A/N First chapter of a weird multi-layered story. Another Reid kidnapping. I know. What a surprise. Hopefully it's still enjoyable.

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It was cold. He gritted his teeth against the chill that threatened to envelop him, against the searing, agonizing pain that ripped through his body. He had to stay conscious though. He couldn't let the pressing darkness overtake him. If he slipped into unconsciousness... he may never slip out. He knew the statistics on such severe injuries. He knew... but he couldn't fall asleep. Even as his eyelids drooped he struggled against the aching need to sleep... He tried to ignore the sudden weakness that overtook him. The energy that slowly drained out of him with every trickle of blood that slipped through his skin. His life was draining away. And he had the privilege of watching it go. He had to keep going. He felt the skin on his fists go raw as he dragged himself across the pavement, more blood on his hands. He had to live, he didn't want to...he couldn't... he shook his head to clear it. His thoughts were becoming muddled and confused. The mind he relied on... the thoughts he so desperately clung to and used, weren't functioning properly. His mind was shutting down. He was dying. And with every passing moment he prayed his team would find him. He prayed he could see his mother another time. He had to ignore the agony. The gaping wound that was harshly exposed to night air. The slow seeping of blood... that now stained the gravel. He could feel rocks and debris scrape his already beaten body. God it hurt. The unsub... he had meant to kill. He was supposed to be dead. And he didn't care... He had to get help. If only the area wasn't secluded... if only a hiker or-or someone, anyone would find him... please... The slow dragging progress he had been making gradually slowed... then stopped all together. He had no energy. The last of it had drained away. And he was left with his broken body and faltering mind. The careful walls he had put up around him were breached. And he couldn't go on any longer. His arms gave out, and he rolled onto his back, his body went limp. The back breaking exertion had forced his body into the ground. His eyelids slipped closed. his hair fell over his face and into his eyes. He gave the appearance of a quiet sleeper. He gently slipped into unconsciousness. And Spencer Reid died.

But only for a minute.

A young jogger breathed heavily as she rounded the next corner, checking her watch and smiling in satisfaction. Brushing her hair out of her eyes, she savoured in the silence of the woods, and the light twinkling of the thousands of stars above her. It was so peaceful out here. So beautiful. She smiled again and drew her last mile to a close. It was then that she saw him. Under the light shadow of a pine tree, she saw an unnaturally pale man of about her age stretched out on the sidewalk. But something was wrong. As she drew closer, her hand flew to her mouth. The thin young man lay in a pool of his own blood, a trail behind him stretching back and over the incline of the trail. He must have been crawling like that, desperate, for hours. She Sprinted to his side, and pressed both of her hands over the leaking wound, her eyes desperately flashing to the blood around him, then to the cell phone at her hip. She kept one blood coated hand pressed onto the wound, and used the other to shakily dial 911.

"911, what is your emergency?"

"Please, please y-you have to help me... this man, he's been stabbed, I've got to get... to get him to a hospital..." She spluttered desperately at the serene woman's voice on the other end.

"Okay, miss I'm going to have to ask you to calm down."


"Okay. Where are you miss?"

"I'm in the woods off of highway... um... 9. Please hurry, He's lost so much blood... and I can't feel a pulse."

"We'll be there soon. Don't panic."

She heard the long dial tone and prayed to herself that she wouldn't watch this man die.

"clear!" The shout came from a harried looking young man in a lab coat, as he pressed the defibrillator against the young agents chest and abdomen.

"Damn it... DAMN IT. Get me 2 litres of o-neg, immediately. damn, fight for me kid...

He had been wheeled into the ER minutes before, and a group of doctors huddled around the dying man, trying desperately to revive him, and help him win his struggle against death.

"clear!" He shouted again. "Come on, come on man."

The monitors continued to display a flat line.

"Doctor... he's gone."

"No, NO dammit he's 26, let me... let me..."

"He's gone."

"He's not gone until I say he's gone, charge to 200."

The 2 nurses exchanged nervous glances, and hesitantly turned the dial on the machine.

"1...2...3... 1...2...3..."

He pressed against the young mans chest with his gloved hands, then took the defibrillator to his chest again.

"clear!" There was a pause... and then the machine spiked.

The room broke out in smiles and cheers, and claps on the doctors back.

"Normal rhythm. Good work doctor Carter."

"The fights not over... We've got to get him up to the OR to repair the damage to his Aorta. But damn this kids a fighter."

He grinned at the ER staff, and wheeled the kid to the elevator and up to the OR himself.

Maintenance swept up the blood and discarded gloves as the room emptied. A young brunette nurse sorted the mans personal belongings into a bag. Until she came to a badge. She dropped the bag As her mouth fell open in shock. He couldn't have been more then 25... how... she ran out of the room and to the small group near check in.

congratulations were thrown out and impressed looking ER nurses and doctors alike celebrated their victory.

"Yeah, we had to put in 3 chest tubes! But we got him back... yeah-he should be okay..."

"Brain function?"


"Nice one Carter..."

She reached the group and held the badge up.

"Carter. He's FBI."