"Please give it back," I beg. But he just stands there. Everything seemed so wobbly. I couldn't get this awful piercing buzz out of my ears. I reach out to grab my phone, but end up tumbling over my feet. His chuckling seemed to go on for a long time in such a slow pace. I wanted to get away, but I don't think I could stay awake for another few minutes if my life depended on it.

"Why are you doing this?" I say while leaning against a boulder for support.

"Why am I doing what? I haven't even started yet," he taunts. His voice changed levels from high to low. Or maybe it was just me? God I never felt like such a train wreck in my life. I feel his hands grab my arms and pull me towards him.

"No stop," I managed to mumble. I tried to move my arms, but I was already having a hard time blinking. I look around to see three Josh's staring at me. God help me. I let out a small whimper as his lips meet mine.

"Stop," I whisper through his lips. He didn't even acknowledge that he heard what I said. I could feel his hands move their way down onto my blouse.

"No, no, no, no, no," I try to say once again. I start to try and push against him, but it was useless. So this was how I was going to lose my virginity. I could feel a tear spill from my eyes.

"Can you please stop?" I try to beg once more. I could hear him chuckle on my lips.

"I can stop at anytime I want sweetheart. But right now I'm having way to much fun," he says before resuming to kissing my frozen lips. I let out a small gasp as he removes my shirt from my body. I look down to see I was still wearing my bra. I let out a small cry as I feel him remove my shorts. I shut my eyes as I pray for this to be over quickly. I could see little bright lights blinding my eyes. They changed colors from blue to yellow to white.

I let out a shutter as I feel my back lay down on the cold dirty ground. I could hear his low moan as his hands ran up and down my body. My body tenses up as I feel his hands start to inch my panties down.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask once more. I open my eyes to see his blurry face in front of mine.

"My friend is willing to pay me a hundred dollars if I'm able to pop the birthday girls cherry," He says in a smug voice. My mouth just hangs open.

"Sorry I'm blunt," he says.

" Yeah, well I hope that this isn't too blunt," I hear an angry voice say. I could feel a small smile of relive come to my lips. Even though everything was all foggy and blurry, I could recognize that voice is I were miles away. In a flash josh was off of me. I could see a blurry man holding Josh up in the air. I tried to keep my eyes open, but had to close them after I saw the first punch in the face. The buzz in my ear seemed to get louder by the minute. I just lay there for a moment as all I heard was someone crying out quietly in pain. My eyes flinched with every punch I heard.

I could hear my heart beat in a slow and steady pace. I was finding it hard to breath. But it wasn't to bad. I lay on the floor which seems like forever before I feel someone hoist me up in the air. The person made sure they were extra careful while rising me up in the air. I didn't realize how cold I was until my bare skin touched the person's body warmth. If I were more alert I would probably be more self conscious, as I was only in my lingerie. I slowly open my eyes to see a blurry Damon.

"Damon," I mumble. I looked like Damon was walking up to a car. But it was hard to see as everything was all still blurry.

"Shhh Elena, your safe. Just go to sleep," Damon mumbles into my ears. His words were like a lullaby to me. I clutch my hands into his leather jacket that he always wears.

"Thank you," I mumble before falling asleep in his arms. Right before I fall asleep, I could have sworn I heard a, "Your welcome".

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