Been a while since my last installment of this story, intentionally meant as a single shot I've had some new ideas and situations come to mind and decided I might add another chapter to it and see how that goes. I've moved as well, so it has taken me a bit to get back online but in that time I've had plenty of time to write different stories Also I have seen great response to this story as well, I would like to thank all the readers and fans of it for the most part THAT is exactly what brought about this next chapter. I hope that it stacks well with the rest, without further bs here you go...Revelations of a Ctarl Ctarl and a Terran Chapter 4.

The next day early afternoon Gene and Melfina arrived back at Starwind and Hawking, time away had done the couple good and spirits where high as they took their bags and walked toward the building smiling and chatting. Upon entering they were greeted with silence and no Jim or Aisha to greet them, at first they paid no attention it wasn't totally out of the ordinary the two figured they were likely lazing and sleeping in.

The first oddity was that the shop light was still on and Jim normally never forgot to turn out the shop lights, and Melfina found the kitchen and dining room light also on and the place was a bit of a mess...the dining room table was ajar from its usual place and now sitting semi cockeyed and an even stranger thing was there were claw marks in it. While moving the table back into place another odd thing, one of Jim's shoes was there now it was getting really odd. But they blew it off as they were practically starving and Melfina decided to cook some late breakfast for everyone, deciding that she would go up and wake Jim and Aisha when it was done.

Later Melfina went upstairs to wake Jim and Aisha up stopping at Aisha's room first, slowly opening the door she peeked in and couldn't see a thing it was so dark and she cautiously flicked the light on fully expecting to hear Aisha's resentment at that. Melfina instead heard nothing and also saw nothing, the Ctarl's bed was empty too. Shrugging figuring Aisha might be out some where she shut the light off and closed the door moving on to Jim's room to wake him, what she found there made her eye's widen.

A moment later Melfina came back into the kitchen and sat down at the table with Gene, he was sipping his coffee and felt that some thing with her was amiss.

"Hey Mel those two sleepy heads up? Hey...whats up? You look like you saw a ghost."

Melfina looked at him solemnly for a moment and then a smile crept across her face which made Gene curious just as to what she was grinning about, but when he asked she blew it off as nothing and that she was just in a great mood and Aisha had done some thing that humored her.

In truth though what Melfina saw was Jim and Aisha cuddled up in each others arms in Jim's room, the covers were pretty much off of them and rumpled around their legs leaving little to the imagination and it left no doubt as to just what had been going on while Gene and Mel were gone. Instead of waking them she just left a little note on Jim's night stand, she figured Aisha would smell her cooking a mile away and would wake once it had filtered upstairs.

She was right, about fifteen to twenty minutes later Aisha came into the kitchen first her long cream colored locks flowed free tied simply by an old bandana and she wore her old long night shirt with a pair of cut off sweat shorts. Soon enough Jim followed a few minutes later looking about the same in a pair of jogging pants and an old shirt, the two looked like they had both had a really hard sleep.

"Good morning you two! Wow looks like you both slept like the dead, your plates are on the up before it gets cold."

Mel was her usual cheery self it appeared, Jim and Aisha took their respective seats at the table the very table where a lot of their wild fun had started. Breakfast went by peacefully with the usual banter, eggs, bacon with hash browns with toast. Aisha ate a little more than her usual making the excuse that the heat was talking more out of her here surprisingly, it was a lie but no one argued the excuse. The usual banter went on through breakfast, Jim was sure glad that nothing came up abut last night if any of them caught on he'd never hear the end f it, he had no clue how Aisha would react either...he thanked god for Mel too as he read the note before going downstairs.

The day went as usual surprisingly and by noon Jim found himself forgetting last night almost entirely, he ended up more than busy running errands and picking up parts for ship...the internal air conditioning had been acting up and a few parts were needing replacing due to a hit a system took in a battle. Soon he was in the ship and working on the Ac unit the only person so to speak around was Gillium, he didn't mind of course he and Gillium talked a lot actually when they were left alone. Today's conversation however was a surprise to the super intelligent Ai of the ship, Jim spoke of last nights events with Gillium asking him to please warn him of any one incoming.

It didn't take all that long before Gillium warned Jim of some one coming and it turned out to be the Ctarl herself dressed surprisingly in a relaxed ensemble of a t shirt, cargo pants and shoes, her long hair once again braided tightly and to perfection the weighty ring secured at the end of the long braid.

"Hey, in here?"

"Greetings Miss Clan Clan, Jim is currently in the adjacent room of the engine room area repairing a cracked sub unit of the air conditioning system."

