A week now had passed and Harry was still unconscious. Severus was now not the only one worried, the entire household seemed to be on pins and needles. Severus was always by Harry's bedside, he never left the room once. The other members of the household took turns sitting with Severus to try and keep him somewhat calm.

A calm Severus was not to be found though. When he was not forced to sleep he was sitting by Harry with his hand on Harry's whispering gently to the boy. It seemed that not only Harry was worrying the bunch, but so was Severus. His behavior since finding Harry missing from his bed was...troublesome. It was hard getting food into him and he seemed to be wasting away one day at a time. Sleep only happened when Severus couldn't keep his eyes open any longer and when he did fall asleep it was never peaceful. He had also taken up the habit of biting his lip much to everyones dismay. For he now sported a cracked, dry and bitten bottom lip. Minerva was now so concerned she had decided to bring in the big guns, Michael. Maybe he could help break Severus out of his state.

That morning on the seventh day Severus heard a light knock on the door. He didn't bother answering it, they would come in anyway. They always did. What surprised him though was when he heard the soft comforting voice of Michael wishing him a good morning. Even more surprising though was that there was no one else sitting beside him, something he had just noticed. Of coerce he hadn't noticed though, his whole attention was focused on Harry. Severus's musings were cut short when he almost jumped out of his skin. Michael had sat next to him and rested a hand on his arm and Severus was not expecting that.

Words finally broke though the fog that had formed around Severus mind. Michael was slowly breaking though with his persistence. "Severus. Severus can you look at me?" After repeated attempts Michael did make it through and Severus turned to look at him tears evident in his eyes.

Seeing the tears Michael immediately shifted his chair so that it was in a better spot and embraced the younger man. At first Severus just sat there, but after a while he slowly placed his own arms around Michael returning the hug. He rested his head on Michaels shoulder and still in a daze let out all the tears he had been holding in. When Michael felt the hot tears hit his shoulder he began whispering soothing words and tightened his embrace just a bit tighter.

The two stayed like that for a little over an hour. Severus crying for his boy and Michael content in being his handkerchief . When Michael had felt that Severus had calmed down enough he pulled back a little and looked him in the eyes. "How are you Severus?"

The only hoarse response Michael received was, "better".

Michael sighed. "Can you tell me how your feeling Severus?"

"I...I don't know. What if Harry never wakes?" As Severus said this more tears had begun to form in his eyes and to Michael he looked almost...helpless. Seeing another breakdown coming Michael jumped in before anymore tears could be shed. While tears were good, too many could make you sick.

"Severus I know how hard it is seeing Harry like this, but you can't waste away. When Harry wakes he's going to need you. A rested and well fed you. Can you please let me help you?" More tears formed and Michael suddenly found himself in another embrace with Severus. "It's ok Severus. Everything will be just fine, Harry will wake up." At that Severus let loose a heartfelt sob, but it was not one of grief it was one of relief. It seemed that Michael was getting through to him after all.

This time when Michael pulled back from the hug he asked Severus if he could eat something. Michael received a nod and Minerva from her place in the doorway summoned some food from the kitchen. Severus wrapped up in his own mind had not noticed her standing there the entire time, now that he did see her though he blushed.

Minerva saw the blush. "It's ok Severus, I'm just glad you finally did release everything you were holding in. Can you please eat something now?"

Not saying anything Severus began to eat with a gusto. He really hadn't had an appetite before now, but it was slowly returning. When Severus could eat no more he sat up and looked at the two in the room. "I'm sorry for worrying everyone."

It was Minerva who answered Severus's apology. "Severus there is no need to be sorry." Minerva placed her hand on Severus's. "Everything will be ok Severus, I promise and you know I never go back on my promises." Minerva flashed him a warm smile. "Why don't you get some rest, please. We'll wake you if Harry should stir." Only a nod came from Severus.

Michael helped a weary Severus into his bed and as soon as his head hit the pillow he was out cold. A relief to everyone in the room.

When Severus woke again it was too a warm body in his arms. Opening his eyes he found it to be Harry. Relief flooded through him, Harry had been awake. With his relief came another feeling, anger. Anger at himself for not being there when Harry had woken, anger at those who said they would wake him. How could he have been so stupid to fall asleep? Why had they not woken him? Seeing the familiar form of Michael approach the bed he shot a glare at him.

