.

" is true what they say Jim, but...were friends...comrades...but, haven't you felt a little more Jimmy? Don't tell me you have never fantasied about Aisha, because Aisha I think knows better because Aisha has thought of Jim..."

His eye's widened at this, his voice caught in his throat for a moment as he thought back to the many times he indeed masturbated to the though of Aisha in his mind. How many times had he sneaked off to be alone with his thoughts, and relived himself of an overload of semen in the bathroom or his bunk at night or in the day and every single time Aisha had been his only thought not Melfina or Suzuka or any other girl but Aisha. The dark skinned athletic Ctarl had attracted his attention since he discovered he had an interest in women, she had a perfect body. Athletic and toned, curves in all the right spots some times in abundance along with those twin coco globes he often fantasized about not to mention many other naughty body areas and parts. In truth this was like a dream come true, Aisha being in heat and he was in the cross hairs and could more than easily take advantage and ravage the overheated Ctarl bombshell but he did not want to hurt her or their friendship.


She purred knowing what she said was the truth, that Jimmy had thought of her in his most private times. The thought of him playing with himself as he thought of her excited her all the more, a mental picture flashed in her head of him groaning and spurting his hot seed thinking of her made her gush in her panties and she could not help but to emit a low groan of her own at the mental picture...she wanted him...she wanted Jim Hawking in every way there was possible.


She suddenly rocked her hips slightly grinding her hips into his, causing them both to groan as their over heated crotches ground together. It was at this point where it was Jim's turn to surprise Aisha, and that he did as well as himself as he with no thought brought his hands around her trim waist and pulled her into him. He was still a bit shorter than Aisha even in a seated position, he simply buried his face in her chest nuzzling between her large soft breasts. She just let out a long purr as he did slipping her hands through his blond locks, her hands slipping down his back hooking the hem of his shirt quickly but gently bringing his shirt up and over his head yanking it off and tossing it into a corner of the kitchen next to the fridge. Jim gasped as Aisha suddenly lifted, turned and lifted him planting him on the table while simultaneously mounting him pinning him there. Looking Jim in the eyes she licked her sensual lips and moved downward, her fingers worked quickly at his pants fraying threads here and there with her nails in excitement and soon she was tearing his fly open exposing him to the warm air in the kitchenette. He groaned as he felt his aching erection come free from his pants and into the open air, Aisha's green eyes were affixed to what she saw. For being into his teens Jim certainly had grown up a lot in many areas, and this spot she saw was no exception. When he popped out of his pants and into the open his hardness stood straight up, she could practically see it throb. By Human and even Ctarl standards he was above normal she thought, she grasped him hesitantly at first then wrapped her slender fingers around the base with one hand and used her other atop that one...he filled one and a half of her hands and either of her hands were barely able to close completely due to his thickness.

"Mmm...oh Jimmy..."

She groaned giving his member a squeeze around the base, she was greeted by a large drop of pre come. She purred and leaned in and pressed her tongue to the underside of the swollen head of his cock and licked upwards to the very tip tasting him fluid, she smacked and licked her lips tasting the creamy fluid and smiled. Jim let out a loud groan as he felt Aisha's warm rough tongue against his extremely sensitive flesh making him go ram rod stiff for a moment before instinctively hunching his hips toward her, the feeling was excruciating but so so terribly good he felt like he could almost burst at any moment. When he opened his eyes he saw the mischievous grin on her lovely face and knew that loosing his virginity was NOT going to be boring or quick with Aisha, for all he knew a Ctarl could fuck a Terran to death before satisfied but he at this point did not much care. At that moment she parted her lips and after teasing the head a bit more with her tongue she took him in her mouth, she quickly proceeded to take him in deep, hitting the back of her throat and then slipping him down her throat burying her nose to his crotch swallowing him whole making Jim tense up so hard she thought he might come off the table if she weren't holding him there.

" god...ahhh Aisha! Ohhh...what are you doing to me...mmm"

Aisha found she had to pull him out of her throat, she had never had a male with a cock this large before and it was playing hell with her gag reflex. Coming up her lush lips remaining locked around the head she swallowed hard to keep from giving any sign of gagging, her pride was still in full effect even though what she was doing would be degrading to most Ctarl...mating with a Terran was frowned upon but she could care less...she truly cared for this Terran and even in love with him. She giggled at Jim's verbal expressions to her attempt to swallow him whole, letting her lips come off the tip making a popping sound as they came off the thick crown and echoed a bit off the stainless steel walls.


Jim looked down at Aisha with a little disappointment in his eyes but mostly just curiosity as to why she stopped, he certainly did not want her to stop at this point. He found she had a toothy grin on her lips, her emerald cat like eyes had lust fill gloss to them.

"Hehe...what a naughty mouth you have Jimmy, I had no idea you could cuss and carry on like that...Aisha likes."

She stuck her tongue out keeping her eye's locked onto his as she did so and teasingly gave the sensitive underside of his cock head a deliberately slow hard lick, she could practically hear his toes curl in his shoes as his entire body tensed and a gasping moan of pleasure came from him as his head fell back and his fleshy stalk flexed in her slender fingers hard as a titanium rod. More pre cum slathered over her hot rough tongue as she finished the torturous lick, she swallowed the slightly salty yet very tasty fluid with pure delight.

" taste so sweet. So good."

Jim could hardly believe what they were doing, her tongue and mouth made him feel like he was going to explode any moment but he did his best to hold back as to not disappoint Aisha. The most beautiful woman he had ever known was sucking him, her tongue was rough and made it even more intense. Though what did he expect of a Ctarl's tongue, after all even though their race appeared mostly human he reminded himself that they evolved from a cat like race and if any doubt lingered one only had to look at the ears not to mention other things. He could only smile at her remark about his language, and then about him.

"Oh Aisha...your so beautiful, so wonderful...I can't believe what were doing."

"Hehe believe it Jim!"

With that she practically pounced on him, straddling his waist landing on the balls of her feet on the table astride him her face very close he could hear her purring and then kissed him once more. Aisha lowered herself pressing her body into his, she could feel his hard shaft through her thin underwear pressing between her engorged labia. She instinctively ground down on him, she groaned into his mouth after a moment of this breaking the kiss and reaching down and ripping off the scant pair of underwear like they weren't even there revealing her smooth hairless mound and the damp lust swollen outer lips of her exotic treasure.

"Jim...I need!"

Aisha reached down and grabbed him and in an instant she had rocked her hips and buried all of him deep inside her scorching hot womanhood to the hilt, making Jim groan loudly at the same time a loud yet sensual near howl emanated from Aisha's lips as she threw her head back in ecstasy.