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Lunch time arrived in San Francisco City. Streets, restaurants, houses and cafeterias were full of people everywhere, all gathering to have a little break before get back to work or school again. But there was a busy woman still working and not thinking about having lunch or anything related to it; she was sitting on her desk, writing on her laptop focused on her column, when felt a presence standing by the door of her office.

"Do I have any meetings today, Elise?," asked not looking up, she knew it was her.

"No, there's just a couple of letters to sign, and Jason won't be here until tomorrow," replied smiling, that girl was alwas efficient.

"Ok, thank you," said Phoebe with a quiet smile as her boss and almost business partner left.

As soon Elise couldn't see her, she sighed and rolled her eyes, hiding her face in her hands. She was tired, really, really tired of everything, but mostly of the "love" topic; she liked Jason, she felt something for him it was true...but that was not love, and that was annoyed her the most: Jason loved Phoebe, Phoebe just liked Jason.

"Dammit," muttered, putting her forehead on her desk, hitting the floor with her feet, she had been thinking about it the last few months with no stop.

"You have a call," said Gloria walking in from the hall, looking at her with a curious face and letting a pile of letters tied with a rope over her desk.

"Right, thanks," replied Phoebe, straightening her back and picking up the phone, "Ask Phoebe, it's Phoebe Halliwell, What can I do for you?"

"You have no idea how much I wish you to stop saying that everytime I call you there," complained Prue.

"Oh, sorry, but you're calling to my office when you're supposed to call me to my phone, don't you say the same when I call you to the 415 magazine?"

"I hate when you're right."

"And I when you are, so, what's up? I'm sure you didn't call to listen my job's motto".

"Right again".

"As always" .

"Don't overdo".

Phoebe wrinkled her nose and giggled. She missed Prue, and a lot, the last months she had been very busy to see her sisters as often as before, and even though she lived with Paige, her mother and gramms, and Prue and Piper were visting the manor almost everyday, she didn't feel comfortable around since six months ago...actually, she had never felt comfortable with her life since she was fifteen, but nothing she couldn't handle...but now, she had been feeling totally out of place again. And...she had no idea how to tell them that she had accepted Jason's proposition to move to China, when they didn't even know he had asked her to do so...How to tell them she had said yes? It wasn't about going home, sitting in the living room and say "I'm moving to China, hum, can we have some sushi to celebrate?" then expect them to accept it and don't get angry for not telling them or at least, asked them about their opinion.

"I'm calling to tell you that Piper, Leo, Paige, Andy, mom, gramms and I", said, breathing after all those names, "Are waiting for you to have lunch, with or without Jason".

"Oh my God," said Phoebe hitting her forehead, frustrated and now, pissed with herlsef, "I had totally forgotten about the lunch, how late am I?"

"Not too much, I called you before you got a chance for being late," said Prue, rolling her eyes.

"Ok, ok...," she said a little nervous, looking at all the papers on her desk, all her schedule was wrong now, "Eh...but..."

"You can't come, can you?," muttered Prue, clearly dissapointed.

"Sweetie...," started Phoebe, feeling guilty and sad, "I'm really sorry but...you know I...there are a lot of things to do and...the talk show starts tomorrow night and..."

"It's ok Phoebe, you don't need to give me any explanations," said Prue, trying to be comprenhensive, but kind of sad and angry.

"But...Prue I...," continued, rubbing her face with her free hand, "I don't want you to think that I don't wanna go".

"We don't. Don't worry, it's ok, I'll tell mom you're in a meeting and you said hi. Gotta go, love you".

"But...," tried to say Phoebe, but Prue had already cut off the call, "Great, just great," said getting upset.

She threw all the papers on her desk to the floor and closed her laptop, two seconds about to threw it for the open window. Why was so easy to mess up everything? To hurt the people she cared the most? Her mother, sisters, grandmother, had been reminding her the lunch the whole week...and she, she had disappointed them again. As always, she was a failure.

At the manor, Prue was keeping her phone in her pocket as everybody looked at her waiting for Phoebe's reply. It was a lot of pressure, and didn't know how to tell them that she wasn't going, what wouldn't be news, she never had time enough to share with the family; nor in the past, least now.

"So...?," asked Patty, very excited and carrying a big white box in her hands.

"She...," started Prue nervous, she didn't want to make her mother feel sad, "She was in a meeting and very busy as, as always and said that..."

"Got it," said Patty interrupting her, and leaving the box over the table.

