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Chap. 1

Wally sat looking at his young friend. He was thinking, as he did many times a day, what the thirteen-year-olds true identity was. Kid never saw Robin without something in front of his eyes. Even now, he was wearing sunglasses inside!

"Are you going to keep staring or are you gunna say something?" Robin asked with a smirk.

"Rob, what color are your eyes?" Wally asked without thinking. Robins face showed shock and then embarrassment.

"I can't tell you," he said sheepishly.

"Why not?" Kid whined. "You can always see me."

"It would compromise my identity. Plus you would laugh," Robins blush became even deeper.

"Well now I want to know even more!" the redhead exclaimed. "Come on we're friends right? You can trust me."

"We're friends, and I trust you, but I just can't tell you," Robin said standing to leave. "I'll see you later, dude."

Wally was stumped he'd known the Boy Wonder for years, why didn't Robin trust him? He didn't even know the other boys' real name. The redhead was determined to figure out this mystery.

Robin was in his room gazing into a mirror. He frowned at the reflection he saw. He hated the way he looked. His eyes were big, and a deep crystal blue that contrasted dramatically with his hair, in his opinion. He looked remarkably girlish this way. He would have shown Wally his face, but he was embarrassed, and Bruce would have killed him. Robin wasn't worried about revealing his identity to the redhead; they had been best friends for years. It was simply a matter of self-consciousness. He walked to hi his bed and lay back with a sigh. Slowly he drifted into a fitful sleep.

It had been several hours since the awkward moment between Robin and Wally had passed. Speedster had passed the time playing video games. Around seven, Wally noticed Robin hadn't come out of his room for dinner. He figured since Wally himself was hungry he'd go see if the Boy Wonder was too. He knocked on Robin's door twice before deciding to just go in. The dark haired boy was on his bed facing away from the door. KF crossed the room to Robin's bed.

"Hey, dude, you need dinner," Wally said shaking the boy gently. Robin shifted slightly but didn't wake. "Dude, come on wake up."

Robin groaned and sat up rubbing his eyes. Wait, thought Wally, he's not wearing his glasses or mask! It wouldn't be right for him to look, because his friend had made it clear he didn't want to him to, but he really wanted to see the other boys face. In the end being a good friend won, and he turned around.

Robin sat up groggily. He looked around to see KF facing away from him. "Hey, dude, you wanna go grab a bite to eat?" Wally asked still not turning around. Robin, puzzled, just had to ask.

"Um sure, but is there a particular reason you're talking to my wall?" He couldn't help but chuckle.

Wally rubbed the back of his head, "Well you're not wearing your glasses or mask. You said I couldn't see who you really were, so I turned around," the red head seemed depressed this notion.

Robin felt horrible. His best friend felt like he wasn't trusted. When the fact was Robin would trust Wally with his life. The Boy Wonder thought about it for a minute before making a decision. Bruce was going to kill him for this. "You can see if you really want."

"Really," he sounded doubtful.

Robin gulped, "Yeah." Wally turned around slowly to look the Boy Wonder in the eyes. What he saw stunned him. Robin had the most intense, and beautiful eye's he'd ever seen. They looked amazing against his dark black hair. Wally felt a blush creeping up his face. Having Wally stare at him Robin blushed nervously and looked down.

"Rob, your eyes…" Wally didn't know how to continue.

"I know they're a bizarre color, and make me look like a girl," Robin said in a shaky voice. How could he think that? Thought Wally, his eyes were beautiful. He didn't look like a girl, if anything he looked handsome. Kid looked at "his", as he liked to think, Robbie only to see a look of self-loathing. He couldn't believe that this whole time Robin had basically hated himself. He couldn't help but chuckle as he kneeled in front of the younger boy so that they were eye level.

"Robbie, look at me," he waited for Robin to look at him, "You're eyes are the most amazing color I've ever seen, and they look incredible with your hair. Really. As for looking like a girl , no you don't. I think you look like a young teenager, exactly as you should."

Robin flushed, but he felt better. Wally never lied and if he did, he sucked at it. He wanted to tell the red head more though. "Richard," Wally looked confused, "That's my real name. Richard Grayson." He figured that if Bruce was going to kill him, KF might as well know the whole truth.

The red head was stunned. He just couldn't believe the Boy Wonder had actually revealed his identity. There were probably only three people in the world that knew this secret.

He beamed at Robin, "Well, Dick, why don't we go get some dinner?"

"Wait, Wall, you can't let Bats know you know," Robin said with a slight fear in his eyes. Wally nodded he knew that Batman would have a conniption if he found out Rob had let the bat out of the bag.

"Cool let's rock," Dick said with a smile. "I bet you already ate too. Didn't you?"

"Hey I like food it's not my fault," Wally laughed.

They walked out of the room talking animatedly about what their next mission would be like. They said hi to the team then made their way to the kitchen where Kid could stuff his face while Dick laughed.