Coming Through

Chapter Sixty Seven – Interesting

Angelus blinked as his cell door opened and a bright light hit him full in the face. The light stayed on him as the person holding it walked over to the table in the corner. There was the sound of metal clinking and the slither of leather then the person set the flashlight on the table and stepped away. "Afternoon, 'Gelus. Which part will it be today?"

Angelus groaned and closed his eyes, his head drooping forward. Spike always made him pick which part of his body would be whipped or cut or beat on every time he showed up. So far, he'd kept the damage to his torso, but with the tiny bit of blood Spike allowed him, he wasn't healing very well, and the new wounds would reopen the old ones, making him hurt just that much more. He sighed and mumbled, "Legs."

"Ah, you've finally decided to change things up a bit. Good. I was gettin' a tad bored. And you know me… I get bored easily." He stepped closer, wearing a huge grin. "Got some news for you that I think you'll like."

Angelus looked up at him, a small sliver of hope shining in his eyes that maybe Spike was going to let him go. "Yes?"

And Spike crushed that hope like it was a fag end under the heel of his boot. "Tonight's the night, mate! Buffy and I are gonna do the ritual! I'll be a mated vamp when I visit you tomorrow, isn't that brilliant?"

Angelus hung his head again and mumbled, "Yeah. Brilliant."

"Glad to see you so happy for us, 'Gelus. Warms my heart, it does."

Angelus looked up with a sneer. "Happy. Yeah. You know, it was Buffy's sweet little cunt that made me 'get happy' all those years ago. I had her first and broke her in good. Not as good as I could have, though. Not like I broke you in. Remember all those times I pulled you out of your wheelchair and bent you over the table? How you'd scream for me when I pushed into your sweet little ass? That's all you were ever good for, Spikey. Taking my cock."

Spike shook his head with a small chuckle. "Gettin' a bit desperate, yeah? You're not gonna get a rise out of me that way, 'Gelus. Tryin' to goad me into lettin' you loose so I can properly defend my pride and my woman? That's pathetic, even for you. You're never comin' out of those chains, you prat. Never."

"What if I let the soul out? You can't keep me here then. The Powers won't let you. Angel's their Champion, they need him."

Another chuckle. "Sure 'bout that, are you? Have you checked on your soul lately? Think you'll find it's gone missing." Angelus' face turned stricken as he checked his triple locked box, only to find it empty. "Had the witches strip it off you while you were unconscious the other day. It's floatin' in its bitty orb, locked up safe and sound in the room down the hall, warded and hidden from anyone but me." Angelus started to sputter and Spike backhanded him, bouncing his head off the wall. "And the Slayer and I had a bit of a meet and greet with the Powers last week. Seems they liked our offer of two Champions for the price of one. Me bein' soulless was a bit of a stickin' point at first, but once I explained that since I've no soul to lose… that I won't try to end the bleedin' world after gettin' my leg over, especially considerin' how often Buffy and I shag… well, they saw the benefit. So the Slayer and I will be takin' over your Championing business, mate, but you can keep the business cards and the pretentious office. We'll be workin' from home."

"They… they wouldn't do that! You're no Champion!"

"They would and they did. They've washed their hands of you, and as a 'Welcome to Bein' a Champion' gift, they gave you to me for as long as I feel like keepin' you."

"What about the Shanshu Prophecy? If Angel's out of the picture, it won't come true!"

Spike snorted. "Now you're just graspin' at straws. Prophecies? You know as well as I do that prophecies are a dime a dozen. Just 'cause some barmy bloke scribbles down a prophecy doesn't mean it's gonna come true. If that were the case then Buffy would've stayed dead when Old Batface killed her, but Xander bloody Harris – a completely human, clumsy, geeky high school kid – voided that prophecy when he brought her back. And you voided your own prophecy when you tried to kill the Slayer, you git. It's been wiped clean off the books, so even if I were to re-soul you, it wouldn't matter. You're done. And you're mine."

Angelus licked the blood from his lip and growled, "You can't do this! You aren't allowed to do this to me! I'm your elder! Let me go right now, William!"

Spike chuckled, "Never knew you were such a whiner, 'Gelus. Think it's 'bout time to see what other noises you can make." He unfurled the whip. "Now, my aim's probably not as good as yours, so I might hit 'other areas.' And I hope you don't mind me practicin' on you 'fore I visit Finn, but practice does make perfect, as they say." He cracked the end of the whip next to Angelus' upper thigh, making him flinch violently. "Soonest begun is soonest done. My girl's waitin' on me. "

The screams echoed down the hallway.