Prue looked at her feet like a little kid when does something wrong as her mother changed her wide smile for a serious face.

"I don't know how on Earth we thought she'd come today," said Paige, somewhat angry, snorting.

"Don't feel bad, it's all because of me, If I wasn't..."

"No Prue," said Penny cutting her speech, throwing her hands, "Don't do this to yourself sweetheart. She needs to let her past go, and you to live your own life, no matter what", asked in a soft tone of voice, staring at her with pity.

Prue sighed and walked to the window, crossing her arms and standing by it, looking at the cloudy day; and if she was all blue after talking with Phoebe, now she felt worse looking out. It was a horrible day.

"That's what you say because you have no idea how miserable I feel when I talk to her knowing she's suffering but trying to make us believe she's not", explained, embracing herself.

"No we have no idea, but she needs to learn that is not the only one person around," opined Paige bitterly, bitting her tongue in anger.

"Don't say that," asked Patty, brokenhearted and almost shaking; she really hated when Paige began with that attitude, "Can you imagine how does feel th...?"

"No mom, please," said Paige, interrumpting with an ironic laughter ,"You don't need to tell me her story again, or to ask me that question everytime she behaves as an egomaniac".

The bell ring made them all stop talking, and Paige used her opportunity to leave the kitchen to open the door. She was pissed. She just hated when all started to deffend Phoebe when it was obvious she was the only one who was wrong. She loved her sister, it was true, but she couldn't help blame her for what she had done, and her heart was usually in a battle, loving and hating her sister. Paige sighed and made a big smile before opening the door: it was always better to act as everything was perfect, than explaining why she was sad.

"Hi!," smiled Piper and Leo, holding hands and standing in the door.

"Hey!," smiled Paige back, raising her eyebrows repeatedly "How's the couple of the semester?"

"Happy," answered Piper, getting in the manor with Leo, walking to the dining room, "You won't believe the place we got," said excited, looking at her family.

"Then tell us!," asked Prue, trying to distract her mother and herself about Phoebe.

"Ok, do you remember the church in Filbert street?," asked Leo.

"Of course we do, there's where the girls were baptized," said Penny, sitting at the head of the table near to the stairs.

"Wasn't about to be destroyed this weekend?," asked Patty, still sad and at the other head.

"Yeah...," seconded Paige, twisting her mouth as remembering her first communion and confirmation, her happy memories.

"Not yet," said Piper happily.

She kissed her grandmother and sat to her, infront of Prue and next to Leo, who was two empty chairs from Patty. Phoebe's and Jasons' empty chairs.

"Leo has some friends, and they have some friends, and their friends have friends that have friends and..."

"That's a lot of friends," joked Paige, hitting her hand with Prue's, who was one empty chair, Andy's, from her.

"Don't mock on her girls, she's excited," smiled Penny, and both giggled quieter.

"Ok, to the point," continued Piper, "Leo and I are getting married there!"

"Married?," asked Paige with a small smile.

"There?," said Patty surprised.

"What?," inquired Prue, frowning.

"When?," finished Penny.

Leo and Piper looked at each other and now they were the ones giggling. It was good having a nice surprise to share, for a change.

"Don't look at us as we were freaks or something," said Piper, serving a glass of wine.

"I know we have been engaged for barely two months but don't worry, we won't be like Prue and Andy," explained Leo.

"Hey!," complained Prue, throwing him a piece of bread.

He said that because as soon Andy moved back to San Francisco, they met casually at the hospital one day she was accompanying Paige to take some medicines for Sam, Paige's father. They had a little chit chat, flirted when discovered both were single, and dated the next day. And the next day, and the day after, until a few weeks later he proposed. Prue said yes inmediately, and letting herself made something crazy for love, got married two days later. Her wedding was six months ago, and that was the same time she had been carrying their first baby.

"My brain hurts, I don't understand," said Paige.

She was confused. Piper and Prue were always the most centered between the four of them, and both were taking fast decisions she would never expected they would, but she knew that with thirty and thirty-three years old, they were old enough to take those kind of choises.

"Ok, ok, let me explain you," aked Piper, "The municipality gave the old church another ten months to be saved, or destroyed".

"Are you gonna destroy it or save it?," asked Prue, eating the rest of her bread.

"Neither," replied Piper, "Just have a nice and private ceremony there".

