AN: I decided to write my own story about one of my favorite shows because even though the stories on here are good they don't stick to the original character personalities like I would have liked. This is my first time doing this and even though the show is cancelled I'm excited to keep it alive in the heats of the people who loved the show just as much as I did. This is just character descriptions just to let everyone know I was sticking to the original characters.

It starts at the end of season 3, but because I didn't like the way the season ended I changed it to where Antonio didn't die and him and Nicole never broke up.

Disclaimer: I don't own MISSING or any of the character except for the ones I created.


Nicole Scott- She is one of the best agents in the Bureau. She is the leader of her team. She is an intelligent, strong-minded, and independent woman. She is known for her smart mouth and short temper. She is a kind person who loves her job and just wants to help people, but if you cross her the wrong way let's just say things won't end well on your end. She has a troubled past that led her to the FBI, and is has a very complicated relationship with her fellow co-worker Antonio Cortez.

Antonio Cortez- He is one of the best forensic scientist around. He is a kind and supportive man. He is in love with Nicole, but they both have some issues they need to work on and it makes the relationship hard. He fights for what he believes in and he doesn't give up.

Jessica Mastriani- Everyone calls her Jess. After being hit by lightning she now has psychic visions that leads her to find missing people. The only reason she is in the FBI is because of her visions. She is very close to her team. Her and Nicole are best friends. Out of the group she is the "innocent" one and he naiveness often lands her in trouble or just lost in what's going on. She was in a relationship with Agent Colin McNeil who works for the Department of Justice and doesn't know where her relationship currently stands.

John Pollock- A tyrant and emotionless man. At just 38 years old he is the Assistant Director of the FBI. He is one of the most powerful men in the bureau and often compares himself to God. He puts on a fa├žade that shows people he doesn't care, but really he deeply cares. He is the boss and throws insults at his team everyday. He only does it because he wants to push the team to be the best they can be. He has much respect for his team, but doesn't like to put up with most of the crap they put him through.