"Thanks Gil."

Jim was working away but his mind raced wondering just how to handle the situation, hoping he wouldn't say some thing wrong or worse. He didn't have to wait terribly long, Aisha had made her way and found him greeting him rather brightly.

"Hiya Jim. =^_^="

"Hey Aisha, what are you doing here?'

Jim asked wiping the sweat from his brow, it was hot in here as there was very little circulation atm in the interior of the ship. Aisha gave his a look of near bewilderment for a moment, the look turning to one of dejection that came across in her voice.

"I...just thought I'd come and keep you company or help if you needed it Jimmy, Aisha can leave if you want though."

He couldn't take the tone of rejection in her voice and the look of her, he assured her she could stay and soon the repairs were finished but they had to wait for the coolant liquid to recirculate through the system. It was damned hot in the ship Jim was practically swimming in his clothes, but he noticed that Aisha had not so much as broken a sweat. A moment later Aisha said she was going to go look for some thing she had left in her cabin, Jim sat there by himself watching the Ctarl go thinking mixed thoughts. He was definitely maturing to think what he was, but what he and Aisha had done back at the shop. In the quiet and stuffy semi dark heat his mind reeled and wandered, and kept coming back to thinking about Aisha...and none of the thoughts were wholesome either when he heard her voice again from down the corridor.

"Umm...Jimmy, can you come here a minute? I need your opinion on some thing."

"Huh? What is it Aisha?"

He didn't feel much like fooling around with things he was so hot he was irritable, he did with a heavy sigh move down the hall coming to her doorway.

"What is it Aisha...Aisha you there...whoa!"

It happened all too suddenly and quickly, Jim felt himself lifted off his feet and into the darkness and then an almost painful pressure on his lips and a hot forceful tongue snaking between his lips and teeth and the sound of his and her groans almost in unison as he realized Aisha had pretty much attacked him. Her strength was incredible but she was also gentle as she held him there pinned against the wall, if he wanted to fight back it would have been absolutely futile. After a moment he gave up any pretense and relaxed a little feeling her press her body into his, her large firm breasts pressing into his chest...her deep chocolate colored cleavage he could glimpse in the dimness.

A moment later he could breath again as she released his mouth, but she was once again on the move and fast her nails scratched him gingerly but harmlessly as she nimbly unsecured his pants and they dropped to the floor around his ankles.


He uttered unintentionally out of surprise as he flt her hands cup his genitals, her dark hands, slender fingers gripped tenderly yet firmly and alternately kneaded him. The contact was slick his sweat the cause for that, but it made things a little slippery he felt dirty but that did not stop his body from reacting with blood flow causing him to nearly instantly gain an almost painful erection.

" Jimmy, that didn't take long at all."

Jim subtly squirmed under her touch, not trying to escape but it just felt excruciatingly good as her hands glided across the slick skin of his sex.

"Uhhahh...ah Aisha, oh damn."

Her green eye's flicked upward locking onto his gaze, a sly grin spreading across her lips.

"Yes Jim, oh damn...Aisha wants to play a little...Jim you don't mind do you?"

Jim groaned out loudly his head falling back a quiver moved through his still standing body as one hand squeezed his now rock hard and aching shaft, her other hand moved around over his ball sack two fingers slipping behind them and pressing slightly against his bottom not going further but mainly between placing pressure. Jim felt like the head would explode as it swelled painfully when she pressed at certain points seeming to make his manhood from deepest root to buzzing tip throb.


"Jimmy...come sit, Aisha don't want you to fall."

He complied wordlessly moving along willingly seating on her ships crew bed, she moved him along on it laying him down she moved onto it on her knees between his legs positioning herself to take advantage...her hands returning quickly back to massaging and squeezing his tender spots.

"Oh Jimmy...ahh..."

With that he watched himself disappear between her caramel lips, he moaned at first watching this, but that moan turned into a deeper and louder groan ending in a grunt and sharp intake of breath as in amazement he watched his entire hardness swallowed whole the beautiful Ctarl's lips wrapping and sealing around the base. Her rough tongue swirled around the sensitive tip almost making his toes literally curl, his balls tightened as she slowly came back up he popped from her lips with a loud sucking popping sound. She grinned at him again and she dipped down...pressing her pink tongue against near the bottom of his now tight sack and slowly dragged it upward the roughness of her tongue erotic and made every thing more intense, the tip traced the contour of it and swiped around the base.

"Oh jesus christ Aisha...ahhh..."