Piper smiled widely and kissed Leo, while she showed them the new ring he just bought her. It was silver with a white jewel, not too big because she hated recharged and exaggerated things, she just wanted a nice symbol to tell the world she was marrying the best man ever. Prue took her hand and showed it to her mother, Paige and gramms.

"I absolutely love it," said Paige sighing, taking off Piper's ring from her finger and handing it back to her.

The bell rang again and told them that the last relative just came home.

"It's Andy," said Prue, with a smile of love, trying to stand, but Piper moved faster.

"Don't, baby needs calm," smiled at her sister's tummy.

"Let's eat", said Paige getting up to serve lunch with Leo's help, waiting for her sister and brother-in-law.

In Miami Beach, Florida, two bussiness men were sitting in a office and drinking iced coffee. The day was hot, as always in that place but that didn't stop them to make some good business.

"Ok, so, everything is ready," said Jason, signing a paper, "She'll be here this Friday".

"Will be a success, trust me. There is not a better library than Steve's pages", giggled the fat old man owner of the network.

"I'm sure there isn't," answered Jason, faking a kind smile, "You'll love her", added talking about Phoebe.

"I already do. Don't forget to ask her for an autograph for me, Jason", reminded him, taking his part of the contract.

"I won't Steve", smiled Jason, at seeing the amount of zeros she and he were earning in a couple of weeks, "I won't", repeated, before drinking from his glass.

Back at the manor, the family had eaten their lunch all in peace, sharing some gossips, talking about job and people, and now were in a little chat while waited a little before dessert.

"I think the cake will have to wait," said Patty, when thought it was time to serve more food, "Sorry guys, there's just some vanilla ice cream".

"It's fine mom, don't worry about that," said Piper, trying to cheer her up and to help her to don't feel bad, although she knew it wasn't up to her or a cake.

"Are you ok Paige?", asked Andy, a little worried at seeing her like lost in her mind.

"Sure, I just...I'm just tired. I had a bad night," lied quickly, taking her glass to drink a bit; actually, she was remembering a painfully scene from years ago.

It was a typical night, well, not that typical. Sam Matthews, Patty's husband, had won a very important election that was helping him to make his name in the political world, and was a night to celebrate.

"Here's your congratulations cake love," said Patty, carrying it from the kitchen and leaving it on the table.

"You cooked this?", asked him, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes," she smiled proudly, "I thought it would make it more special".

"And I thought you'd remember I just eat cakes from the old gelateria," replied angry.

Patty looked at her feet, trying to don't drop a tear infront of her daughters and mother, who were all watching the scene.

"I'm sorry, I can go for one right now if you want".

"No, too late. Let's eat this," said making a grimace of disgust.

Patty nodded and her mother, who was very upset at the way that guy treated her daughter, granchilds and herself, but just handed her a knife to cut the cake and remained in silence. She had talked with her a thousend times about that, but she always replied "I'm doing this for the girls. They need a father, a family, I can't deceive them". She knew Patty was trying to be a good mother, but was being a fool and letting him abuse her psychologically, sometimes, physically. Penny helped her to distribute the plates, noticing Phoebe's dinner was still there.

"Darling, you haven't touched your food. Are you ok?", asked her grandmother, kindly.

"I'm not hungry".

"You ate candies before dinner and that's why you don't want to eat now. Don't be a brat and eat it all, that's an order. Food it's too expensive to throw it away," said Sam.

"Yes I did," lied Phoebe, actually, she was pissed after a fight she had hours earlier.

"Don't you dare to talk to me like that. I'm your father, not a classmate".

"I'm sorry".

"No, I am sorry," he said getting up, "I'm sorry because my wife, the only thing she has to do is buying a fucking cake and mess it up. Because my daughter doesn't appreciate all the hard work I do and pretends to throw the food I bought away. I do everything for you all, without me you are nothing and you don't get that".

"Don't say that. We appreciate you," said Paige, hugging his father who kissed her cheek softly, the thirteen years old couldn't stand to know he was feeling that way.

"I know you do baby girl," he said caring, with a smile before kissing her hand.

Phoebe bit her lip to not cry, but she couldn't help that when she was seeing how much her father loved Paige and hated her. She had no idea why he was so cruel with her and her sisters, also with her mother. It was like, Paige were the only one he actually loved of his four daughters. Incounciously, she started to play with her food, while thinking about that.

"Don't play with your food. I told you to eat it," he scolded, "I have to go to Sacramento this summer. My people asked me. It's necessary for my career. So we all, are going there. It would be better if I can show people how united we are as family".

