"What makes you so sure this will work? He's always trying so hard to stay out of the limelight."

"He will succumb, I assure you. It's human nature. The want for love and admiration is universal. All I'll do is unleash that want and shower him with praise. He'll be practically blinded by it, then Amity will be yours. As long as you hold up your end of the deal, you have no need to worry."

"And if I don't?"

"I am not someone you'd wish to cross, dear."

"You're just a thespian."

Paulina frowned, looking down at the piece of paper Lancer had handed out in first period. She really wanted to star in the play and write it as well. She'd be the lead princess who got kidnapped by some evil ghost, and then got saved by Phantom. Then he'd fall in love with her and it'd be a dream come true!

Let's not forget how great of an actor I am, she mused in her mind.

"What's that?"

Star peered over Paulina's shoulder, trying to see what had the Latina looking so upset. Personally, she didn't really care. But if Paulina was upset, chances were she'd be a bit more cranky than she usually is. Last time that happened, she made Star walk around in 8'inch heels the entire school day just to break them in for her.

"Oh, nothing. Just some stupid play thing Lancer wants us to do. I don't want some boring nerd to come up with some totally boring plot though! Obviously, I should be in charge of that."

"I have an idea! You could just give someone in second period your amazing ideas and they could give them to Lancer for you. That way you can still act in the play!"

"Nah, I have a better idea..."

Star huffed and dropped her shoulders, but beckoned for Paulina to go on anyway.

"I'll just get some nerd to present my idea, that way I can act in the play too!"

"That's exactly what I..."

Paulina gave her the if-you-cherish-your-social-status-you'd-shut-up glare. Star got the hint and hushed up, opting for a different approach.

"I mean, you're so smart Paulina!"

Paulina flipped her hair and started walking down the hall again. Star quickly shut her locker and jogged to keep up with her.

"Where are you going, Paulina? Fifth period is that way," she pointed towards the opposite direction, but Paulina didn't even glance that way.

"I know, puta! Do you think I don't know where my own class is? We're going to pay Fenton a little visit."

"Gross," muttered Star, deciding to stay quiet the rest of the way there.

"You okay, Val?"

Valerie was hunched over her desk, writing vigorously. Her hair covered her face and the paper, but the way her hand was moving, you'd imagine she was biting her lip with such a serious expression it'd be comical.

"Yeah, I just got kind of carried away"

"You looked like you were about to snap the desk in half with the way you were writing. Did you forget another homework assignment?" asked Tucker, raising his head from his PDA for a moment to join the conversation.

"For your information, I did my homework," she narrowed her eyes dangerously at him. She hated it when people talked to her as if she was a slacker. Straight A's and honors marks didn't come easy, especially when you have ghost hunting on the side lines. "I was just writing for Lancer's play."

A hand reached out and grabbed the piece of paper from her desk. She gasped, turning around to glare at her teacher. Class hadn't even started yet!

"You're supposed to be working on your flashcards until the bell rings and class starts. All three of you, back to work."

She crumpled the piece of paper and threw it away, walking back down the isles to presumably see what everyone else was up to.

Valerie wanted to cry. She'd never put so much emotion into a piece of writing! Mostly, it was about her own encounters with Phantom. About how evil, unmercifully, treacherous, and cowardly he was. If her play got accepted by Lancer, and then if they met the talent scout's expectations... Well, the rest of the world that didn't know about Amity would hopefully accept the fact that Danny Phantom was a menace and ban together to get rid of him. The ones who already knew about him and thought he was good would realize how wrong they are. Phantom wouldn't stand a match, and be driven back into the Ghost Zone where he belongs.

... Okay, maybe that's wistfully thinking, but Valerie stood by the fact that getting her play out there would help in destroying Phantom one way or another.

"Ugh... I was almost done with it too. She's so unnecessarily strict."

"You still have two weeks to do it, not a big deal," Danny shrugged.

"You have two weeks. Our plot lines are due in two days," she sighed.

"Still no biggie," said Tucker "I'll even help you with it"

"No! I mean, I don't want to distract you when you have your own thing you should be focusing on. I also kind of want it to be a surprise for everyone," she smiled at him apologetically, but he just shrugged it off and went back to his PDA game.

"That great, huh?" grimaced Danny.

"Mm-hmm," she answered, not picking up his tone.

Someone plopped down on the chair beside Danny, and he felt someone tap him gently on the arm. He turned around to see Paulina sitting down on the seat next to his, her bag still on her shoulder. Star was standing next to her, a bored expression on her face as she looked around the classroom.

"Hey, Danny," she batted her eyelashes, a biological sign of female attraction. Danny would have fell for it a few months ago, too. He considered himself immune now.

"'Sup, Paulina?" he asked nonchalantly, treating the girl like she was just any other person. She didn't show it outwardly, but he knew she hated it. Call it a hunch.

"Can you meet me by my locker after school? I don't want to have any of these, uhm, losers around," she pointed a look towards Tucker and Valerie "and besides, I don't want to be late to class. See you around, and don't make me wait!"