Aisha giggled at Jim as she licked and sucked him, his scent atm was musky and thick due to the heat but she loved it it actually made her lose herself a little bit in what she was doing. She kept this up for a little while longer slowly licking, sucking and working him in her hands Jim was lost in what she was making him feel she stopped as she sensed that he was approaching the point of serious no return.

"Unnn...ah, huh?"

Jim raised his head off the mattress after a few moments wondering why she stopped, his eye's grew large as he saw that Aisha had stripped completely naked and was laying alluringly before him beckoning him to her. She lay there her lean and athletic legs splayed wide her curves and dark skin now starting to moisten in the oppressive heat in the cabin her breasts reflecting a little light from the thin sheen, his eye's caught sight and locked onto the darkness between Aisha's thighs revealed was a dark chocolate lipped bud that bloomed into deep shimmering pink.

"Mmm...come here for a taste?"

The Ctarl grinned as she slipped a finger through her slit and reached out and slipped it between Jim's lips, she giggled a bit and then Jim began sucking on her digit with increasing fervor. Their eye's met in the semi darkness she removed her finger as Jim moved toward her slipping in between her legs his lips began kissing their way up her thighs slowly, Aisha began making small noises as he made his way above mid thigh using his tongue her skin was smooth, soft, warm and delicate. He decided to tease her a little like she had him before and used his tongue and lips on her outer lips and around the sensitive area and soon Aisha began moving her hips, he couldn't help it and smiled to himself...not wanting to hold back any more he couldn't stand smelling her sweet musk any longer and had too...

"Shhhh...rrraaaer...ahhhnnn ohhhh..."

A half legible murmur and noise escaped Aisha's lips as her head hit the pillow as she felt a delicious sensation creep through her as she felt Jim's hot wet tongue slip between the lips of her womanhood and drag slowly through her gash, Jim was instantly in heaven. For the next five or so minutes Jim lost himself as he worked busily between the beautiful Ctarls spread legs driving her crazy, Aisha had managed a sweat a six pack of abs shown in relief Jim's body was awash in his own.

"Sorry Aisha..I can't help it."

Jim said in a low voice as he suddenly moved surprisingly fast between her legs, in an instant she felt him ram himself into her to his root in a single movement making Aisha gasp as she felt him invade her so suddenly. From there Jim went wild while Aisha gave as good as she got, Jim was fucking her like he was possessed actually cumming inside her and kept going like it never happened. A moment later a sound and then cool air came flowing into the cabin as the AC system came to life, the air felt frigid to them but at the moment was barely registered. They ended up with Jim sitting on the edge of the bed his back against the wall with Aisha on top of him riding him, if one stood at the doorway they would see one wild sight.

A small young man straddled by a female Ctarl Ctarl her lean body moving with deliberateness atop him, hips undulating slowly a sheen of sweat coated her luscious mocha skin, muscles along her entire back could be seen rippling her long braid of platinum hair dangled back and forth to the rhythm of her movements their breathing beginning to become uneven and deeper.

"Aisha...ahh...I, I think I'm in love."

Jim blabbed out from nowhere the words were sweet however and made her smile a cat grin, she leaned down dragging her slightly rough tongue up his sternum and up along his neck whispering into his ear...her voice became deep and husky for a moment.

"Show me..."

A second later Jim's eye's got big as Aisha moved her hips in tight circular motions, she had just gotten at least twice as tight around him suddenly and in four strokes as she slowly rose and fell on his rock hard shaft his eye's actually rolled into the back of his head. A long groaning noise that started low but rose in volume came from Jim's mouth and in moments became a loud hoarse sound as his body stiffened, a grin came across Aisha's face as she felt him in one instant stiffen unbelievably and then the hot eruption deep within her.

Ten minutes later Jim and Aisha lay splayed out over her cabin bunk in the now cool air, a sweat and fluid soaked sheet covered them haphazardly. Jim rolled over and they locked eye's for a long moment, Aisha smiled and rubbed his sweat soaked hair playfully.

"I love you Aisha."

Her expression grew soft and thoughtful a moment, she kissed him on the head and got up the sheet falling from her lithe figure.

"We'll see Jim..."

"Well...what now then?"

She giggled as she gathered her clothing, she turned and gave him a mischievous grin.

"We need to get back and get showers the others are going to start missing us, and...I think we've given Gillium more than enough of a show right Gillium?"

Jim's eye's grew wide he had totally forgotten the ships computer the whole time, he could only imagine but there was no response as they got dressed and left but there was an air of embarrassment in the ship he even sensed as they had been a hell of a day.