The girls rolled her eyes. They hated really much to go with him to those kind of things, when he pretended to be the best father and them, the best daughters, when indoors, he was...the way he was.

"When are we leaving?", asked Patty.

"As soon the girls finish school, next friday night".

"That's in two days," said Prue, "When are we back?"

"Before you and Piper starts your university classes. Three days earlier".

"Are we staying at Sacramento the whole summer?", asked Phoebe, almost yelling.

"Yes missy. Why?", asked him, pissed again.

"She just inscribed in a summer advanced class at school, so she can practice her maths with tutors", said Penny, who had signed her permission days ago.

"Why? That would be useless. This girl can't even count to ten. It's stupid, if she can't get more than a B in her regular classes, how is she suppoused to understand anything? Advanced, pff."

"Don't be cruel," said Prue, clentching her hands. She couldn't stand him, less if he was talking her sister like that.

"Shut up. I'm not talking to you," said Sam, "Can you tell me Phoebe, what would be the use? You're dyslexic girl, you'll never get more than a stupid C. Don't waste time. You'll come with me, your mother, your grandmother and your sisters. And I'm not asking you".

"Yes father. You're right. I'm useless with numbers, and it is not a good idea to waste my time trying to improve when I'll never make it," said trying to not cry, and he nodded, "May I go to my room, please? I would like to pack up".

Patty shut her eyes and let a tear roll her cheek. And Prue thought It was enough. She couldn't stand him anymore, she couldn't stand him talking her sister like that and making lose all confidence in herself.

"Yes you can Phoebe," said her big sister.

Sam looked at her with his eyes wide open, since when she had the nerves to challenge him?

"Who you think you are to give commands? I'm the only one who rules this place and his father. I'm the boss, you just stay there in silence because I'm good, otherwise you'd be out of here living under the golden gate bridge".

"No, you are not. You are anything but an asshole. You think you're too macho because you make my mother cry, my sister to feel like crap but you are not. You are an idiot. A real man don't need to abuse his family to prove he is".

Sam got up with fire in his eyes and walked to her.

"Don't you dare to raise your voice to me, or talk me like that again if you don't want to lose all your teeth".

"I'm not afraid of you Samuel, not anymore," said Prue standing up also, looking at his eyes.

He smiled and nodded. The whole table was almost in panic, and Paige knew that, despite her father was all sweet with her, he could be very mean to her sisters. But she never expected to see him hitting one of them, until saw his arm raise in the air adressing Prue's face. What he was doing? Why he was doing that?

"Don't!", yelled Piper, grabbing his arm to stop him.

Prue closed her eyes, in a reflect and opened them fast when heard Piper's cry.

"This is not your business bitch," he yelled back, he had lost all control.

Paige opened her eyes as plates, she couldn't believe his attitude. She couldn't believe that was actually happening, it was their father for God's sake!, He was suppoused to protect them not to hurt them! And, was he swaring? He had never swore before, what was going on?

"Don't you dare to touch my sister!", said Prue this time, stopping him to protect Piper.

She pulled her little sister away, almost made her fall but she didn't care: she just wanted to kill Sam. To put an endpoint to that story.

"Prue stop please".

Prudence didn't pay attention to her mother's request, neither looked at Piper, her others sisters or gramms: she was tired of all that, pissed as hell. She was done and it was time to cut that off.

Sam was standing, waiting for her reaction. He looked like a furious bull, and even Paige's touch trying to calm him down, worked at all. His little girl was worried, and trying to avoid him to hit her sisters but he didn't listen to her, he didn't pay any attention to her. She was hurt, she was living a nightmare.

"I shall not let this jerk to keep controlling when he has any right to do it," continued Prue.

"Shut up," warned him, scared at realize she was about to say something really important that nobody should ever listen to.

"No," she smiled, "It's time that somebody has the courage to tell what the hell is happening in this family".

"Don't...,"tried to say Sam.

"Shut the hell up!," yelled Prue, and he opened his eyes again: she had never, none of them, talked him like that, "You think you've all the rights to do wathever you want just because you're my mother's husband, but you're wrong. I won't let you touch any of my sisters never again, and I'm talking about them all. You won't see my mother crying again Sam, and my grandmother will be able to speak whenever and whatever she wants!"

"What's wrong with you?," asked Paige confused, "Why are you talking dad like that?"

