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"I'm sorry that I can't come the hearing, Steve," the Governor said. "I really wanted to be there when we nail this SOB."

"I know, but it's just too dangerous," Steve replied. "We can't risk Wo Fat seeing you. He doesn't know you sent the helicopter and police after him. He has to think you are in the dark or you'll be a target."

"I still wish I could go," she sighed. "Call me the minute the judge hands down his ruling."

"I will, Governor," Steve said and then hung up the phone.

"You ready?" Danny asked.

Steve nodded. "Yeah, let's go."

Steve opened the passenger side door of the Camaro and got out, walking towards the courthouse. It took some finagling, but the hospital agreed to discharge him in time to go to Wo Fat's hearing. He and Danny walked in silence under the trees and up the courthouse steps. Chin, Kono, and Jenna were waiting for them inside in the lobby.

"How are you?" Kono asked Steve.

"Fine," Steve replied, "The doctor said I'm healing up nicely." Steve knew Kono was not asking about his shoulder, which was carefully bandaged, his arm in a sling. She was asking about him mentally and emotionally; if he was ready to see the man who tried to kill him, who had killed his parents, and who probably wanted to kill all of his friends as well.

And Steve was ready. Ready for it to happen. Ready for it to be over with. Ready to see Wo Fat be sentenced to a trial, where he would undoubtedly be convicted and sent to prison to rot for the rest of his life.

But although Steve was ready for justice, he was not ready to talk about it. So, he deflected Kono's comment instead. There would be time for emotions later. Time to let go of the anger and grief he kept carefully locked away. But not now. Not until justice was served.

And justice was what awaited him as he stepped into the court room. Steve sat down on the first row, behind the district attorney, Danny and Chin to his right, Kono and Jenna to his left.

The Assistant District Attorney, Kathleen Roberts, turned and nodded at them. "You ready?" she asked.

They each nodded back and then turned to see Wo Fat as he was brought into the court room. He was impeccably dressed, as always, without a single wrinkle on his suit or a hair out of place. He looked calmly over at Steve and then slowly looked at Danny, Chin, Kono, and Jenna as he made his way to the defense table.

Each member of the team glared back at him, not blinking, and followed him with their eyes until he sat down.

"All rise," the court clerk said, "court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Hamilton now presiding over the Honolulu District Court."

They rose and stood as the judge entered the courtroom and took his bench, then sat back down.

"Court is now in session," Judge Hamilton said. "The prosecution may begin," he said, nodding to the ADA.

ADA Roberts stood. "Your honor, the defendant Wo Fat, is charged with one count of attempted first degree murder, one count of first degree aggravated assault, and four counts of kidnapping. "

"How does the defendant plead?" Judge Hamilton asked.

"Not guilty, your honor," replied Mr. Lee, Wo Fat's attorney.

"Ms. Roberts, please state your case," the judge said.

"Your honor, the defendant, Mr. Wo Fat, lured Lieutenant Commander Steven McGarrett, Detective Danny Williams, Officer Chin Ho Kelly, and Officer Kalakaua to an abandoned cannery. He then ordered one of his employees to shoot Commander McGarrett and another to strike Detective Williams on the head with a gun. Mr. Wo Fat then forcibly detained both Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams by blocking them in an office. He also held Officer Kelly and Officer Kalakaua at gunpoint and then forcibly detained both of them as well."

"How does the defense respond?" asked the judge.

Mr. Lee stood up, buttoned his suit jacket and smiled. "Your honor, my client is innocent of all charges. He did not lure the complainants anywhere, nor did he attempt to kill them, injure them, or detain them in any way."

"Your honor," ADA Roberts said, "we have the statements of four complainants, who are sitting in this courtroom behind us. They are all officers of the law. They did not make this up."

"Is that so?" Mr. Lee asked.

"Yes, it is," the ADA responded.

"Well, if that is the case, where is the evidence? How do you know my client lured the complainants to the cannery?" Mr. Lee asked.

"He sent them fabricated evidence. He placed marks on a postcard to change an address which lead them to the cannery. "

"And you can prove this?" asked Mr. Lee. "Did you get my client's fingerprints off the postcard? Did someone see him sending the postcard? Or even in possession of it, for that matter?"

