Hi Guys!

LFC Hotstuff here. I'm sure you're all aware of the mess going on here at FFN and there's a chance I won't be posting here anymore once they get to my stories. I had two notifications for my O/S already. I'm not going to wait until the last minute to let you know where to find me and my stories.

I'm a member of this site http (:) /freewritersandreaders (.) ning (.) com or at http (:) / freewritersandreaders (.) ning (.) com/ profile/LeluFontamillas and I actively have my own group there where all my stories are posted in one place. Secure a membership and tell them I sent you. As soon as your membership is accepted, find me here: http (:) /freewritersandreaders (.) ning (.) com/group/lfc-hotstuff-s-stories You will get alerts once I post new stories and chapters. It's easy to navigate the site and the only place where you'll find my stories.

(Don't forget to remove the spaces and parentheses when copying into address bar!)

I will stop posting here soon. Thanks and hope to see you all there soon.

LFC Hotstuff

Author of Walk With Me, Midnight Blue, Irreversible, Live-Laugh-Cry, Running scared and several O/S.