"Prue, sweetheart," said Sam pikcing his words, trying to act as a good man, to pertend, to convince her, "Think it twice".

"Prudence stop this nonsense", asked her mother, who was about to faint.

"No mother. I can't stand this anymore. I won't let him keep hurting you nor my sisters, it's enough. If you can't see you're wrong, I'll have to show you and set you free from this guy. My sisters, you, gramms and I deserve a life better than this, I'm sorry if you're so blind to notice".

"Prue," repeated Penny, encougaring her to speak up.

Phoebe and Piper reamined quiet, and Paige scared as ever. Sam swallowed, and Patty closed her eyes.

"You have no idea how much I wish it wasn't I who have to tell you this", said looking at her younger sisters, mostly at Phoebe.

"Prue, what are you talking about? Why so serious?," asked Phoebe nervously, she couldn't believe all that started because of her..

"Prudence...," said Samuel one more time.

"Samuel Matthews is not your father Phoebe. He is not your father, neither mine nor Piper's".

Patty hide her face in her hands, Penny smiled with a tear rolling her cheek and Piper had no idea how to react at Paige's face, the little one was in shock. But worse than her, than anyone, was Phoebe.

"Wh..what...what?", asked smiling widely, before lauhging hard, "Hey hey! Okay, I learned my lesson! I'll never play with my food again or talk back to dad. Okay, stop this now, I got it! You're good actors guys, seriously".

"I'm not joking Pheebs. Our father was Victor Bennet. He left our mother when you were a baby, so you can't remember he did existed".

Prue was nervous, living it all as it was a weird dream, but finally, the truth had been told. Piper holded her mother's hand, and Gramms let Paige hide in her arms. Phoebe shook her head, giggling in desbilief.

"That's not possible," said looking at her mother, but she just nodded with her face covered in tears, as all women in the place.

"I don't understand," said Paige calling the attention of everyone, "What are you talking about? What's happening?, Who's that Victor, mom? Why I didn't know about this?, Is it true what Prue is saying daddy? I'm not your daughter, dad?"

She was shaking, she was scared and afraid. She was wanted to close her eyes and wake up, but it was real, it was real.

"Paige, darling," said Sam in shock, trying to embrace her but she didn't let him,"You are my daughter sweets. You're my only daughter. I love you more than anything, don't you ever doubt that my dear", said trying to hug her, but she didn't want to separate from gramms.

Phoebe sobbed at hearing that and clenched her jaw, satanding up and trying to talk, but all she could do was yelling.

"She is your only daughter," repeated in tears, biting her lips,"Now I understand why you treated her like a princess while us were crap for you. All these years I tried so hard to like you, I really did, I didn't care how many times you rejected me, I just wanted you to love me as you do love Paige and..it was about I'm not yours. That's why Prue never worried about like you, because she knew it! She knew it and understood you'd never love her because she wasn't Paige, becase you'd never love us because we aren't your kids" said wiping her tears, staring at Piper, "Why aren't you surprised! Why aren't you crying! The man we called father all our lives was never our father and you..."

Paige and Phoebe, actually all of them, adressed their gazes to Piper. She felt guilty, and was destroyed: she knew it also, she always did.

"You're not crying because you knew it, didn't you? You all knew it and laughed at my face all this time!, You made me believe I was his daughter for fifteen fucking years, when I'm nothing but a bastard her father left because she meant anything!", yelled looking at everyone, her gaze even froze Samuel, "Screw you!"

That was the last thing Phoebe said, before using her arms to throw everything that was over the table to the floor, even the cake her mother had cooked.

"Stop!," asked Paige, trying to stop her to destroy everything, "Stop doing this!"

"Leave me the hell alone!", slapped, pulling her away, making her fell.

Both girls looked at each other eye's, and knew something had changed. Something was broken, maybe forever. Piper tried to help Paige stand up, but she didn't let her.

"You're not a family. You're a group of liers living under the same roof. I'm not part of this, I'm out of here" said before running to the door and leaving the place.

The room remained in silence. They were a "normal, conservative" family. They had never swore before, it was forbbiden. They had never yelled at each other, because it was also forbbiden. They had never had the nerves to lie, or that was what the both youngest thought.

"It's not your fault," said Penny hugging her oldest grandaughter, "You did what it was right. I'm proud of you".

"Phoebe...", was the only word she could pronounce, still in shock.

