My Twilight

I thought it would be fun to make my own version of twilight. It was an interesting idea and I just needed to write it down. But I warn you now that it may be a little darker than Stephanie's version. I don't own any rights, just doin it for fun. Review Please!

Bella was tired. It had been a long day…

It had started off normal enough. As a servant to vampires ones tasks didn't change much day to day.

She had been roughly woken up at noon to get ready for her master's feeding. She ate her normal breakfast of steak with syrup and eggs with the other servants. The vampires liked the taste of the meat when they fed off you. And the syrup added an extra spark. It wasn't an overly awful breakfast. Other masters she had been under provided no food at all and they were still expected to supply the normal amount of blood. Needless to say, not many made it.

Bella looked around the breakfast room. The stone walls were made with large windows that let in as much sun as possible. Bella herself sat as far away from the windows as she could. She had learned long ago what to do to not die at the bloodsucker's fangs. Those who sat farthest away from the windows smelled less like the sun and therefore were less appealing. And when a vampire was faced with the choice between a healthy tanned human and a pale person who looked sick… Well I guess you know who'd get picked.

Bella lowered her eyes away from the surroundings and stared at the other slaves. There were mostly women but there were some men too. All of them were dressed in little finer then rags. Some of them worse, namely the more comely ones. Bella herself was dressing in pants and a shirt she had been given upon arrival. They had never been changed for new ones so she washed them every chance they were given.

After they were finished with their meals, she and the other slaves was carted off by the guards to the catacombs to await the rising. This coven was a little bigger than most she had dealt with before. There were at least fifteen bloodthirsty vampires sleeping in the coffins under the castle. And there were at least two or more feeders for each individual one.

The morning sun coming in the windows on her way down was beautiful. The vampires had picked out a fabulous home for themselves even though they would never get to see it. She was again stunned by the beauty of the countryside. She longed to run along those fields she saw beyond the windows, but it was never meant to be. She would forever stay in the darkness now.

She had never met her parents. She had been raised in captivity, and passed around throughout the vampires as spoils of war. But she would like to think that her parents were out there and looking for her. But she would never know.

Once a slave, always a slave.

Then the sun was cut off as they headed closer to the catacombs. The halls leading down to the core of the castle were lit only with small flickering candles. The vampires needed no more light then that. But the humans coming could barely tell their hands from the surroundings. As the tunnels became more complicated they began to separate. The vampires slept far away from each other so if an invasion did strike, they would not all be demolished in one fell swoop.

Bella was soon secluded with her own group of feeders. There were two other women with her. She had learned over the two years she had spent with them that the small dark haired one was named Bree and the larger brown haired one was named Jessica. They hadn't grown very close in those years, but Bella put making friends behind her already. They just died on you anyway.

The guard that escorted them every time was walking silently behind them. Bella knew from listening around that his name was Jacob Black. He was a wolf shape shifter. She knew that because she had seen him transform and chase down a servant who thought she could get away during the bathing period.

Once a week they were allowed outside of the castle to bathe in the lake that was right outside. Bella had seen the woman looking out towards the trees beyond the trees. She had still had that spark in her eyes that so many new slaves still held. Bella guessed that her spark had been extinguished long ago. But she had done the foolhardy thing and made a break for it.

Jacob had torn after her. He had been watching her too and as soon as she had made a move he had been there to stop her. He had jumped towards her and as he jumped, his clothes had ripped off by the transformation. Then a giant wolf pinned the slave and tore out her throat. Bella hadn't reacted at all. She simply went back to washing her clothes. Her body was still there as a warning to them.

Looking at him now she knew instantly that he didn't lose a moments sleep over it.

He led them through the halls and finally stopped by their master's door. He pushed them inside and closed the door behind them. Bella stood completely still in the large room.

She had been coming here for two years and knew the whole room from top to bottom. She knew that this master enjoyed having his room very flamboyant. Rich red fabrics coated the room. She knew that the inside of his coffin was red plush material. He kept mood lighting in the form of lots of candles all over the room.

They had a while to wait so Bella got down on her knees and sat down on her legs. She was used to this position now. It was a form of punishment in some countries. She had had to sit for hours in this position. For dire circumstances she had trained herself to be able to sleep like this and not fall over. When masters were punishing you, you did what they told you to.

The other girls picked the plush red chairs up against the wall to seat their regal butts on. Bella just stopped the urge to shake her head at them. Even after all this time they never learned.

They waited at least a couple hours. The girls got uncomfortable and started to shift in their seats. Bella sat perfectly still through all of this but she felt her muscles start to protest.

Bella heard something. She wasn't sure what it was at first. It was a steady thumping sound that got louder and louder. Bella looked at the other girls to find them looking back at her. She stood up and looked towards the coffin, expecting the master to pop out of his rest. But he made no move. She looked about the room to find the sound but she couldn't place it.

She looked towards the door. The thumping was coming from the hallway. Bella knew what it was instantly. But she walked over to the door to check anyway. She pressed her ear up against the door.

And then the room went to hell.

The door behind her burst into splinters. Bella was throw across the room into the opposite stone wall. Splinters followed her and some imbedded themselves into her skin. She didn't try to scream. She had developed a very high pain tolerance over the years so it wasn't really a big deal. She stayed there on the floor and observed the invaders.

She knew instantly that they were werewolves. And not just shape shifters like Jacob but honest to god werewolves. Bella felt her heart race as she saw in the hallway that they had already detained Jacob and were leading him off. She knew he was a man not used to losing, this must be killing him. Bella heard the girls scream. She looked over to them and saw that one of the werewolves had thrown both of the slaves over his shoulder and was already heading towards the door. Bella shuddered and closed her eyes. She didn't want to see another raiding.

It all happened so fast. She was also thrown over a werewolf shoulder but she didn't fight it like the other girls. She was already more then used to it.

Bella found it wasn't really a matter of how you got transported to your destination. It's what happened afterward…

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