-to flirt with, especially by clandestinely touching someone's foot or leg; be slyly or furtively intimate with.

-to seek advantage from, especially by discreet or stealthy means; curry favor with.


Takumi Usui twitched. That was the only word that could describe how he was feeling. Well strictly speaking there were other words like- screwed, damned, surprised or even turned-on. He inwardly shook his head and tried concentrating on other things, like not losing control and jumping on his girlfriend right in the middle of the public café.

No- he would not let himself do that. Although Takumi didn't personally care about other people's opinions of him, he would not, I repeat would not, let his reputation be soiled just because of his uncontrollable testosterone level. Takumi glanced at the girl on the other side of the table, who was currently pretending to pay attention to the on-going conversation the other men were having; smiling and nodding her head when asked her opinion. But Takumi was not fooled and although she looked absolutely stunning at the moment, he could not let the fact escape that is was her fault that his mind was screwed.

"Ano are you okay Usui-san?"

Takumi allowed himself to twitch again. "I am fine."

"Are you sure? You have been quite the whole time," Yukimura gestured to the others "In fact we have been trying to catch you attention since awhile ago." Yukimura said uncertainly, allowing obvious signs of shyness. Normally Takumi would have cracked a perverted joke that would have sent him blushing and a certain ex-Pres fuming, but today he just settled for a nod of head.

"Okay." Yukimura nodded still unsure. He turned to Misaki as if asking her help in which she responded with a shrug. At the corner of his eye he could see an evil smirk settle on her face, which he decided to ignore.

Aoi continued talking about God knows what to Yukimarau and Kanou (both looking extremely uncomfortable) while Hinata was examining the menu. It wasn't supposed to be like this; originally it was only him and Misaki eating out for lunch. She was complaining to him about his constant teasing and pranks which led to her threatening that if he didn't stop she would be the one to make him suffer.

If he had known that she would take it so seriously maybe he wouldn't have ignored her threat.

And when did she learn how to-

And why the hell did she have to be so good at doing it?

Takumi briefly wondered where she even got the confidence to execute her teasings usually showing signs of affection were against her personality. It was almost as if the sudden arrival of their uninvited companions gave her confidence. Earlier today Aoi, Hinata, Yukimaru and Kanou just so happen to drop by the same café. (Takumi didn't even bother thinking why suck unexpected people became close friends) and upon spotting Takumi and Misaki they immediately seated themselves (Hinata in between Misaki and Takumi) while Aoi started his taunts about them being on a date; which ironically enough was the first time it had been true.

At first he had been amused; it was a simple innocent game of footsie under the table. Takumi played along and even smiled every time their feet ended up tangled together after seeing Misaki's flustered features, he knew he could easily win a game against her and kept playing. But as time grew by she seemed to be getting better and Takumi immediately tried to stand up as soon as he realized that he wasn't in control. It didn't work- and so were his attempts to ignore her, her foot started rubbing up and down his leg and around his bare ankles. And when she started sliding her foot higher up his leg- to trickle his sensitive area on his knee, Takumi could feel his face turning red.

Misaki smirked again, feeling herself slowly losing control of her actions, all that mattered was being able to give Takumi a taste of his own medicine. Misaki style.

Takumi tried to regain control of himself and tried sitting up. He froze when he felt her foot not go up to his knee but settle on his lap, where it was now gently but inexorably driving Takumi to utter destruction. For a moment he let himself lose control to his girlfriend's actions. He then realized that he was sliding down his seat, trying to rock himself against Misaki's heel. His breath becoming pants, he tried again to regain control of himself. But Misaki wasn't so easy to give up and gently but demandingly pushed her foot harder against him. Takumi gasped again feeling extreme pleasure from the way Misaki moved her foot against him; it took all the control he had left not to moan in front of his friends.

And maybe if they had noticed Misaki wouldn't be torturing them now. Looking at his companions they still seemed to be lost in their conversation which gave Takumi time to debate whether he would disrupt them or not. Another push from underneath silenced his thoughts, he could deal with this for a few more minutes, and then after this gathering he would execute his revenge. Takumi looked into Misaki's golden brown eyes for the first time since the game of footsie.

"Game on." In which Misaki smirked back.

What both of them didn't notice was that in the middle of the conversation Kanou accidentally dropped his pen on the floor. And upon kneeling under the table to retrieve his pen he was met with the uncomfortable sight of what was occurring between the two. They also didn't notice that Kanou kept silent for the remainder of the conversation, trying to keep himself pre-occupied with his hands.

The only thing Takumi did notice was the fact that Kanou, whose face was red from blushing, patted him in the shoulder and mumbled a suggestion to wait till everyone left before standing up and heading straight for the bathroom.

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