Soul mates

Maggie's thoughts about Jennifer's statement about soul mates. An introspective piece. I don't own Days. The Maggie/Jen scenes were on 3/9/11 and 3/10/11.

"You and Uncle Mickey were soul mates."

Her niece's words echoed in Maggie's head. Maggie stared at her wedding ring and wondered for a brief second how much to explain to Jennifer.

The affairs they both had meant they lost ground and struggled to get it back.

The little girl she lost and mourned for to this day, which Mickey never fully understood.

The fact Mickey was always jealous of Bill and never felt good enough for the Hortons, who loved her more. Or at least that how he felt.

The Bonnie Lockhart affair, which she never fully forgave Mickey for. Mickey thought she was dead but the man waited two months to remarry.

The fact she took in the girls, her sweet Mia and her beloved Melanie, just to fight the indifference in the house.

The fact that the idea that burying yourself in work and hoping your marriage will get better isn't sound.

The divorce papers Julie discreetly slipped out of Mickey's office paperwork to give to her, with a shock reaction. Maggie simply shredded them without a comment.

The fact he died before they could fix the marriage. Before they really tried.

She looked into her niece's big green eyes and sighed.

"Yes, we were soul mates."