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Chapter seven: Separated lives.

The jet landed and soon, Jason could see Phoebe. She was smiling, holding a bag and went down the stairs almost running.

"Hey, you're back!," he celebrated taking her by her waist to kiss her.

"Hi, here," she added handing him the thing he asked her to pick up at New York, that she used as excuse to use his jet.

"Thank you miss efficient," he said kissing her again and she giggled, "Why are you so happy? What did I miss?"

"Nothing," she lied kissing him back.

"Ok, I won't ask. I like when you're happy, and more questions will just make you angry," he said still wrapping her in his arms.

"Pretty smart, mister Dean," she said taking his hand, "Is there some time for us?,"

"For doing what?," he asked with a mischievous expression.

"Whatever you want," she promised as he ran to his car and she followed him. She was so excited about the thought of her daughter growing with her, but a part of her heart was still sore thinking about Cole and... he had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend, their lives were one hundred percent separated, she liked or not. she didn't want to think about him, about his hands, his lips...his embrace. No, that was too painful, too much and...she had learned to avoid her feelings and she had mostly hid the happy ones the last years, now, she was letting all her happiness take control and the sad part, get lost.

Sarah couldn't sleep. A few hours ago, Cole had told her and Elizabeth that they weren't moving to Minnesota anymore, but to California, specifically to San Francisco, his homeland. The girl reacted excited about the news, but she was smart and didn't say a word about visiting Phoebe Halliwell or something like that, the three of them could still recall the drama that her visit to Central Park to meet her had caused. But while the kid was making a mental party, she was still thinking about what the hell he was thinking, what was going to happen with his job? What was going to happen with hers? He calmed her down, saying that there were more places to work at than their actual law firm, and they had still the chance to ask for a transference. He was so sure of what he was saying, but his mind wasn't at there...his mind was in his own world, as every November 2, as every March 15, as every time that Elizabeth asked him about her mother.

"Cole, I'm sorry but we need to talk," she said poking him, trying to wake him up but he wasn't sleeping.

"I knew," he said getting up and turning on the light of his room, "let's go for a ride".

"Are you ok?, it's three am and your daughter is sleeping," she said somewhat confused about his attitude.

"I know, that's why I'm asking you. You'll hate what I have to tell you and I don't want to wake her up with our argument," he said grabbing a jacket from his closet and handing one to Sarah.

The woman just looked at him, while he put his socks and sneakers on. She was afraid, was he going to break up with her? They had talked about engagement, she knew that that was a serious thing but the last time they argued, he just left without her. He came back, it was right, and he had said goodbye and told her that he was calling her before leaving, that was right too...but he anyway, left her. Was he going now, to kick her out or something?

"Don't start making stories up, Sarah. I'm not thinking about breaking up with you, relax," he said writing a note for Elizabeth, just in case that she woke up and didn't see them around.

"Why would you do that?," she asked a little annoyed.

"Isn't that, is that whenever I want to talk to you, you believe that's because I want to break up with you or because I found a new woman and I want to move with her".

Sarah made a grimace and he offered her his hand. They took the elevator and then he sat on the driver's seat as she in the passenger's. Cole turned on the radio, country music was playing and since he knew that Sarah hated country, just turned it off.

"Ok mister mystery, what's going on?," asked moving her blond hair along with her head.

Cole took a deep breath and turned in a corner before speaking. The night was really dark, there was no people around and the silence was a little creepy. He wasn't sure how to explain all to Sarah, but he had to, so he decided to start: she would get mad anyway, so it didn't matter the way he chose to begin.

"You know that all these years, it had been only Elizabeth and I..."

"And me," she added.

"And you," he ceded, "you...asked me once about my daughter's mother".

"Yes, you said that she left you when Lizzie was two," she replied a little confused, "Cole, straight to the point. You never talk about that woman, why now? You're driving me crazy!"

The man nodded and sighed before parking the car. It wasn't easy, it wasn't easy.

"I thought that she had left me, Sarah, but she never did," he said closing his eyes, really tired.

"How do you know that?," she asked raising an eyebrow.

"I saw her," he said finally, waiting for her scream.

Sarah let her jaw drop and then covered her mouth, but her eyes widened instead. What? He had seen the famous Marie?, When?, How?, Why he hadn't tell her before?

"Excuse me?," she asked shaking her head a bit, "What?"

Cole rubbed his face and yawned. He was really tired, emotionally drained and stressed. He sometimes wondered why he was dating Sarah, what he had in mind when he talked about her about marriage...and it was Phoebe. He missed her, so much, and found a woman totally opposite in his attempt of forgetting about her: but it never worked. He loved Sarah, he wasn't that pig, but not like a wife...not like Phoebe.

"Listen, I know that this is going to be hard to believe, but it's true," he warned her, turning on his seat to look at her, "When she left, she also left a letter that was stolen..."

"Cole, what movie did she watch when she told you that?," she asked bitterly, if that woman was trying to take him back or even thinking about it...she would kill her with her own hands.

"It's true. I know that is true, Sarah. I know the person who stole it, and I know that he was capable too," he said severely.

"Where is she? What does she want? Who is she?"

"She is in San Franci..."

"She's in San Fran and you're making us moving there? What's wrong with you Cole Turner!, Did you forget that we're going to marry?", she yelled hysterical, as Cole knew she would.

