These Four Walls: The Letter

Lilo was lying on the coach. The Hawaiian teen thought her heart was broken beyond repair, all because of her mistake. She has made her piece with Stitch's choice. His happiness was all that mattered.

"Lilo, I'm home." Nani said as she returned form work, pacing over to her younger sister, handing her a letter. "Mail for you." Lilo nodded, absentmindedly, and started removing the letter form its envelope. Her sister moved away form her to prepare dinner. However as Lilo read the first line, she could not stop reading:


Stitch miss Lilo very much. How is cousins? Meega sokka for leaving. Stitch good now. Ih, Stitch good. Stitch helped many.

Lilo felt a pang of pride at Stitch helping others.

Stitch fond more cousins for Ohana. Yuna is very nice, but Stitch has nightmares bout Lilo. Stitch dreamt Lilo naga loved Stitch. Stitch tough isa true. Lilo love Keoni, Ih?

Lilo gasped as she read the next part of Stitch's letter.

Stitches tell Lilo something. Stitch naga love Angel. Stitch love Lilo. But Lilo love Keoni. So meega left. Stitch thought Lilo would be happier. Stitch naga right. Jumba is working on ship to come back to Kauai. Lilo meet Yuna. Lilo should. Stitch love Lilo, Stitch's bugeebu.

A tear of pure joy ran down Lilo's cheek. Stitch loved her, all along. Oh, she made a huge mistake in believing Stitch would ever love someone else.

Stitch sees bugeebu soon,


Lilo jumped off the couch. "Nani!"