"Phoebe?, That's the only thing you can say after all damage you have done?," asked Paige staring at her with resentment, "I hate you," said running upstairs, she couldn't believe her family wasn't real.

"Are you happy now?," asked Sam, going after his daughter.

"No," Paige heard before locking herself in her room, she was the only one who had her own room and now understood why.

She took her favorite teddy bear and hugged it tight. She couldn't believe the way everyone had spoken to her father, even when she knew her big sister was right...but she coudn't hate him...he was so lovely and nice with her, and also accepted those three girls who weren't his, how could she blame or judge him? She was confused, the only thing she wanted to do was crying herself to sleep and wake up to a better day.

The sound of light steps brought her to reality, and they stopped at the dinning room, and then, saw a familiar face standing by the door.

"Is that a door?", asked Leo, making them all shut up at the sound.

Paige shook her head, trying to forget the scene when her happy life started to fall down, along with her family. Within two days would be turned thirteen years since that memory, and then since her father and mother divorced. He had always told her that him and Patty broke up because of Phoebe, and was her fault that the family was destroyed. They had settled their differences after that fight, and got even closer, but three years later, her sister had to mess everything up again, but this time, anything went to be the same: they decided to divorce, and her father never was the same man she knew. And it was all because of Phoebe.

"Hi," said the girl in Paige's thoughts, very shy, almost coughing her greeting.

Her sisters smiled widely, even the youngest. In the past, she hated her sister, because she loved her too much to accept what she had done, but after knowing why she did what she did, she learned to forgive her. She was mad still, but at least, she didn't hate her anymore. And that was good, since they still living together at the manor. They were the only ones who left in the nest, Piper and Prue had left a couple of months ago.

"Am I interrupting?," asked Phoebe, looking nervous and feeling guilty.

It was too hard for her to be around these days. Too much painful memories trough her mind related with Sam, mostly those days when the calendar was telling her it was another year since the big fight that started all.

"Of course not baby girl," said her mother, "I'm so glad that you're here".

"Are you staying? Or will you run away?," asked Paige, without intention of sound rude, but funny, but didn't work at she explained.

Phoebe shy smile faded away, as her sister's faces showed frustration. Having a little time with Phoebe was like hunting, it was too easy to that the deer got scared and fled.

"I think I should go back to work," answered Phoebe, hurt, but trying to hide it, "I have a lot of work to do and..."

"Would you give us twenty minutes of your time?," asked Piper with a puppy face, "I have not seen you since...well, since last week when we came back from the Bahamas, and you were leaving to the Bay mirror!"

Phoebe could't say "no" to that face, less when she was right. She hadn't spent a minute with Piper since a lot of time, and missed her so much.

"Fine...," said with a weak smile.

"Awww! Come here my baby sister," said Piper happily, getting up to hug and kiss her forehead, "Hey, guess what".

"What?", asked after kissing her grandmother, going to say hi to Leo.

"I'm gonna marry at the St. John church!," celebrated Piper clapping.

Prue stood up, it wasn't news for her so went to the kitchen to bring the white box.

"Huh?," asked Phoebe somewhat confused, greeting and kissing the rest of her family one by one.

"Leo managed to save the church for a couple of months and..."

Meanwhile Piper was talking, Phoebe's mind flow taking its way to painful memories that, fortunately, she couldn't start recalling beacuse Prue got back from the kitchen and began to talk.

"Aren't you going to hug your old wrinkled big sist?," asked with a funny smile, using her babybump to help supporting the big box on her hands.

Phoebe shook her head, getting back to reality and walking from Andy's chair to kiss her quickly, feeling a little sick and about to vomit the cup of coffee she drank at the morning, the only thing that her busy agend gave her time to eat. Prue made a face, accepting that cold greeting and putt the white box on the table.

"What's and for what's that?," asked Phoebe, trying to change the subject to sly she was trying to avoid her big sister.

"Something your mom and gramms made for you," said Penny blinking her eye.

"For me?," asked Phoebe, happy for both, the surprise and that her way of distraction was working.

"For you," confirmed Patty with a wide smile.

Paige smiled also, happy to see them all happy, unlike the memory she just had and took the white box to open it.

"Good luck Phoebe," she read out loud, then expalined "This lunch was made in your honor, to celebrate your 'Ask Phoebe' talk show tomorrow night".

Phoebe couldn't say anything cause the excitement. She stared at them all, one by one, and just saw happy faces conffirmating what Paige just had said.

