Jessica was afraid. What did she have to do to escape him, she wondered from her place crouched behind a statue. Jessica didn't want to die, she was young, and she had her whole life ahead of her. Sneaking out in the middle of the night was a bad thing to do, she knew that, but surely it was not punishable by death. She crammed her knuckles in her mouth to stop from crying out in fear when she heard leaves rustling nearby. Tears ran down her face and dripped into the mud, pooling in little holes in the mud before disappearing. More tears fell. Drip drop. Drip drop.

'I can smell you.'

She heard the voice and shuddered. She didn't know what he was but she was sure it was something bad. She cringed inwardly at how she could have ever found this boy charming. Sure, he was good looking with his icy blonde hair and blue eyes but he had slime written all over him. She could see that now. Why hadn't she seen from the beginning? Her mother had warned her, her father had warned her. Christ, even her sister had warned her, her little sister.

'I don't like that boy Jessie,' she'd said to her one day. 'He frightens me.'

But Jessica hadn't listened, had thought she'd know better than her sister, how wrong she was. She'd been besotted with this boy, but not any more, no, not anymore, now she knew exactly what he was. A monster, undeserving of her love and devotion and now she would not even be able to say goodbye to her family. Her mother with her sardonic smile and cold blue eyes, who throughout their fights she'd loved unconditionally, her father who was tall with a beer belly and jolly brown eyes, his hair too bushy for his head, always willing to comfort her, she hadn't listened to him either, her little sister with her light blonde curls and cherubic face, who she perhaps missed the most right then. Another tear slid down Jessica's face as she thought of the times she'd been misled into playing Barbie's with her little sister. She didn't think she'd ever get to do that again. If she made it through that night alive then she'd never complain about playing Barbie's again. She heard leaves crunch under someone's foot nearby and she huddled down deeper towards the ground, squeezing her eyes shut. It was funny how she'd gone back to childhood habits where in hide and seek she'd always closed her eyes thinking that this meant they couldn't see her. She knew it wouldn't work this time but she needed to have them closed. She'd known coming out of the house at night was a bad idea; it had been a gut feeling.
The little voice inside her head had whispered, 'don't go out there, you don't really know him Jessica, be sensible.'
But she'd pushed her doubts aside, she'd wanted to go see him, he was so dazzling and entrancing but now she felt sick at the memories of the many times he'd kissed and cuddled her, at how he said he'd loved her. Felt sick at how she'd have butterflies in her stomach every time he said her name. Felt sick at how close they'd been getting and how she'd been thinking he was the one.

'Stupid cow,' she chastened herself silently. 'You're a stupid cow for falling for a smooth talking, good looking, and murderous wretch.'

Jessica shivered and rubbed her bare arms as a slight breeze wafted past lifting up her hair slightly and making her spine tingle. That night she remembered pretending she was going to bed, but feeling excited about what she was going to do.

'Come meet me,' he'd told her. 'Then we can finally be together.'

Stupid, naive cow. That could mean so many things. She'd thought it meant that they could lie in each others arms all night, the way they couldn't do in the day time where many eyes would watch her and report back to her parents. Her parents disapproved of her boyfriend and had warned her to stay away. But love was unbreakable, she'd sworn passionately to herself. Or so she'd thought. But no, she'd been proved wrong. Her parent's instincts were much better than hers and so were her little sisters for that matter, but she hadn't listened. Finally be together could have meant what she'd thought it had but it hadn't because murderers didn't want girlfriends, they wanted victims and she was to be next. He'd obviously decided that he'd murder her and then commit suicide, and then they could be together. That was sick and wrong. Yes, that night when her parents had fallen asleep and her little sister was snoring soundly from her room, she'd got up and put on her shortest skirt and most flesh revealing top, regardless of the cold weather. She'd wanted him to think she was beautiful, the most beautiful girl in the world. So she'd began the cold walk down to the woods where she was to meet him. She'd made sure she was quiet, she'd wanted to surprise him and then she'd caught sight of him deep in the woods by the big oak tree. Their tree. It was roundabout the centre of the wood and they knew the way there. It was easy if you knew what the signs were. A piece of ribbon here, a weird looking tree there, it became easy. But she'd underestimated how confusing things became when you were scared. She'd tiptoed closer but was stopped in her tracks when she'd heard him speaking, his low melodic voice floating to her across the wind. At first she'd thought he was speaking to himself but then she'd saw the phone.

'She'll be here in a minute,' he'd said glancing around him.

Jessica had moved to stand behind a tree and then turned to look at him again when a few minutes of silence had passed. She'd guessed he was listening to the other person on the phone. Then a nasty laugh had come from him, one so unlike his usual self that Jessica had felt the first slithers of unease creep in.

'Don't worry,' he'd said. 'She'll do anything for me; she's so in love with me.'

Jess had felt like she'd been punched in the stomach and wanted to run before he could get her but the need to know more was growing and she found she was rooted to the spot.

'Jake, mate, listen to me, by the end of this night their will be no Jessica. Understand?'

Jessica stumbled backwards, her hand covering her mouth which was open in a silent O. So he meant to murder her, she'd thought, She barely saw him close the phone through the film of tears in her eyes before she was running back the way she'd come. She was dying to get back to her house, was that a scrap of lace there? Was that the tree? She didn't know. Her mind was in a disorientated state. She felt, not so much as heard him behind her and she knew that within a second he would be on her and then there would be no escape. He'd always been much faster than her. Jessica saw a huge statue and dove behind it, pulling her knee's to her chest in despair. And that's where she was now, feeling alone and broken hearted, that same broken heart beating so loud she was amazed he couldn't hear it.

'I can smell you, baby. You smell so good, as usual. Why don't you come out and we can solve this Jess. You don't have to hide any longer; you know I'll find you.'

Spiders skidded across Jess's spine and she knew that he was very close now. The wind blew harshly sending his intoxicating smell towards her and then away from her and with it her last shred of nerve. She bolted forwards, hoping to outrun him, knowing in her heart it was impossible. Maybe she could lose him? Jessica ran blindly forwards, unable to see many things now. To begin with it had been light enough to see most things but now as she retreated further into the woods, it became darker and shadier and she could not see many things at all except for the huge hulking tree monsters. She debated trying to climb one, or debated as well as her frantic mind would let her, but she'd never been that good at climbing tree's and she was sure he would catch her before she'd even got one foot up. Jessica stood on her shoelace in her haste and fell forwards into the mud, feeling the little stones imbedded in it digging into her palms. But she was up and running again without a second thought, her hair flying wildly around her. She was gasping for breath but she would not allow herself to stop. But it was her speed in the end that let her down. She raced full speed forward and banged straight into him in front of her. She fell to the floor and tried to scramble away but he grabbed her arm. How had he gotten in front of her? It wasn't fair. It didn't make sense. He pulled her to her feet and grinned at her the smile that had once made her heart do somersaults, now it made her shrink back in fear and revulsion.

'Gotcha,' he smiled.

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