She didn't give him time to answer as she hurried out the room.

"You're not actually going to show up, are you, dude?" asked Tucker once Paulina was gone, his eyes still glued on the game.

"I might, but just to see what she wants. After that, I'm out of the place."

"I'm guessing you don't want Sam to know?"

"Yeah, I still have my detention too. Then I have to get home and do homework so I can get my grades up, or else my parents might actually go through with their threat of making Vl-" he stopped himself when he remembered Valerie was sitting right next to him "of making him my tutor. We'll just hang out next week."

"Awh man, this totally sucks. And to think I stocked up on popcorn for no reason. Whatever, more for me and Sam."

"So it's official? You two love birds are going out?" asked Valerie suddenly because of Tucker's earlier comment of 'not wanting Sam to know'.

"Uh, no. She just shares an extreme hate for Paulina."

"Don't blame her," said Valerie, turning back to her work.

Danny waited awkwardly by where he assumed Paulina's locker was. Whenever he had passed by, he'd always see the Phantom adorned interior of it so it had to be hers. It felt a little awkward, being hated and adored by the girl at once. Of course, she didn't knew he was Phantom, but it was still weird for him. Who gets crushes on ghosts anyway?

And she calls me weird, he mused.

He'd been waiting for ten minutes now, and still no sign of Paulina or her cronies. He mentally gave her five minutes to show up before he left for detention. If he was late, Lancer would probably give him an extra hour. He hoped whatever Paulina had to say was good.

He saw her finally round the corner, taking her time while she texted one of her friends.

"Paulina, could you hurry up, please?" he asked, growing impatient.

"You're lucky I even showed up, Fenton," she spat out the last part as if it were an insult.

"Last time I checked, you asked me to be here, Hernandez," he retaliated.

"Right, whatever." She reached into her purse and pulled out a crumpled peace of paper.

"Give that to Lancer for me, will you? I don't know how this whole thing works but just make sure he picks my play."

"I'm in first period, Paulina. You have it with me, remember?"

He rubbed the bridge of his nose in frustration. Really, he had waited for this?

"Do I? Oh whatever, you're so useless. Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

Danny ignored Paulina's protests and uncrumpled the piece of paper. He had barely read the first sentence before he couldn't contain the laughter that was bubbling in his stomach.

"It was a dark and stormy night in a land far, far away? Really, Paulina?" he gasped. Struggling to read the paper and hold it over his head at the same time. Her writing had dots instead of hearts, and a curly lines everywhere! It looked like some kind of font you'd use on a Barbie doll's box. That, coupled with the fact that he was convulsing with laughter made it very hard for him to stay focussed.

She growled, jumping up and down in an attempt to reach the paper that he was holding over his head. She had never noticed how tall he was.

"Give it back, puto!"

"The princess of Amity Park sat on her thrown watching while the bravest men fought for her hand in marriage!"

He struggled to not fall on the ground from his hysterical chuckling. Internally, he was grateful Paulina wasn't in second period. Propelling herself on the ground and aiming for the piece of paper in his hand, she fell a little short and ended up grasping one of his forearms. Instead of bringing him down with her weight like she had expected to happen though, she just dangled there five inches off the ground for a few minutes before she came to her senses and let go. Since when has Danny been strong?

"Pinche culo!"

She stopped jumping and crossed her arms, slamming her foot down on Danny's.

"You're ruining my pedicure, ass."

His face turned sour and he used his opposite hand to reach down and grab his throbbing foot, hopping on one leg while he howled in pain.

"Ow, Paulina. Where did you learn to stomp like that?"

Today was just full of surprises, wasn't it?

"I'm a cheerleader, duh. Now stop making fun of me and give me back my paper," her lip started trembling like she was going to start crying at any moment, and she gave him her best puppy dog eyes.

"Awh, alright, here you go," he said as if he were talking to a pet that had been deprived a treat.

He lowered his hand, placing the piece of paper in Paulina's palm. Just as she was going to close her hand, though, he pulled back quickly and fixed her with a smug smile.

"I'm late for detention, and it's kind of all your fault. Do you know what being stuck in detention with Lancer, of all people, for two hours is like? Of course you don't. So I'm taking this with me as something to keep me sane. Thanks for the cheap laugh, Paulina, later."

He stuffed the piece of paper in his pocket and walked away from her. Glaring at his retreading form, she took out her phone to rant to Star about what had just happened. Since when had Fenton been so rebellious towards her?

Of course she wasn't going to let him get away with it, what kind of Queen Bee would she be then?

'star, move fenton to numb 2 on the loser hit list'

She closed her phone, a mischievous smirk forming on her face. Oh, Fenton was gonna get it good.

Things are moving reallllly slowly. Dumb fillers. I still don't know how Paulina is going to get her revenge or who is going to get their play chosen, oops. Opinions and Reviews are very appreciated.