Spike let himself into their suite, smiling at the multitude of candles giving off a soft glow. There was quiet music playing and a trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom. A note propped on the coffee table caught his attention and he shrugged off his duster, tossing it into the chair as he made his way over to the table.


Clothes off. Bedroom. Now.


He laughed as he set the note down and started stripping off. "That's my girl. Ever the romantic." He kicked his jeans aside and walked around the couch, pausing to take a deep breath before he pulled the bedroom doors open. His breath left him in a whoosh when he caught sight of Buffy. She was starkers in the middle of the bed, leaning back against a pile of pillows with her knees drawn up, fully open to his gaze as she trailed a rose down her throat and across his mark.

It traveled down over her collar bone then she circled it lightly around one nipple as the fingers of her other hand plucked at its twin. "It's about time. I was just about to start without you."

No matter how many times he'd seen her like this, her golden skin glowing in the soft light, the sight always took his breath away. Literally. He stood slack-jawed just inside the door and watched as the rose bud traveled down across her stomach and brushed against the wiry hair at the apex of her thighs. It dipped lower, just brushing her nub, and he forced his lungs to inflate just far enough to breathe out, "Bloody hell."

Buffy beamed a smile at him, full of love and delight as she said, "Thank you."

He blinked stupidly and stammered, "What?"

She sat up just a bit, that love-filled smile still firmly in place as her eyes twinkled. "I said thank you. You know… for the compliment."

He replayed the last few minutes in his mind and his face screwed up in confusion. "All I said was bloody hell. I say that all the time, pet, so how's it a compliment?"

Buffy giggled quietly, the rose bud still tracing lightly across her sex. "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." She lifted the hand that had been plucking at her nipple and motioned toward his face. "When you look at me like that, with your face all awe-struck, like I'm the only thing you've ever wanted and you can't quite believe that I'm here and I'm real… Nobody but you has ever looked at me like that, Spike. Like I'm your whole world. So you could say anything, and as long as you had that look on your face, I'd take it as a compliment."

Spike grinned and stepped forward far enough that he could push the doors closed behind him. "So, as long as I'm lookin' at you like the goddess you are, I could say 'dried Fyarl demon snot makes a good doorstop' and you'd take it as a compliment?"

Buffy laughed as he stalked toward the bed. "Ok, maybe not anything, doofus."

Spike cocked his eyebrow as he lifted one knee to the bed. "I'm a doofus, am I? Hmmm. I give her a compliment and she calls me a doofus." He sighed dramatically, pressing the back of one hand to his forehead. "My heart is crushed now. And I had such plans for you."

Buffy sat up and reached for his arm, pulling him down on top of her. "Ok, I'm sorry, you're not a doofus," then she shyly bit her lip. "What plans?"

"Oh, a little of this…" He smirked and lowered his head, eliciting a moan as he brushed his lips over his mark. His lips continued to move south until they'd closed around a pert nipple. He sucked it in, nipping at it with blunt teeth, then smiled around it as Buffy pressed up into him with another moan. He let it go with a pop and licked his lips. "And a bit of that…" He slid down the bed until he was laying on his stomach with his chin resting on Buffy's pubic bone. "And quite a lot of this..." He dipped his head, licking her slick folds from bottom to top then sucking her nub into his mouth.

She arched her back, her fingers delving into his curls and holding on tight as he continued his assault. He licked and nipped and sucked until she was reduced to a quivering mass of tense muscles and breathy, gasping moans, then he slipped two fingers inside her pulsing channel, curving them just right to hit the spongy patch on her front wall. A hard press and a few quick sucks undid her at the seams and she screamed her pleasure at the ceiling as her thighs clamped tight on his head.

He rode out her orgasm, licking gently at her throbbing nub until she'd released his head, then with one last gentle suck he raised his head and smiled at her. "I'd say that was at least one plan I had the patience to see through to the end, yeah?"

Buffy's hands had dropped away from his head when he'd lifted it and she tried to raise them, intending to grab hold of him and pull him up her body, but they weren't cooperating. She panted, "I'm all noodly, Spike. Your plan made me all noodly. Come up here."