"Oh guys, you shouldn't!", cried as a little girl, feeling loved and cared, in total peace.

"Of course we did", said Andy, holding Prue's hand to give her strenght about that awkard moment that would never end until Phoebe solved her life.

His wife just smiled weakly, trying to think if it would be possible forher to get her sister back someday, or if, inevitably, she would lose her forever.

"C'mon! Serve the cake, the honoree has to do it and eat the first slice," said Leo.

"Doesn't that apply for birthdays?," asked Phoebe.

Leo made a grimace, he wasn't sure about that.

"Just cut the cake, silly," he replied pretending to be mad and Phoebe giggled before kissing his cheek.

"My sister's boyfriend is a looser. Poor Piper," joked and her sister looked at her with faked rancor.

"Fiancé, fiancé," she answered and both smiled.

Phoebe cut the cake, and with her mother's and Paige's help, all commensal had their plates with them.

"This is delicious," said Paige with her mouth full, "Mom, seriously, gramms and you should start a gelateria or something".

"It's late for us honey, let Piper fullfill that," said Penny, "Talking about that my dear, how is the paper work for your restaurant going?"

"Pretty well," said drinking a little of her glass, "If I'm lucky, I'll be done within one year, or even less".

"That's amazing! I had no idea you were on that, why you didn't tell me?," asked Phoebe, very excited: a restaurante was always her sister dream.

"You had no time," said Piper, trying not to sound rude, but a little hurt about that.

"Did I say this cake is really good?," asked Andy, trying to get back to the topic.

Lately, was always awkward when Phoebe was around, no, actually, it always was. It wasn't he didn't love her, because he did. He knew her since they were kids, but she lived all sad and depressed, trying to run away from her problems and pain in mountains of work, away from her family. It wasn't that they weren't used at that, but the last few moths, since he married Prue, Phoebe has got more difficult to get along and everything got worse when Piper and Leo got engaged, also when she knew his wife was pregnant. It was almost impossible to see her at home, she used to spend her days at her office, or at Jason's place. The worst part, is that she didn't get mad, or yelled, or anything, she just smiled sadly and then left to her room or the manor.

"You're sweet Andy," said Penny with a friendly smile.

"What with the bank? I thought those sharks wasn't lending you any money," continued Phoebe, acting as naturally as she could.

"Yeah...but well, Jason helped a lot," said Piper eating more cake.

"He's such an angel," said Patty, pleased with him, "Always giving and helping"

"Yup, that's him," said Phoebe a little annoyed, praying that nobody started, again, telling her she should marry him.

"Eat a little more honey," added her mother, serving another slice to Phoebe on her plate, even when she had barely touched the first one, "You're too skiny".

"Dear Jason doesn't feed our Phoebe as he should," commented Paige.

She knew how much her sister hated when he became a topic and their mother suggested her to be his wife, so she always tried to help Phoebe saying something Jason did wrong, so commentaries changed quickly to another stuff. Her sister always appreciated that little help.

"I'd say that's too much work, stress and poor sleep," corrected Patty.

Phoebe didn't say anything because she knew her mother was right, but it wasn't her fault: the last six months had been really stressing and hard, a headache. Prue's wedding just made her realize that after three years with Jason, she didn't love him. It was hard to recognize their relationship had no destiny, and they were together just because it was convenient. In fact it was: he was the boss and she was his money machine. Nothing more, nothing less. She wasn't that calculative bitch actually, at the beginning, she dated him because she felt supported and cared, and then was too hard to say goodbye to the stability he gave her. He was also her way to escape whenever she needed, and he loved to talk about work and money, so she never had to get into the marriage, children or family topic.

But it was still sad. She didn't feel butterflies in her stomach when he was around, or smiled every morning after making love, in fact, she had never made love with him. Just sex from her side and from his...he loved her. She was empty, alone, and he made her believe she wasn't, that was all. She was miserable and everything happening around was too much to handle, to be away from her family, apart from her sisters was very difficult...they were so close when they were teenagers and now...seemed complete strangers because she couldn't spend more than three minutes with them before start thinking in her life and how messy it was...she would pay anything recover her old happy life, to get back on time and being seventeen again.

Ok, I hope it wasn't that messy! What did Phoebe do? What did Sam to her? Why Phoebe can't stand Prue's presence? Where's Sam now? Will Paige forgive her sister? What does mean her "recover her old happy life?" I would LOVE to read your theories!