"You see now why I don't talk to you at home?," he asked ironical, "No, Sarah, I didn't forget and I won't. And yes, if I'm moving there is because she lives there but..."

"See? You recognized it!," she complained, but he just gave her a look and she shut her mouth.

"She is Lizzie's mother, and if we are moving there, is because I want my daughter to be near her mother so they can get meet and get close," he explained her; he had no idea how he was so in peace, but he would say that it was because of all the shock lived in the afternoon.

Sarah didn't say anything, just thought about it: Elizabeth spending time with her mother, Cole alone. Cole alone, Cole with time to spend with her. Moving to San Francisco would mean saying goodbye to the little annoyance of Elizabeth and hello to a 24/7 relationship with Cole; if she was lucky, the girl would move with her mom eventually. It wasn't bad, not at all.

"So, she wants to meet her," she commented, avoiding smiling.

"Yes," he said a little surprised of her attitude, "She wants to, she has been looking for her all these years with no luck".

"And how did she find her?," asked Sarah, curiously.

"Elizabeth came to her...you took her..."

Sarah raised her eyebrow again and crossed her arms. She didn't get what he was saying.

"English, please," she demanded.

Cole sighed, he had to be strong and take advantage that Sarah was so open minded in that moment, for a change. He scratched his head and just said it, not thinking it twice or he would lose all his courage.

"Her mom is Phoebe, Sarah: Phoebe Halliwell".

Sarah smiled big, he was funny. All this didn't make any sense, something was wrong with Cole, definitely and she didn't know what. It was scaring, because she didn't want to tie her life to a freak or mental person.

"Right...my love, don't you think that you need to sleep? To much work, moving is always stressful...," she tried to say, but he interrupted her.

"If you don't believe me, I have pictures of us together. Phoebe is the mother of my child, she lives in San Francisco and I'm moving there so they can build a bond. I don't pretend getting back with her, she has her boyfriend and I have you, separated lives, but a girl in common. That's what I wanted to tell you, but I need that you..."

Sarah closed her eyes, dizzy with all the information and from one second to another, she fainted. Cole saw her with her head leaned on the window, unconscious and couldn't help but laugh. He knew that it was really hard for her, for himself, but he had something more important than them: his daughter.

"Don't move, I'm taking you home," he said to Sarah, turning on the car and driving back.

At San Francisco, Phoebe was cooking a cake to take her anxiousness away. As soon as she arrived home, after spending a few hours with Jason, she had told her sister's, grandmother and mother about the news and all the people was excited, but she, she was more than excited. Her only one desire had came true, and she couldn't wait to have her daughter in her life again.

"Sweets, go to bed," asked her mother by the door, walking in.

"It's almost ready mom," she said smiling, as her mother pointed the cookies, desserts and mess that she had in the kitchen.

"Baby girl, you need to rest. I know you're excited, I am too, but please, you haven't slept or ate well in so many days, do it for her".

Phoebe stared at her mother's eyes and saw concern, she was right.

"Mom I...," she started, taking off her gloves and walking towards her, "I have been really selfish all these years focused in what I wanted and...I never saw how you all were feeling behind me and my life".

"Phoebe...dear, you did," she promised hugging her little one, "You did when you ran away, you did when you came back. You lost her for us, for protecting us from the truth, for protecting Paige".

"But I couldn't make Sam stay, as soon as I came back, you kicked him out," she said feeling guilty with a knot in her throat, "I ruined Paige's family..."

"No," said her mother immediately, separating from her to settle eyes, "Don't you ever say that again. After what he did, my dear, if I didn't kill him was because he is your sister's father. There are no more reasons...and he was the one who acted bad, please, understand. It wasn't your fault, it was never your fault".

"It was!," she yelled giving a few steps back, covering her face with her hands before sitting on a chair, "It was my fault...if I wasn't...if I just...I made him".

Patty saw her daughter sobbing, biting her lips. She knew how hard was all that for her, how hard was still, and how much hurt her being always in battle with Paige.

"You need to forgive yourself, because you did nothing," said her mother standing next, making her lean her head on her stomach, "And Paige...I know that it's going to be hard, but she needs to know the truth. She needs to know that you're not guilty, that if her father left, it's because he..."

"No she won't know!," she fought, getting up really, really upset, "I said no and I will always say no. I won't destroy the only thing she has from her old family, I won't make her get disappointed from her father. I'm not going to do that, you are not going to do that".

Phoebe turned off the kitchen fire and walked out the kitchen, ready to go to her room and try to get some sleep: she only wanted the next day to arrive soon, and get a call from Cole, but her mother took her hand on the way and made her stop.

"I only ask for three things on my birthdays, Phoebe," said Patty, staring at the floor, "The first, was that my granddaughter appeared. The second, was that Sam is cancer free, and the third...," she said stepping a few echelons, "I ask every year, for you and Paige. I don't want to die and see you apart, not you, not with your other sisters...," said lifting her chin with a hand, "the most important with in a mother's world, among others, is having her daughters together, united, as just one force".

Phoebe looked at her mother watered eye's and looked down, ashamed.

"I understand, mom. I understand," said kissing her forehead before running to her bed and cry. She was used to cry so it was nothing new, but for the first time in ages, some of her tears were of happiness.

Happiness and hope.

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