"It is a suspicion at this point," the ADA conceded, "but we will be able to prove it before we go to trial, your honor. How else would Mr. Wo Fat have known Commander McGarrett and the 5-0 team would be at the cannery? He sent them the evidence and then he had someone watch the cannery and let him know when they arrived."

"A very unlikely scenario, your honor," Mr. Lee said.

The ADA turned and looked at Mr. Lee. "Then how do you explain Mr. Wo Fat's presence at the cannery?"

Mr. Lee smiled. "My client got lost and was merely stopping to ask for directions."

The ADA looked incredulous. "Your honor…"

The judge nodded, "let's move on, Ms. Roberts."

Steve and Danny looked at each other, concerned. This was not going well.

The ADA breathed in and out and then started again. "The defendant, Mr. Wo Fat, is charged with ordering one of his employees to shoot Commander McGarrett."

Wo Fat's lawyer shook his head. "Once again," he said, "Ms. Roberts has no proof. My client was tested for gunshot residue when he was taken into custody. There were no traces. He was not even in the room when the shooting occurred. And he did not tell anyone to injure Commander McGarrett."

"He had it all prearranged with his employees. All he had to do was give them a look and they carried out his orders!" Ms. Roberts exclaimed.

"So now looking is a crime? Should my client wear a hood everywhere, so he can't look at anyone?" Mr. Lee questioned calmly.

"I certainly hope you have some evidence in this case somewhere, Ms. Roberts," the judge said. "Perhaps it is in the aggravated assault or kidnapping sections?"

Steve was stunned. He looked at Danny, Chin, Kono, and Jenna. They looked exactly how he felt.

After a few seconds, it clicked. Steve cursed every curse word he knew in his head. He stood up and forcefully said, "Your honor, I request a moment with the District Attorney, please."

"Denied," the judge said, "now please sit down."

Steve did not sit. "Then I request a new judge, your honor," he demanded, barely able to control the anger in his voice.

"That is not your request to make," the judge said, indignantly. "It has to come from one of the counsels. And such a request cannot be made once a hearing has started. Now please sit down and be quiet or I will have you forcibly removed from my court room!"

Steve remained standing for a minute, jaw clenched, then slowly sat down.

"What was that all about?" Danny whispered.

Steve shook his head slightly, barely able to hear. The ADA continued presenting the case, but Steve had no idea what she said. It didn't matter anyway.

"Steve?" Danny asked and then gently shook his right arm. "Steve?"

Steve sat there, processing his thoughts and trying to keep his anger in check. Finally, he heard the judge speaking and looked up.

"Due to the lack of evidence presented today, I rule there is not probable cause to move forward with a trial. This case is dismissed. The defendant is free to go." The judge pounded his gavel and stood to leave.

Steve knew it. Wo Fat had gotten to the judge, either by intimidation, threats, or bribery. It really didn't matter. There was no way the judge was ever going to let the case go forward.

Everyone else in the courtroom was stunned.

After a few seconds, Danny recovered, stood up and angrily yelled, "what the hell was that?"

The judge did not turn around but instead disappeared out the back door into his chambers.

Wo Fat shook his attorney's hand, calmly gathered his belongings, and turned to walk down the main aisle of the courtroom.

Steve stood up and pushed past Danny and Chin to the aisle. He looked directly at Wo Fat, hatred and determination in his eyes. "I will get you," Steve promised emphatically, growling each word.

Wo Fat did not acknowledge Steve's threat. His face betrayed no emotion. He did not look at Steve or anyone else. He continued walking calmly, not breaking stride, until he opened the door at the back of the courtroom and disappeared.

Steve stood staring at the closed door, fuming, his body almost shaking with rage.

After a few minutes, Danny placed a hand on Steve's good shoulder.

"We'll get him, Steve," Danny assured. "No matter what it takes, we will get him."

Steve turned and looked at Danny, intensity burning in his eyes.

Then he pursed his lips, nodded, and vowed, "Yes. We will."

The End


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