A/N: Sometimes people send me drabble prompts on Tumblr. I decided to share them here, and since none of them are really long enough to warrent being their own story, I decided to put them all in one. :) However, I'm pretty sure I don't understand the meaning of 'drabble', because these always end up being longer than intended...

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Walking through the halls of McKinley High again is a surreal experience. He gets more than a few strange looks, and the football players sneer, but no one dares touch him, at least not yet. It would be easier if he had a hand to hold. He feels exposed here, and it's not a bad thing, but he also feels very isolated.

Until a finger taps him on the shoulder, and a familiar voice says, "Hey, can I ask you a question? I'm kinda new here." Kurt turns around, staring into the adorable, grinning face of his boyfriend. His long distance boyfriend, as he had been trying to come to terms with. Here, dressed in (horrible, sickeningly hipster-ish) regular clothes, though his hair still has about ten pounds of product in it. Kurt can't wrap his mind around this, so he ends up blinking stupidly until the confidant smile on Blaine's face falters.

"What. Why. How." Kurt stumbles over the words.

"I go here now. To McKinley." Blaine says. "Isn't this great?"

"Are you insane?"


"Blaine, they're going to slaughter you just for talking to me!" Kurt hisses.

Blaine shrugs. "Nothing I haven't dealt with before. It'll be worth it!"

Kurt doesn't want to be freaking out, but he can't help it. He isn't scared for himself anymore, not really, but he's terrified for Blaine. "Oh god, please don't tell me you transferred just to be with me, because that is insane."

"What – Kurt, no – I mean, yeah, but that's not the only reason." When Kurt still looks skeptical, Blaine grabs both of his hands and squeezes them. "Look, you don't need to worry about me –"

Kurt notices Azimio before Blaine does and ducks out of the way on pure instinct, but Blaine gets the full blast of the slushie right in his face. The bully yells out, "Welcome to McKinley, homo!" as he walks away, and Blaine doesn't answer. Kurt winces at the sight of the sticky red slushie dripping down his shirt, permanantly staining the fabric. Blaine tries to rub some of it out of his eyes but only ends up making it worse.

"Still worth it?" Kurt asks grimly. He grabs Blaine by the arm and leads him to a nearby bathroom, not checking to see if it's meant for girls or boys. Luckily, it's deserted. "Shirt off," he commands, and Blaine dutifully pulls off his (absolutely hideous and hey, this is the perfect opportunity to dispose of it) ruined sweater. Blaine still hasn't spoken, and he looks pitiful. "Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I mean, it was bound to happen eventually, but on your first day…"

"How do they get away with it?" Blaine fumes as he tries to wash the corn syrup out of his eyes.

"It's always been this way." Kurt shrugs. "Here, let me. If we don't get it out of your hair, it'll be impossible later. Lean over." He holds his hand until the tap until the water is warm, then gently runs his fingers through Blaine's curls, easing out the gel and hardening slushie. He's always adored Blaine's hair and can't help but enjoy this, no matter how terrible he feels that Blaine has to suffer it. "There. Now the rest of you." He finishes, smirking a little. He wets a paper towel and starts dabbing around Blaine's eyes.

"Are you really mad that I'm here?" Blaine asks softly, leaning back against the wall and letting Kurt continue to clean him up.

"What – Blaine, no." He leans forward and kisses his boyfriend soundly, enjoying the little sound he makes when Kurt pulls away. His mouth tastes like cherries, and Kurt finds himself re-evaluating his stance on cherry flavored slushies. "I was surprised, and I kind of wish you had talked to me about it, but it's fine. I'm just worried about you. But I missed you, and I'm glad you're here."

There's no way he can get all of the slushie off, but he does his best. There's still a long streak of it running down Blaine's neck. Before he can even think about it, he ducks his head and kisses it, and then dares to actually lick the slushie residue away. Blaine gasps and stiffens beneath him, and Kurt nearly pulls away, blushing in embarrassment, because they don't just do things like this yet. They make out, sure, but he's never had the nerve to experiment like this. But then Blaine's arm wraps around him and holds him there as he practically melts against the wall.

"It is worth it." Blaine says softly.

"What is?" Kurt nuzzles against his boyfriend's sticky neck. This should be gross, but somehow it's okay.

"All of the crap I'll have to go through here. It's worth it. All the slushie facials in the world are worth it for you."

And, well, Kurt couldn't keep from kissing him again even if he'd wanted to.