Hotch and Emily are undercover not long after Emily is back with the BAU. Will this be the thing that finally makes them talk about their could-have-been past? Story for SussiRay! Rated for sexiness and later chapters.

This is a story for SussiRay, who gave me the prompt 'undercover'. If you haven't read her stuff, you're really missing out! Sussi, I hope this is smutty enough for ya!

Warning – 18 and over only please. Extremely descriptive sexual content.

Hotch's fingers skimmed over her belly, his touch as light as a feather. Goosebumps rose on her arms and she shivered, making a low chuckle sound from behind her.

"Ticklish?" he asked again.

Emily shook her head. "Feels good," she corrected.

"Mmm, maybe I'll just stay right here," he said, running his fingers over her hipbones, purposefully staying above where her pants usually sat.

"No, that's okay," she panted. "You can move."

"Up, perhaps?" he asked.

He didn't wait for a response as he trailed his hands higher, watching her face in the mirror as it contorted in pleasure as he cupped her shapely breasts, his hands not quite able to cover them all. He squeezed them, pressing his palms harder against her supple mounds, his fingers digging in just enough for it to hurt.

"Yes," she hissed, her head falling back to rest on his shoulder.

"Feel good?" he asked huskily.

"So good," she breathed out, arching back slightly, trying to urge him to grip harder.

"Like it rough, do you?" he growled, tightening his hold enough to bruise, but neither were concerned as Emily cried out a resounding yes.

Emily rotated her hips, her perfectly rounded ass gyrating against Hotch's slowly hardening cock. He pushed against her, following her lead as he continued to massage her breasts. Her mouth fell into a small 'O' when he used two deft fingers to find her puckered nipples. He rolled them, pinching down until she shuddered with sheer pleasure, harsh pants leaving her mouth, a sound that Aaron thought could get him off without her laying a single finger on him. He plucked her nipples, watching in the mirror as her breasts went this way and that – any way he wanted. He groaned when she screamed as he licked both his pointer and index fingers before hurriedly bringing them back to her rose-colored nipples, rubbing the moisture around in fast circles.

"Aaron!" she cried, slamming against him, needing more but not having the coherency to form words, let alone an entire sentence

In a flurry of pent up lust, he dipped one hand to her legs, roughly wedging it between her thighs, which were already quivering.

"Good Lord, Emily, you're so damn wet," he growled, cupping her slick mound.

"I blame you," she moaned as he applied pressure to where she ached for him.

Hotch's fingers brushed against her opening, her readiness leaking out to wet his hand. He watched her grind against him and he couldn't help but groan at the sight of her, his cock springing to a full erection. Hotch retracted his hand slightly, the tips of his fingers staying to gently stroke her soaked opening. Emily arched against him, a loud cry leaving her as he collected her juices before sliding them around her aching folds and up to her clit. Wanting to feel more of her, he carefully pressed a finger into her, gasping at just how tight and wet she was.

"Oh, Aaron," she moaned.

"I love watching your reactions," he growled, purposefully dipping his finger further into her soaked core, making a wide circle before retracting it to rub her swollen button again.

Emily moved slightly, making her stance wider, wanting him to know how badly she needed him. Hotch's obvious hard-on, which had been resting against the back of her thigh, shifted with her, pressing against the supple flesh of her ass. She pressed against it, wanting nothing more than for it to fill her to the hilt, to slide in and out of her at a pace that would bring her to completion. He sensed this, but wasn't quite ready to give in yet. He bent at the knees, reluctantly removing his drenched finger from her and allowed his jutting erection to easily go between her legs.

Hotch pumped his hips a few times, nestling himself between her moist folds. He could see as well as feel the glistening tip of his fully erect cock as it slid wetly between Emily's thighs. He reached around her once again, his hand going between her legs and pressing his arousal more against her slickened pussy, both letting out identical moans. The mushroomed tip of his dick pressed against her opening, causing her to loosen her stance, bending slightly at the waist, offering herself to him.

"Fuck, Emily," he ground out. "You're so fucking wet."

He pumped the head of his manhood through her moist pussy lips, teasing her until she was ready to come apart at the seams. He brushed her sensitive clit over and over, liquid heat building in her stomach until it boiled to the point of exploding.

"Aaron," she cried. "Aaron… Oh God…"

One hand on her hip, the other sliding down his erection, he pressed into her, her walls enveloping around him as he hit bottom, Emily's scream near deafening. Her entire body trembled as she felt him pierce her, filling and stretching her so deliciously she couldn't stop the orgasm that hit her so suddenly it shocked her. Her impossibly tight walls clenched down around him and he held her hips, concerned that her knees would cave. He quickly wrapped an arm around her waist and bent over her, holding her close as she convulsed in a way that made his stomach lurch with pleasure.

"Yes!" she screamed, delirious with lust. "Fuck me, Aaron, fuck me!"

Hotch pulled her hips back, stepping away from her just a bit so she could bend over more. He slammed into her, gritting his teeth in order to retain just an ounce or two of control. His hips and abdomen slapped against her ass, the noise of it overpowering the still-humming fan. Emily held onto the sink for dear life as her body continued to shake with what felt like a never-ending orgasm. Hotch felt her practically gushing around his swollen arousal, and he couldn't help but to look down to where their bodies were connected. He let out a feral groan when he saw his thick girth pounding into her tight, willing body, his shaft covered in her juices.

"So sexy," he breathed out, not actually intending to say it aloud.

"Aaron," she whimpered, her mind clearing as her orgasm finally died down.

Hotch immediately stopped, buried deep within her sopping core, his torso molding against her back, their breathing labored.

"Are you alright?" he asked, placing a soft kiss on her shoulder.

Emily closed her eyes and nodded. "More than alright. Could we… take this to the other room?" she asked sheepishly. "My legs are about to give out."

"Mine, too," he admitted.

With a hefty amount of reluctance, Hotch pulled away from her, smirking as she made a sound of dissatisfaction when he fully exited her warmth. He turned her around, tenderly brushing her hair from her forehead and tucking it behind her ear. He cupped her face, tilting it up so she had to meet his eyes. A bright smile appeared on her beautiful face, which was quickly mirrored by Hotch. He kissed her gently, wanting to savor the feel and taste of her now that some of the franticness had worn off. He planned to worship her body, to take her nice and slow, to relish the feel of her as he'd always hoped to do.

"Come to bed with me," he murmured against her lips.

Emily giggled. "That's so cliché."

"Would it be cliché to tell you that you feel amazing and I love you?" he asked, not giving her time to respond as he pressed his lips to hers.

She pulled back, looking up into his eyes. "Not at all," she said, her hands trailing up and down his bare sides. "I love you, too. And believe me when I say you feel more than amazing."

He chuckled and kissed her chastely before turning and walking out of the bathroom, an un-Hotch-like yelp leaving him as Emily grabbed his ass.

"Oh, you are going to pay," he said.

Emily screamed cutely as Hotch grabbed her around the waist, lifting her up in his arms and throwing her onto the bed. She bounced slightly, her hair haloing around her on the pillow, her legs unconsciously spreading in order to welcome him as he climbed on the bed. She reached for him, but he caught her wrists, placing a gentle kiss on each of her palms before putting her hands on either side of her on the bed. He grabbed her right ankle and kissed it, watching her watch him. Realization donned on her as he began placing calculated kisses up her calf.

"Aaron," she said, "you don't have to."

"I want to," he assured her, licking a particularly delicious part of her thigh. "And you're going to like it, money back guaranteed."

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