He crawled up her body and settled himself lightly between her wantonly spread thighs, the tip of his member just brushing her entrance. "You wanted me, pet?"

She nodded and murmured, "Always want you. I love you, Spike." She licked her lips and looked down to where they were almost joined. "Did you have any other plans for me? 'Cause if they're as good as the last one, I'm all for them."

Spike rocked his hips forward, sheathing himself in her tight heat with a groan. "Got a few, luv." He looked up at the headboard, making sure the trio of candles were burning and arranged properly, then he slipped his hand under the pillow, closing it around the sprig of dried herbs. He pulled it out then crushed the sprig in his fist and sprinkled the herbs on the pillow around Buffy's head. "You remember what you have to do? And you're sure? Once we start, there's no goin' back."

Buffy lifted her hips, pulling him in deeper as she whispered, "I'm ready, Spike, and I'm sure. I want to be mated to you. Make me yours."

"As you wish, kitten." He pulled out slowly then pressed back in just as slowly as he started the incantation. The foreign words rolled off his tongue as he continued the slow thrusts, only speeding up when he could feel the power start to build around them. His words got louder when his demon came out and his thrusts got harder, causing Buffy to grunt with each one as he drove into her. She'd finally regained the use of her limbs and lifted her legs, wrapping them around his pistoning hips as her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, pulling his fangy mouth to the mark above her collar.

He shouted the last few words then bit hard, sinking his fangs into her flesh up to the gum line. He pulled two mouthfuls then raised his head, letting some of her blood spill out over his chin and drip down to her heaving chest. She dropped one hand from around his neck and used her fingertips to rub the blood into the skin above her hammering heart then she touched them to Spike's chest above his silent heart, again rubbing the blood into the skin before shouting her own part of the incantation. Power crackled around the bed, shooting sparks of energy around the room, and a mystic wind suddenly picked up, blowing the curtains up and away from the window.

A bolt of lightning struck the window frame just as Buffy's teeth sank to the gumline in Spike's flesh. He threw his head back and howled as she sucked hard at his blood, swallowing quickly. She released his neck and pulled his mouth to hers, their blood mingling on their tongues as the power reached a crescendo. Spike lifted up, sliding his arms under Buffy's legs then folding her almost in half as he leaned down and licked across his mark. He lifted up again and drove into her hard once… twice… then on the third, he shouted the final phrase of the incantation.

Buffy's walls clenched him in a death grip as she arched off the bed, her head pressing back into the pillow as she screamed her throat raw. Spike's roar reverberated off the walls as his body locked into a taut bow, his head thrown back and the cords in his neck standing out. They held that position for what seemed like hours as the raw, almost excruciating pleasure rocketed through their bodies.

Another blast of lightning exploded the window inwards, showering them with bits of necro-tempered glass as a gust of frigid wind rushed through the opening. The herbs scattered around Buffy's head lifted in a swirling cyclone until they were hovering over the middle candle then all three flames arced up, joining at the center of the mass of herbs.


The resulting explosion of magical energy was felt by supernatural creatures as far away as Las Vegas. Malcolm shuddered slightly then lowered the whip and smiled. "Finally."

Lavelda, who was hanging in the middle of the room, her body stretched into an X shape and secured by heavy chains, looked up wearily as Malcolm's second asked, "Finally what, Master?"

Malcolm smirked as he drew back his whip arm. "William the Bloody has joined with his destined mate, the Lost Slayer."

The whip cracked forward, drawing another line of fire across Lavelda's breasts and another scream of, "Thank you, Master, may I have another?" from her tortured throat.

Malcolm coiled the whip and hung it on its hook then motioned to one of his childer standing in the corner. "You may use it now."

The childe bowed respectfully. "Thank you, Sire. How may I use it?"

"However you like for as long as you like using whatever tools you like. I'm going to be busy for a while, and I want you to make sure it's well used during my absence. Bring a friend or two if need be, then have a minion clean it and put it in its cage when you're done."

The childe bowed respectively again, a wide smile of anticipation on his face and the front of his pants tenting obscenely as he made his way over to the bound woman. Malcolm smirked at her not very well hidden shiver of disgust as he headed for his rooms, his second falling into step beside him. Once they were out of earshot of any childer or minions, Malcolm said quietly, "Looks like that prophecy was right. The Golden Champions have been born. Things are about to get very interesting."



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