A.N: Thanks for the reviews and questions, I tried to answer them as best as I could.


Will there be a sequel?

Yes there will be a sequel. I know what it's going to be called already but I'm undecided if I will post that one on here yet.

Will there be any other books in the series?

I have loads of little stories planned around my characters I'm thinking of posting one about Summer, Winter and Rowan because it doesn't end the way you think.

What's going to happen with Vixen, Ali and their baby?

I've recently decided to expand the plot with Vixen and Ali, throwing a little love triangle in there. This wasn't originally planned but in book two there will be more of that. The baby – I also have a plot revolving around the baby in book 2 and in book 4 she will have the baby (Yes I've planned that far ahead).

Will there be a story about Alex and his past?

There will indeed! Or that's what I'm hoping anyway, I have his backstory all planned out and what's going to happen in it, just to give you an insight into his life. I'm obsessed with little side stories just because I want you all to know the characters really well.

Will there be a story about Rowan?

Yes hopefully. A story revolving around him Summer and Winter.

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Will there be a story about Luke or Cameron?

I haven't planned one no. I've had so many versions of Destined in my head that Luke is now not a character and Cameron has changed quite drastically. So no I haven't planned one for Cameron but I could always spin up a little short story if people were interested.