Whispering so not to wake Harry Michael tried to explain. "You were so asleep Severus that we could not wake you. You were too exhausted and almost in a comatose state yourself. Harry woke though and saw you and before we could stop him or even realize what he was doing he was in your arms. Curled up and falling asleep all over again, this time a normal sleep. Don't worry Severus, your boy is back. Your boy is home in body and soul."

As Michael explained Severus's featured softened, finding no fault in what he said. When he looked down at Harry he couldn't help but give him a gentle kiss on the forehead. His boy was really home to him now.

When Harry woke next it was to Severus running his fingers through his hair and a gentle back rub. "Time to wake up Harry." Harry had slept for six more hours after he initially woke up and they all felt that it was time for Harry to actually get up and move around. "Come on Harry I know your awake, can you open your eyes?"

"Don't wanna wake up" was the sleepy mumble Severus received.

A chuckle escape Severus, this was indeed his Harry. So he remembered what had always worked to get Harry out of bed. "Food?"

A head popped up with wide eyes. "Food? What kind of food and where? I'm starving!"

Minerva, Michael and Narcissia had just been watching with grins up until now. Now though they could no longer hide their amusement and all three laughed at the boys antics. Wide eyes then saw the three and Harry blushed, he had not realized that they had company.

"Come on Harry lets go get something to eat" Severus tried to divert Harry's attention back to the food to lesson his embarrassment. A quick nod came from Harry and a mumbled "yes please"

Getting out of bed was not as easy as Harry remembered though, his muscles were sore. He supposed that it was from not moving for a week, that would definitely do it. Severus ended up having to help Harry up after his three failed attempts and Severus didn't even let him try to walk on his own. Harry was lead down the hall and stairs to the kitchen with an arm wrapped around Severus for support. It was embarrassing, but he had to admit to himself there was no way he would make it on his own.

After getting some food in his stomach Harry was feeling a ton better, but if he could just have a shower to clean up he would be whole again. Harry voiced this to Severus and gladly helped his son take a shower and get into clean cloths. While Harry was getting changed Severus took the chance to ask the rest of the household to give the two some privacy so that they could talk.

When Severus and Harry went back to their room Severus closed the door behind him. He then sat beside Harry on his bed and couldn't help but take his son into his arms and hug him. "You scared me Harry, promise me you'll never do that again." Sheepishly Harry nodded into his fathers shoulder and Severus hugged his boy even tighter. "I though I lost you."

After a long moment Harry finally got up the curare to ask his father the one thing he really wanted to know. "Is Voldemort Dead?"

In response Harry received an even tighter hug almost making it difficult for him to breath. "Yes son. You defeated him and he will never be able to hurt you again."

Hearing what Harry had wanted to hear for his whole life he breakdown and sobbed all over his fathers shoulder. Not tears of hurt and pain, but tears of relief. Severus rocked him back and forth and whispered soothing words to him and all the while he had tears running down his own face. "It's ok Harry. It's all over. Your safe, your in my arms and I will never let anything bad happen to you. Shhhh Your ok." Severus knew that he couldn't keep everything bad from his boy, but his son needed to hear that. His son needed to know that there were people there to protect him and love him.

When Harry had calmed a bit Severus pulled back from the hug to look at Harry in the eye. Severus gave Harry a stern look, but couldn't hold it. His boy looked so fragile. "Harry I need you to promise me with words that you will never put yourself in danger like that again. You could have come to me and we would have gone together with me by your side protecting you from stray curses. What if something hit you and you couldn't fight any longer. What would have happened then?"

Harry actually had the decency to look ashamed for running off by himself. "I'm sorry Dad, I just didn't want you to get hurt. I was scared and thought that was the only way." With that Severus pulled Harry back into his hug.

"I do understand, but I still need a promise from you. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you too much too lose you."

"I promis Dad. I love you too."

The two stayed entertained in each others arms like that for a while and that was how the others found them. Harry asleep yet again in his fathers arms. Smiles could be seen from everyone in the room even a sleeping Harry. Everything was finally just as it should be.