House of cards

By Iana

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When you try your best but you don't succeed. When you get what you want but not what you need. When you feel so tired but you can't sleep, stuck in reverse. And tears come streaming down your face. You lose something you can't replace, when you love someone but it goes to waste. Could it be worse? Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you…


The next day was Sunday. Kurt kept silent about Rachel coming back to Lima to Finn; which wasn't all that difficult because Finn kept himself locked up in his room the whole day. On Monday, Kurt left super early to Rachel's house because he felt like if he was stuck in the same car with Finn all the way to McKingley he would spill his beans before he could. His stomach kept cramping in a nervous anxiety that he couldn't dispel.

When he got to Rachel's house, he was surprised to see that not only she was halfway ready but that she looked smoking hot and that Igor and Roberta were also going to school with them for God knew how long they were going to stay in Lima. The explanation was the same as how they got to Ohio before Kurt and Rachel had even arrived. Daddy had pulled some major strings to get them transferred to McKingley.

Despite being halfway ready when Kurt got to her house, Rachel was terrified of going to school, which ended up on them being almost late. Kurt felt like it was something out of a movie and he pictured in his head walking in slow motion. He arrived first and stayed next to his locker to wait for Roberta and Igor to convince a hyper-ventilating Rachel to get out of the car and into the school. Igor ended up entering first, drawing the eyes of several females as he walked to the office to grab his schedule. Roberta, who had absolutely no patience left, simply grabbed Rachel by the shoulders, looked her right in the eyes and shook her violently.

"You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are awesome. Stop worrying about what those jackasses will think of you. Raise that chin and walk in like you own this fucking school. I've got your back, baby."

Rachel took a deep, deep breath and with a shaky nod turned on her five inch fuck me heels, lowered her sunglasses to her face and with a last look at Roberta, stepped inside McKingley High.

Kurt's mouth dropped open when he watched her. The school was half empty because the bell had already rang and the students were already making their way to class, but they started to stop on their tracks to watch those 20 mile legs (how could someone so short have such long legs?) as Rachel made her way towards Kurt's locker. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Blaine coming towards him but he was so hypnotized by the silent corridor he couldn't move his head to acknowledge his boyfriend.

"Wow, is that… Rachel?" Blaine whispered and also gaped when Kurt nodded.

She arrived next to them with Roberta close to her heels, took off her sunglasses and shook her head once softly to displace the bangs from her eyes. A younger boy grabbing his books on the locker next to Kurt's suddenly dropped them all as he looked wide eyed at Rachel and Roberta, going back and forth between them.

"Well, I believe we are late. I'll leave this young lady with you and go grab my schedule. We'll meet later. Rachel, remember: chin up."

Roberta left and Rachel looked at Kurt and Blaine with a half-smile.

"Well, that was… unexpected…" She murmured. They started walking towards their first class, the only one she shared with Kurt on that day. Blaine went to his geometry class and when they walked into the room, even the teacher stopped to stare. It didn't help that Igor arrived right after them and caused even a bigger ruckus as every single girl in class started whispering and giggling. The teacher, annoyed, made an ironic joke about Rachel's disappearance and told them to sit.

Rachel spent the whole class with the uncomfortable feeling on the back of her head that she was being stared at. She made sporadic notes, just to be able to remember what the hell the class was about and find a way to study but as time passed, she became even more nervous because she knew she would meet Finn at lunch and then have three more classes with him. In a row.

Igor kept himself silent next to her, ignoring the longing looks the girls sent him but his presence there was enough to calm Rachel down. When the bell rang, Rachel grabbed her things as quick as possible and left the classroom before she suffocated. Again, without saying anything, Igor placed a gentle hand on her back and pushed her forward towards her other class. For the rest of her classes before lunch, if Igor wasn't with her, Roberta was and she slowly started building her confidence.

She knew the real trial would be lunch, the classes she'd have after and Glee Club. Kurt had told her Finn already knew she was back and had spent the last period on the boy's bathroom hyperventilating. Apparently, Mike and Puck had stayed with him and managed to calm him down. Rachel felt even more nervous after that because she knew that the minute they crossed eyes with each other the whole thing could go down ways fast. Especially when he saw Igor and if Rachel knew Igor well enough as she thought she did, he would make sure to cause enough ripples to send the whole thing to hell. Roberta was also strangely quiet, whispering to her brother once in a while as they passed the corridors. As of the other members of the Glee Club, she hadn't passed a single one of them in the hallways. Kurt and Blaine had explained it to her the day before everything that had happened when she was away. Apparently, they had just won Sectionals against – and that had made Rachel incredibly confused – a new group whose leader was her mother and with most of the girls from New Directions.

Quinn had experienced a whole personality change when everyone discovered she used to be fat and unwanted at her old school. She had dealt badly with Beth coming back to Lima with Shelby and a car crash had also helped her to change her ways. Mercedes was dating a jock and Sam was still trying to change her mind about that. Santana had also changed dramatically when her grandmother had discovered she was in love with Brittany. Kurt had said that for days she had been inconsolable. Ironically, it was one of Rachel's father, who had found her crying when he came to pick up some papers with Figgings, that had talked to her and told her that no matter how much she fought against it, if she really loved Brittany, it would keep bothering her like a thorn on her side and that she needed to live her life for herself and not for others. People changed their minds and maybe, her grandma would see that what really mattered was that her "nieta" was happy. Even if she liked girls instead of boys.

So embracing her sexuality made Santana a little more mellow than she used to be. Shocking to Rachel was also discovering that Karowsky was also gay and had changed schools because he was being bullied AND that he was in love with Kurt. The irony of it…

Kurt also told her that New Directions was going downhill fast. They had Mercedes and Santana as great female vocals and Blaine held up his end as the male lead but they needed that something extra that Rachel brought. Only after she left that the New Directions seemed to realize that it wasn't her voice that made the difference. What made the difference was her attitude, as annoying as it could be sometimes, it pushed them up, pushed them to excel to try their best always. And without Rachel and without Finn, who was dealing with all kinds of shit, they couldn't seem to agree in anything. They fought over songs and were lacking, not bothering trying.

So Rachel was a zero when it came to learning anything on that day. Her mind was going a thousand miles a minute. She still felt so conflicted about Igor. He raised the hairs on the back of her neck and sometimes she looked at him and wanted to just kiss him. Tongue and all, deep and wet. But when she thought of Finn, it was like she was grabbed by her heartstrings.

Lunch came faster than she expected. She placed her books on her locker and was making her way slowly to the cafeteria when Roberta joined her.

"How are you hanging on, baby?"

"I'm…fine I think. People are busier staring at me than worrying about trying to put me down. And anyway, after all we've been through together in New York and after I saw how my life can be after I get out of this school in 6 months, there's not much that can bring me down now."

"Good girl!" Roberta gave her a smile and slapped her hand against the cafeteria doors to hold it open for Rachel to pass.

Finn was sitting down at the Glee Club table was for that he was infinitely grateful because he was positive that if he was up the minute he placed his eyes on her his knees would give out. He could barely draw a breath and when she moved her eyes from the blonde next to her and finally saw him, his world which was stopped on its axis, started moving again; slowly and rusty. And his breath which was coming too fast suddenly stopped mid-way to his lungs.