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Spoilers: just a drabble on 'Out of the frying pan…', what I think should have happened before DiNozzo and Gibbs went in to question the kid ;-)

Warning: this is slash. Don't like, don't read.

Loosening up the tongue

When DiNozzo was babbling like this, Gibbs often wondered to himself how the younger man's tongue didn't get tied up in a knot. God knows he loved the man but sometimes the need to headslap his Agent felt as crucial as the need to feed or sleep.

Of course, DiNozzo rambled on without a care in the world. Gibbs envied him. "Ah, jeez, DiNozzo!" he sighed. Tony tried to keep a straight face as he heard his Boss' annoyed voice. He'd been Senior Agent for long enough to know when Gibbs needed to vent his aggression. He didn't mind that Gibbs vented on the back of his head. But despite Tony's efforts to give Gibbs an excuse to abuse his head, his Boss hadn't touched him yet. Tony didn't know whether that should make him happy or disappointed.

"Sorry Boss, just loosening up the tongue. I'm good" he smiled. Gibbs looked him in the eyes with an undecipherable gaze. It happened so fast that Tony's head spun – Gibbs grabbed a fistful of hair at the back of his head and yanked him against the wall. He then came to stand so close to Tony that the younger man felt his Boss hardening against his leg.

"Jethro.." Tony sighed as he arched into his touch and let his hands fall to Gibbs' hips. His moan was stifled by Gibbs' lips crashing down on his, insistent and dominant. Tony parted his lips without hesitation, allowing himself to be lost in the whirlwind of love and lust Jethro awakened in him. He let Gibbs control the kiss and when he pulled back suddenly, he left Tony panting, his hands fisted in the sides of his suit jacket.

Tony let himself be lost in Gibbs' blue pools and this time, his gaze wasn't undecipherable. It was open, darkened by lust and an underlying love that left Tony feeling lightheaded. He'd never seen Jethro more beautiful than this.

His lover's voice brought him out of his love induced haze. "That loose enough for ya?" he heared the smirk in Gibbs' voice and let out a rough laugh. He had to remember that. Clearly head slaps were not the only way to soothe his Boss' temper.