"I now pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may now…" and before the registrar could say anymore Chris was kissing Jayne.

"What, you couldn't have waited for rest of the sentence?" Nicky chuckled.
"Nope" said Chris smiling "I've waited a long time to hear those words"

They signed the register and it was official, Torvill and Dean had become Dean and Dean. Their friends took a few pictures to commemorate the occasion and before long it was time to leave. They hadn't planed much of a reception just a meal at a local hotel. Jayne and Chris stood and their recessional music began. The familiar beat of a single drum followed by a flute made everyone smile.
"What else would it be?" Chris said with a smile, he kissed Jayne once more and the small group of friends headed for the exit.

As Ravels Bolero filled the small space everything felt right. Yes, they could have married years ago, decades ago in fact, but that wasn't there time. That was skating time, this, here and now, surrounded by the people they loved was there time.

The service may have been short, the vows generic but the love was pure. It was a love that had lasted since they were teenagers, a love that had changed over time but a love that was as strong as the Major Oak of Sherwood Forest.

They had decided to go back to Nottingham, to where their story had begun, to get married. It seemed fitting that the start of their life together began in the town they first met in. The people who they had invited were close friends and family, people that meant something to the couple. If they had been twenty years younger or still in the public eye then there may have been a media presence there. Not now, after all who would want to see two old skaters who had once been famous, get married?

When they walked out the front door of Nottingham Registry Office the sight that met them was so unexpected, yet beautiful it took them back in time, back to a time when the streets where lined with thousands of people welcomed them back from Sarajevo.
"Did you know about this?" Jayne asked.
"No. You?"
Jayne shook her head. She turned round to see the faces of her guests "Did any of you know about this?"
Everyone shook there head, but smiled at the sight before them.

Out in the street, standing either side of the main entrance were a hundred or so people cheering and waving banners of congratulations. One in particular caught the newlyweds attention. It read "Still Crazy About Torvill and Dean After All These Years" and was covered in pictures of there more famous routines.
Chris squeezed Jaynes hand and as they made there way down the four steps they were showered with confetti.

As the noise died down a woman from the crowd stepped forward "We just wanted you to know how much you are still loved and thought about. These are for you" and a large shoe box was handed to the couple. "It's filled with cards, pictures and gifts from your fans all over the word, there are cards there from South Africa, New Zealand and even Australia."
Jayne had tears in her eyes and the emotion was evident in Chris voice "Thank you. But how…?"
"I know it's not exactly ethical, but, I work here. When I was changing the marriage notifications board and saw your names, well, I, we" she said indicating the crowd "wanted to show you what you mean to us."
"Um, wow, um, thank you" Chris said again.
"I do believe the man who is never lost for words is actually lost for words" Robin laughed.