Okay guys,this is my first R&I story and I hope you will like it, don't worry I will eventually go back to my SVU stories but right now inspiration isn't there anymore(it will come back I hope)This story starts right after "I kissed a girl" Season 1 episode 6, I know nothing original there lots of story starts after that episode,but I do have lots of ideas, I think Jane and Maura are two very interesting individuals and I think that they're not as different as you might think when you first see them together, they have actually a lot in common, anyway just give it a try, don't forget to read and review.

Chapter 1:

Pride or love?

"Really Maura, you really had to tell him I was gay?"

"What was I supposed to say?"

"I don't know you could have found something you're smart enough."

"Intelligence has nothing to do with someone's ability to improvise."Maura said trying to justify herself.

"Well thank you for your help!Next time please don't say anything and remind me not to bring you undercover again."

"Would you forgive me if I offered you a drink?"

"That's a good start let's go."Jane said grabbing her bag and moving toward the showers.

After their yoga class they went straight to a bar near by.
The two women started talking about everything and nothing, at least Maura was,Jane's mind was somewhere else,she wasn't listening to what Maura was saying .

"Jane, are you still with me?"Maura said rubbing her arm.

"Yes,sorry."Jane replied, confused trying to go back to reality.

"Well you might be with me physically but your mind is somewhere else,are you okay?"Maura asked worried.

"Yes I'm fine Maura, really."

"Jane, I know you sweetheart, I know something is up,please talk to me."Maura said rubbing the top of her friend's hand.

"Please Maura just let it go, I have to go anyway, Jo must be starving, I will see you tomorrow."Jane said standing up and grabbing her bag.

"I guess so, take care and call me if you need me."Maura said watching her friend walk away.

Jane got home that night and as usual she took Jo for a walk for a bout 30 minutes around her block and then came back home and went straight to was right something was truth was Jane couldn't stop thinking about that thing Maura said, that "she wasn't her type".Maura tried to justify herself by saying Jane was too bossy but Jane knew that wasn't the only reason.
And if she wanted to be honest with herself she knew she couldn't blame Maura for not liking her in a romantic had nothing in common:Maura was a brilliant,well educated Doctorwith good manners, not to mentioned very on the other hand was just a regular working class cop, who swore more then she should,and who would never fit into her clearly had nothing to offer her, she didn't have her money, her education and god knew how much she was damaged, by Hoyt, what he did to her and by other things that happened to her that Maura didn't even deserved better.
But wait a minute why was Jane even disturbed by Maura's comment?The two were simply friends and being from two different worlds never kept them from being good partners and best friends, so why was she hurt that she wasn't Maura's type?
Was she falling for her or was it only her pride talking?

I know that a slow start, but it's a start right?So please read and review, be harsh with me if you want, this was It's my first R&I story I know I need feedback!For the next chapters I will try to focus on Jane's point of view, she will be doing a little introspection into her life, her heart to try to understand her feelings for will be there of course but quite enable to understand what is wrong with her friend, because as brilliant as she might be I see her quite naive when it comes to that matter(love).For those who read my other stories you know I'm an helpless romantic but I don't want to reveal to much.