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"Dad?" Robert looked from Maurice, to Maurice, his face registering shock. "But this isn't possible - who - "

Maurice-as-Eames gritted his teeth, and walked straight up to Maurice.

"You...imposter!" he shouted, and then proceeded to land a punch. Maurice dodged, and Robert shocked, looked at the man he believed was his father. "But, Dad, what's going on?!"

"That man-" Eames shouted, careful not to let his mask slip - "that man is not your father!"

Voices were beginning to rise, looking over at the small group huddled near the door. Arthur blinked, shocked. He grabbed Ariadne by the hand.

"Come on."

She followed him, and they hurried towards Robert and Eames. The projection of Maurice was walking towards them. "What are you-"

Arthur was too quick. Swift and light on his feet, he pressed his fingers to the back of the projection's neck, causing it to slump onto the floor. Nodding at Eames, he grabbed a door, opening it to reveal a large cupboard. Swiftly manipulating the dream, he pushed the projection into it, and slammed the door.

Robert, his mouth agape, stood looking from Eames, still forging as Maurice, and then to Arthur. Arthur turned to face him, and swallowed.

"Robert. Listen to me. We are - in a dream." He rubbed his forehead. "Your godfather is demanding that the Empire be split apart. Your father wants to give it to you."

"But who was- "

"That is your godfather's projection of your father," Arthur countered, his thoughts tumbling rapidly to his mouth. "He's not on your side. He wants the money, wants the fortune. You owe it to your parents to take control of it, and run it properly."

Robert blinked - "I-"

"Robert, you need to come with us. Please."

Cobb swallowed as he looked at the man. The gun was glinting, directly focused at his forehead. He blinked.

"Sit down."

Cobb sat down. He could feel sweat breaking out along his forehead. The man kept the gun trained on him.

"You always were a weird kid." The man chuckled. "And now you think you can go into people's dreams-"

Cobb looked up. Suddenly, he knew who this man was. His jaw tightened. "Dad?"

The man blinked. Cobb realised that he was addressing a projection. A projection of his estranged father. He shook his head. "No, you think you know me...but you're just a projection."

"Time's up." The man held up the gun, pointing it directly at the younger man. Cobb swallowed, his nerves suddenly tense.

The trigger was cocked, ready to go.

Arthur pulled Ariadne along with him. "Robert, Maurice! Come on!"

"We need to find Cobb," Ariadne panted. "We have to-"

Suddenly, they heard the sound of a gun shot.

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