Black Canary was just leaving after checking over the training system when the transport announced the arrival of Robin and a visitor. She stood to the side, waiting for the boy to pass through, not even concerned with his visitor. It's not as if the Batman's protégé would bring anyone to Mt. Justice who had no business there.

Robin flew past her, flipping through the air to land on his feet. A blond-headed blur zoomed past her, tackling the young hero to the ground as his hat dropped from his head. Robin sent an impressive punch to the taller boy's head, flipping the two over.


Robin braced his forearm down on his throat, but the other boy rolled over the again.

"Ha ha!"

The two boys continued to wrestle like children on a school yard who'd seen too many WWF reruns featuring the Rock and Triple H. Black Canary actually had to admit to herself, that was an interesting alteration to the 'People's Elbow' and 'Pedigree'. The whole while, they yelled insults at each other.

"You hit like a four year old girl!"

"You wish you could hit that hard!"

Granted, they weren't all that witty, but still.

At one point, Robin nearly came to his feet, but a kick to the back of the knees brought him down. For a moment, she was impressed the blond boy was doing so well. Then with a well-aimed kick, he was tumbling away from Robin and fell, sprawled at her feet on his back.

Then the blond saw her. She stared down at him, wide, grey eyes, mess of curly blond hair, baby face and wondered who this kid was supposed to be. He very nearly gawked at her because – holy bikini, Batman! – the woman was wearing a leotard and fishnet that left little to the imagination. And he was already a very imaginative boy.

"Well…" he said, blinking up at her, "Get me some spandex Kevlar and a kitschy costume and call me Tweety."

She glanced from the blond to Robin, who was dusting imaginary dirt from his clothes, situating his shades back on just so, and pointedly not looking at the potentially scary bird. Not as scary as Batman, but she had very impressive glares and stares. Plus, she could probably kick his butt in several different ways.


One word, two syllables…held a lot of foreboding. He turned to her and almost called her 'ma'am' out of reflex.


"I know that you know better, but explain who this is anyway."

He shrugged and gestured to the boy still flat on his back.

"This is Jay."

Arching a slim brow, she glanced down at him again.

"Hi!" he waved at her.

"Get up," she ordered.

He did so, popping up directly to take her hand and bow over it. Robin sighed and slapped a hand to his forehead. It had been too much to hope for that Patrick wouldn't do this.

He should've taken preventative measures for this. Darn you, retrospect.

"I'm honored to make the acquaintance of so epic a heroine such as yourself," he straightened and flashed a boyish, hopeful smile. "In three years or so, I would love to take you to this great little café I know. They have these beignets out of this world."

Black Canary eyed him with half amusement, half confusion and asked,

"Why are you here?"

Since Robin seemed to busy muttering to himself about hormones and morons to explain,

"I'm Jay, Robin's older brother. He wants to use me as show and tell for his team," Jay informed her, nodding knowingly.

"Hm," she pulled her hand out of his and placed both of hers on her hips, "Did Batman okay you being here?"

"Of course."

Right. As if Robin would do something against the Bats orders. Other than that whole Cadmus thing. But that didn't count; it just didn't.

"All right then. Robin, there will be a training session tomorrow. Let me know if Batman needs you for something this time."

"Got it," he nodded into his hand, still unable to look his teacher in the eye.

"Jay, it was interesting meeting you."

"Oh, it was my pleasure," he said earnestly, pressing a hand over his heart.

She turned and walked to the transport. Jay tilted his head as he stared after her departing figure. After she was gone, he said,

"Mm. I hate to see her leave, but I love t – hey! Dude!"

Robin had walked up behind him and slapped him upside the head with his hat.

"Don't flirt with her!"

Jay turned up his nose and grandly situated the hat back on his head.

"Don't tell me what to do."

"You completely made yourself look like a total idiot with her, and me by extension. Besides that and the fact that she's way out of your league even when you are eighteen, she'll probably be married to Green Arrow by then."

"Meh. He'll probably be dead by then. Or M.I.A or paralyzed with some form of brain damage. In which case, she'll need someone to comfort her, yeah?" he reasoned, giving Robin a cheesy grin.

What was with him? Jay was a jerk sometimes and an idiot most times, but he usually wasn't thi… Realization dawned, and Robin gave him a dark look.

"You're going to do that idiot-older-brother thing to embarrass me, aren't you?"

Jay just grinned smugly and mussed up Robin's hair as he walked by him to the hall. Robin sighed as he followed him.

"A little detective, you are."

"I knew I forgot something," Robin muttered.

"Honestly, as much as you've been going on about this, one would think you'd have me sign the contract. I always hold to it."

"I know. Completely slipped my mind though. Just…promise me you won't do anything too stupid?"

Jay turned around and kept walking backwards down the hall. He angled his shades down his nose so he could look his little brother in the eye.

"Like pull out baby pics of you in your skivvies with your teddy bear, Mr. Dido?"

"You wouldn't dare…" Robin growled.

Going for Mr. Dido was low. Just cold-blooded.

"Maybe I will, perchance I won't," he waved a hand airily. "Just consider whatever I do…do as payback for the water balloons."

"Trick," Robin accused, scowling.

"Dick," Jay shot back, smirking.

"This is the last time I ever take you anywhere."

"Aw, don't be like that. I'll behave. Scout's honor."

"Pft. Like you were ever a scout."

If anything, Patrick would have been forced to do any of that. Then he promptly would have gotten himself kicked out, grinning the whole way out the door.

"I so am. I'm a Bat Scout. And I swear," Jay held up his pinky and index fingers and put his right hand over his heart, "on my honor as a Bat Scout that I'll uphold the name of Batman in all his terror and might while bringing no shame to the familia."

"Whatever," he rolled his eyes and shoved past Jay. "Just don't be surprised if you end up getting tased before the day is out."

"Oh, like I haven't heard that threat before," Jay waved that comment away. "You're being over-dramatic."

Over-dramatic. Coming from Patrick of all people, that was just plain insulting. That was like Batman getting on someone else's case for traumatizing someone.